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Really sharp, well designed theme. Well done!

Can the slider facilitate a full width image? – it might be an addition consideration for ease of editing.

Also I’d make the slider naviagtion buttons a little more noticable – they can be missed against the black background.

Those small points aside, great work – Good luck with it.

You have a live preview available you really should post it on your main image.


Sorry for the lack of live demo, i’ve added the demo url right now!

joransrb Purchased

thanks, been waiting for this one :) great work, and keep it up :)

Hey webtunes the full screen portfolio preview is one of the best i´ve seen the last weeks. Well organized and structured fits perfect for an agency site. Thumbs up great theme bro.

Good luck with sales.

Greetz TT


Thx ThemeTitan :)

Looks great! I like the design and details.


Thank you very much sike ;)

I’m glad i can see real Romanian web designers. Keep going WebTunes :)

waiting for WordPress version, please release wordpress version soon. I like this theme a lot. Thanks

Slider apparently is not working in Firefox. But other than that awesome theme.

Also, any updates in the works for drop down menu?

It does not work properly in Firefox 3.6, Opera or the 10th or in Safari 4, or on Google chrome. Only works correctly in IE6 +.


Give us some details, what exactly does not work?


now excuse me, on my laptop it works on any browser, the desktop is not the part of the slide, the button does not appear the buttons below …

and tou to use the same settings, both resolution and browser versions.

I really enjoyed the your template will buy it.

this theme is works fine in my pc in every browser. i don’t have any problem but i want wordpress version.

yes, tb is already working well in my browser, I want the menus would drop menu

was possible?

Thanks , cools idea Gallery …..

ntulip Purchased


Foarte misto. Please, what do you recommend I should do in order to add a third column to this page?


This template accepts words with accents and cedilla?

someone who can tell me if this template accepts accents or elsewhere in the letters … is that I am Portuguese and bought other templates that do not accept … and before buying this that I really liked to know of supports this.


Hello CarloxFranco, The main font used for the content is standard Arial (which i think supports accents and cedilla). The font used for the Headings and the menu is Eua Sans, you can check out the character map of this font here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Eau

ntulip Purchased

Here is the website i put together based off your template:


Still got couple things for me to do on it but for the most part, it’s awesome!

Thank you for your work. Nice to see that people from Romania are making some kick ass designs. That might sound cheezy, but I feel proud.

Thanks Nick


Thx so much for sharing your work with us, we are really happy that our hard work is appreciated :) Thank you again, and good luck with your project.

Is there going to be a Wordpress theme for this template ever?

Hi, it looks great! I’m not too good with Wordpress, so thinking of getting the HTML version. Is it possible to place a Youtube video on the home page where the photo is in the preview version without it messing with the lay-out? Extra HTML coding required for that?