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Hi, I have just purchased the Verdia theme. I am having two issues.

First, after I import the demo content .xml all of the images show as only blue boxes.

Second, it will not allow me to install the Revolution Slider plugin. I get an error..

Please help, see screenshots below:

Blue Images Import Issue: http://imgur.com/7HJXDf3 Rev Slider Error: http://imgur.com/SrldOoE

Thanks, Nik

Hello Nik,

1) The blue boxes are actually image placeholders because we don’t have rights to distribute the images from the demo. You can buy photos from stock photo sites for your needs.

2) I’ve responded to your ticket.

Best regards, Alex

Hey guys, the home portfolio slider is not showing correctly. Whatever assigns its height value is acting up, and not assigning it the true value, which im going to have to go in and hard code responsively. Any idea how to fix this properly? Just happened with the recent update. I need this fixed ASAP!

Problem resolved. Thanks again for your quick action team (Y)

Hi, Just purchased the theme and trying to install. But what i got is this message.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Let me know if it is an issues, or need to do some adjustments.


You need to download the following archive:


Probably, you’ve tried to upload and install the “All files & documentation” package.

Best regards, Alex


Revolution Slider plugin is not available, what can I do? I get an error all the time.

Give me a solution please


Go to the Revolution Slider tab in the admin, click on the slider you are using for the homepage (or create a new one) and make sure under the “Slider Alias” field you have “homepage_revolution_slider”, like in this image: http://i.imgur.com/eVOugfS.jpg

Let me know if this solved the problem, otherwise please provide a screenshot with the error you are getting.

Thanks, Alex

Hello there! Could you tell me please when is the WooCommerce version be available?

Hey! We had to postpone it for a while, but it shouldn’t take much longer. Keep in touch for further updates. Thanks

Hi, my slider is not full width on the front page. Any way to fix this as it does not look the same on the demo Thanks

One last thing. I would like to change the links in the footer eg. coyright, privacy policy. How do I change the wordds to read something else?

Go to Verdia Theme> Footer in the admin, scroll to the bottom, remove the # from the Privacy Policy URL, T&C URL and Sitemap URL fields (it hides the links if you don’t want to use them) and in the Copyright Text field you can insert any HTML links:


And replace Link1 with your desired link and Text1 with the desired text.. and so on for the second, third etc.

thankyou very much your fast response.

Hi, I have a pre-sale query… I think this theme could suit my needs but wondering whether it supports / or is compatible with any particular plug-ins for, the following:
    - PDF up and download - e-commerce - create internal community / forum - SEO
  • Many thanks


By default, most plugins are compatible with Verdia, but plugins evolve constantly and it’s really hard to tell you which is supported right now, except the one that come with the theme.

Regarding SEO, you can use any of the most popular plugins.

However, there is no official support for e-Commerce plugins (even though they work) and community/forum.

Best regards, Alex


jkeck Purchased

Hi guys,

Just finished installing and configuring my theme and discovered that background videos don’t seem to work on an iPad. Am I doing something wrong? That was a killer feature of the theme so please let me know how we can get that working.


Unfortunately, the browser support for background videos for iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android is quite limited, so there’s no easy solution to this issue. You need to rely on background images for those kind of devices.

Best regards, Alex


jkeck Purchased

Thanks Alex. Also, discovered that the margins for Pages on mobile is less than ideal. Had to add left/right margin of 15px so it doesn’t hug the sides.

I’ll take another look, thanks for letting me know :)

On the contact form the recaptcha is not showing up. I put in a private and public key. Any reason why?


Make sure the Recaptcha domain is the same with the one where you’re testing Verdia on.

If it still doesn’t work, please open a ticket on our support forum with a link to your website.

Best regards, Alex

Ok, thanks. Also the portfolio page. If I want to reorganise it, what is the php page for that. As I would have thought it was single portfolio.php

loop-portfolio.php – is the page for all the projects
single-portfolio_item.php – is the page for just one project


jkeck Purchased

In Settings->Reading, I’ve set “For each article in a feed, show Full text” but I’m still seeing each article cut short with a “More” button underneath it. Any ideas how to fix this?


jkeck Purchased

I’ve also tried, under Verdia->Blog to change the setting for Show Excerpt or Full Post to “Full Post” – still showing summaries :(. FYI, this is on a category list, not the blog home page, e.g. http://example.com/category/category_name


I’m currently investigating the issue.

Best regards, Alex

On the Homepage, in Portfolio template settings / Show only projects from this portfolio category, no matter what category I choose ALL portfolios appear… it’s not filtering for the category I select :(


I checked on our demo site and it seems to work fine. Please open a //private// ticket at support.beopenthemes.com with your website address and login details so I can take a look. Thanks :)

The visual editor is greyed out now!!

Please drop me a message using the form on my profile account: