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Good job! A mega menu would look great ;)

Nice template. GLWS :).

Keren banget mas bro, selamat yah mas, semoga penjualannya laris manis :)

Great work! Planning a wp version?

Looks great man. Good luck.

Very cool magazine template. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your kind words, guys. I appreciate that :)

woooww….great design again from you :-D
Good luck with sales


Thank you mas bro :)


I have installed the theme on blogger, but I’m having an issue w/ the social icons. Can you please look at http://talkingsix.blogspot.com/ and see if you have any ideas why the social icons aren’t showing up?

I have read the documentation and I have included the site links replacing the ”#” in the code.

Thanks a lot!


Thank you for buying it.

It depends on your post quantity. Have at least 5 posts and it will show up. But if you want to change the required number, search for the following code:

var numposts = 5;

Too sad that you have limited your gorgeous theme to a ridiculous width of 960px.


Hello – Thanks for your feedback. 960px is actually a great figure to work with because It divides nicely into a wide range of columns (2,3,4,5,6 and 8 ) with all relevant combinations.

I know, I guess I did not read the description… But let me tell you that although the template is responsive it does not have mobile support. It looks good on a tablet, but not on a smartphone. I did not know this. I bought the template because I was looking for a clean responsive template. I installed it and when looked at my blog on my smartphone, a Google Nexus 5 phone, it did not look the way I was expecting. I contacted the author, but he only pointed that it was clear on the description that “Responsive only handles tablet view”. :( It is OK, I guess, but I felt that I wasted 20 dollars because it did not have what I wanted.

what is up with the support forum? im trying to log in to submit my questions and ive tried both using facebook and registering with email ??


Hello Liz – if you’re having any problem with set up, you can shoot me an email throught my profile page. I would be happy to help you

i just bought this item and im trying to install it but i’m aware its only valid for blogger? not for tumblr? please help. regards


Hello – unfortunately, this template is only for Blogger. Please contact Envato Support if you have an issue with your purchase.

Hi Biyan,

Great template, just bought it yesterday. :)

One question, is there any way to embed an Instagram photo to display a thumbnail, like how it’s done with YouTube?



Hello, you can simply upload the photo to your post directly. The thumbnail can only retreive image from Picasa, Blogger image hosting.