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Hola chicos una pregunta sobre la funcionalidad de incluir un video de youtube como fondo.

No me acaba de funcionar bien, pongo la ID de vídeo en el administrador y no me aparece: (Me aparece el texto “My Video” arriba a la izquierda, como podeis observar, pero nada más)

Tengo que hacer algo previamente? Un saludo!


No hay que hacer nada previamente. Si quieres puedes crear un usuario para mi en tu panel de administración. Es más fácil para mí si puedo mirar cual es el posible error. Lo he hecho antes con otros usuarios y no ha habido ningún problema, puedes confiar en mi. Solo quiero resolver el problema.


La informacio puedes enviarla a mi email

Mail enviado! :D

Hi , I like your template and I want buy it, but I would like to ask a question. For the countdown I can load any youtube videos? I can load only one? Thanks,

I uploaded the template with the youtube video , but the video is displayed only on PC and on mobile devices no why? I tried to upload the template on filezilla just bought, thinking that I have something wrong, but the video is not displayed on mobile devices.

I uploaded this template on but I see the site in a different way on PC and on mobile devices

Hi alessandracribari,

In the documentation everything is explained. The video has a lot of problems in mobile and tablets devices. So, it is replaced to an image. The image is set with the class poster-image.


Hi. love ur work. Can this be changed to only display logo and contact? are vimeo or own hosted video supported?

Hi jonkb,

Thanks. Yes, it could be changed to only display logo and contact. You have to edit the html. It supports a hosted and Youtube video.


Trying to change the map and your instructions say: “Just find this code in js/custom.js:

jQuery(function() { $(’#map’).gmap.bind(‘init’, function(ev, map) { $(’#map’).gmap(‘addMarker’, {‘position’: ‘45.490945,9.140625’, ‘bounds’: true}) }); $(’#map’).gmap({‘zoom’: 3}); $(’#map’).gmap(‘option’, ‘mapTypeId’, google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN); }); and replace the default position with your. You can set a different zoom number and map type as well.” I cannot find this script to change…

Hi sahimthadream,

I have downloaded my theme Verde to check the documentation and I haven’t read the same. In my documentation is explained different. The google maps is changed in the file script.js in the folder js, about the line 323:

$address = 'Paseo de la Castellana, 1, 28046, Madrid';


Having a problem with this, when i change the launch date to 1st October 2014 at 00:00, the countdown no longer works, pretty sure this is a bug as i’m confident i’m not making a mistake, any ideas?

Possible to get an updated snippet of code?

I also want to replace the V logo with my logo with is a png, please advise how to do this.


my email address is


If you want to replace the V logo, you have to edit the file index.html and change the line 51. Now, the code is the next:

<a class="a-rounded" href="#" title=""><h1>V</h1></a>

You can replace it for this one:

<a class="a-rounded" href="#" title=""><img src="your-image.png" /></a>

I am tried to active the contact form with the canvas theme. But it is not working.

I have edited the config files as direction to the documentation file with an gmail id.

I have also tried to get notification via mailchimp it also not working.

Will you please tell me, how can I fix it?


try to setting up SMTP server value to a legitimate value in PHP.ini in your server. You can contact with your server provider to get this change.


Will you please, guide me to add gmail’s smtp detail?


send me your email address to and I will send you the file contact.php modified to try to solve the problem.


HI! great job thank you! I have a problem with my website in my mac (both safari and chrome) I can see the background video, in my iphone i can see the background that I choose as poster-image but when I see the website on a Pc with chrome I see the background image (poster-image) and on firefox I can’t see any image… can you check what I have mistaken? you have my email from the purchase, please, can you write me here? thanks a lot! Bea

here we are the compatibility check I absolutely mistaken something in the coding :(

Hi princypessa,

I have checked your website on a PC in Chrome and Firefox, and I it works fine. The video loads ok. What version do you use?


Hi I would like to eliminate the newsletter in this template. Which part of the code I need to remove so that it appears correctly on mobile devices? Thanks


I have checked your website in my mobile and tablet, and it works fine. I use an Sony Xperia S and Ipad. Can you send me an screenshot?

And if you want to delete the newsletter form in the file index_video2.html, you have delete from the line 80 to 93.


Where can I send you the screenshoot?

Hi I would like to insert only one picture in the “meet us” section, making it bigger. Is it possible? Thanks

Yes, it is possible.

If you want, I will customize the template for you and I will send you the theme modified with one image in the section ‘meet us’.


Oh thanks very much, I’ll send you my email on your email


I was wondering if there is a way to delete the contact form and maybe the map and just use the first page?

Regards Shahid Aden

nevermind i found the answere :D


I’m having a hard time to make contact us working, i already defined the config.php, with all the right info, and even used diferent SMTP auths and TO_EMAIL receivers but i always get the same error message: “Invalid address: TO_EMAILYou must provide at least one recipient email address. MSG_SEND_ERROR” – but i have a TO_EMAIL defined.

Can you help? do you know whats wrong? Thanks, ER

So, did you guys found out why is subscription failing?

nevermind, already solved it, had to include the $headers and bring the $emailTO var to the else.


sorry but I couldn’t check your file yet. I’m glad that it works.


Hi I always get an error every time I try to install it. It says “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi nletelier,

The tempate ‘Verde – Minimal Coming Soon Template’ is not a plugin wordpress. It’s a html theme. You can’t install it into wordpress.

But, the plugin wordpress is developed here:


Hola chicos!

Ante todo felicidades, me encanta el plugin para wordpress.

Lo estoy configurando para hacer unos cambios en la web, pero el texto no contrasta bien con el vídeo que quiero utilizar de fondo.

¿Es posible añadir un marco traslúcido oscuro detrás del cuadro de texto para que se aprecie mejor el texto y el formulario de contacto?

Gracias de de antemano por vuestra ayuda y felices fiestas!


Hola mikelazpi,

si que se puede modificar los estilos css para añadir ese marco traslúcido. Si quieres puedo ayudarte. Puedes crearme un usuario nuevo en tu wordpress. He hecho esto con otros usuarios y no ha habido ningún problema. Puede confiar en mi.


Hola de nuevo,

Muchas gracias por vuestra rápida respuesta, sobre todo en estas fechas! Y gracias por ofreceros a ayudarme con esto!

Si me facilitáis una dirección de correo electrónico os envío los datos de acceso.

Un saludo



puedes enviarme la información a


contact form is not working….. please help.

Warning: require_once(phpMailer/phpmailer.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in/home/*/public_html//php/contact.phpon line 4

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘phpMailer/phpmailer.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/php54/lib/php’) in/home//public_html/*/php/contact.phpon line 4

Hi ObeyMG,

can you send me your url to check the code? Check to make sure that the folder is called phpMailer.


Warning: require_once(phpMailer/phpmailer.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /public_html/php/contact.php on line 4.

Estimados, compré el Template pero me da la impresión de que algo sucede, ya que el contact.php si se encuentra, que pasa ahí?.

Cómo logro echar a andar el formulario?

Quedo atento.

P.S: Muy bonito el template.


Estimados: Tengo otra consulta, cómo puedo traducir correctamente el phpmailer?, ya que me da la impresión de que las variables no estan definidas en un lenguaje (están en Inglés pero por default, y en las instrucciones explica como cargar otro idioma), y lo otro, en iPad la imagen cargada se ve pésimo, alguna solución para esto?

Quedo atento.



para modificar los textos de respuesta del formulario, las frases principales están en el archivo config.php (carpeta php). Es el siguiente código:

define('MSG_INVALID_NAME','Please enter your name.'); define('MSG_INVALID_EMAIL','Please enter valid e-mail.'); define('MSG_INVALID_MESSAGE','Please enter your message.'); define('MSG_SEND_ERROR','Sorry, we can\'t send this message.');

Y si quieres establecer un idioma para las respuestas de error de phpmailer, tienes que modificar el archivo contact.php y añadir el siguiente código en la línea 33:

$mail->SetLanguage("en", 'path_phpmailer/language/');


Hi, as you can see at, the logo is not correctly displayed… There are some artifact… Why?

And the video isn’t centered… Why this problem? Please help me, thanks.


you can use this possible solution. In the main file (index.html), you have to include the video in this way:

<div class="video-container"> <iframe width="670" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> </div>

Then, you have to edit the css file (style.css) and add the next code:

.video-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; } .video-container iframe, .video-container object, .video-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }


Very thanks!

Your welcome ;)


Do you have a mail chimp integration? Or do you planing?


Hi ozzgur,

yes, there is an integration Mailchimp. You can view this feature in the item description. And the wordpress plugin exists too: (


Hello, Before purchasing, I’m wondering if it would work with Constant Contact. Can I just ad the constant contact form into the page?

Thank you

Hi Solarisz,

that feature is not, but I can help you to add it if you purchase the plugin. I have done it with other users.



mgason Purchased

how do you install this? I installed using the zip. No luck. So I checked and it had a folder “theme’ I uploaded that. Again no luck WP says “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”


mgason Purchased

OK I see now, not a wordpress theme, oops

Hi mgason,

yes, it is not a wordpress theme but you can use the wordpress plugin. You can check it here:


Hi I love the template. Well done. I’m trying to add a field to the contact form. I want people to be able to enter their phone number and have it sent through the form. I created the field and added code in the config.php and contact.php files. Is there something I’m missing that needs to be done in order to make this work? You can view the page at Thanks.


I have answered you in the forum page