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Is this compatible with phpList? Do you know how I would configure your newsletter with this program?



I have not worked with phplist before but i went to their website and watched some screencasts. In the one where they show you how to add content and then send a newsletter, I have noticed that the WYSIWYG editor has a button labeled “Source”.

If this allows you to view and edit the html source then what you could do is paste the inline css version (pictures hosted on a server) of one of the newsletter templates in there. Then switch back to visual view again, edit some more text if necessary.

I think this should work.

martinw Purchased

I am completely at a loss – Having purchased the template I am totally unable to see anything that looks like the screenshots advertised.

This is looking at them in Explorer 8 and AceHTML (what I usually use to edit html files).



Hello. Thank you for the purchase!

The live preview has 7 layouts displayed and you can find these in the /predefined-layouts folder. You can also find them in the /layout-creation folder just with placeholder picks instead of the selected images from author assets library.

If you are referring to the other color schemes besides the default one, that you can see in the item screenshots, they are only available as png / psd sources and you can find them in the /png-psd-sources/other-colors-psd . There reason this is so is because it is very easy to change the default color scheme with a new one – just open an html email template with css embedded and modify some rgb colors in the ... – and I didn’t want to bulk up the download unnecessarily.

So taking this into account what exactly is advertised and not present in the download? Let me know how I can further help you and I will :)


martinw Purchased

Hi – I do not dispute what you are saying – I just cannot see the items as it would appear they should be displayed, which is why I wondered if there was a compatibility problem with my Explorer 8 browser.

For instance, in all the templates the first newsletter header + title parts appear on my screen to take up most of the screen height (I have a 19” screen) and are blank. Many other parts are blank too.

With previous templates I have been able to load them into my AceHTML software, switch to the source html and go from there.



I suggest you send me a message through the form in the bottom right corner of my user page and i will reply to it and you will have an email address where you can send some screen shots of what exactly is happening and we will get to the bottom of this.

So far I haven’t have one complaint of this nature so i am very much intrigued what is going on.

So will you send a message?


I bought these templates a while back and I get emails from recipients that say the email is always broken.

I use http://www.benchmarkemail.com

All I do is copy and paste the inline code into the section where I can use my custom code correct?

Am I missing a step somewhere?


You asked the same question relating my other versatile newsletter template ( V2) so I take it you made a mistake and posted on the wrong item discussion page and that the file you actually purchased is the other one? I already replied to you on the other items discussion page http://themeforest.net/item/versatile-newsletter-2-9-layouts-modular-system/107325

Wow all are great, im using it with my autoresponder, and many people says that looks good. Now my Negocio en Internet emails have more people opening it.

kgentes Purchased

I purchased this theme and am dissappointed. It says there is a version included with inline CSS , but that version is exactly the same as the embedded version. This makes no sense to me. It’s useless to me without this.


Please look a little closer at the files in the /03.layouts-inline-css folder.

Even though they have the embedded css at the top they have the css inlined as well in the code.

Here is an example: style=”color: #666666; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 20px;”

So you probably missed that.

Plus, why do you need the inline css files anyway? In the documentation I specifically pointed out that they are they more as a requirement only – the embedded css version is easier to edit plus I have a section in the documentation where I show you how to make the css from embedded to inlined using an automated online service + email services like mailchimp and campaign monitor convert the css on the fly as well.

Hope this clears things up :)


Is it compatible with madmimi.com?



I haven’t used that service and don’t know for sure.

The html templates you provided in theory can be adapted to use any email service and the tempting systems they might use.

I’m using the Template 7 and have changed the image at the top with my own. However I get a white space above it. Is there anyway to remove this as I want my image (which is a banner) to be tight to the top?


I need to see the code to come up with a solution – what info you offer is not enough to pinpoint a possible cause. Please contact me through the contact form on my user page and see me the code as well.


Its OK now. Its because I removed some rows so I’ve just packed it out a bit and it works. I suppose I could also just modify the table height

Hi -are the email templates compatible with Sendblaster ?



I purchased the Versatile template yesterday but I cannot get it to work. Nothing happens when I click on the template creator. Getting very frustrated….Probably I’m missing something or doing something wrong but cannot figure out what. I thought I was buying an easy-to-use newsletter creator but I think one needs solid IT background (coding skills?) to work with this tool.

Hi – I purchased this theme and do not see all the 7 layouts you have showcased in your picture. I got only 1 layout. I have already contacted you via your user page. Waiting for your reply.

Hi, I really like your email template.

I’m a graphic designer and doesn’t know much of the programming thing.

Let’s say I design a template with your Template builder, would I be able to copy the HTML code of the template I design to my Infusionsoft Email builder? How does this work?

Thanks, Sohan Singh


i wouldn’t recommend you buing it if you don’t know how to program as it requires you to get a bit in the source code to tweak it to your needs.