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Awesome addition to the Versatile email template. Love how you thought out the layouts.

I’ll be sure to purchase this one too ;)


Thank you very much :)

I really wanted the layouts to be different from the ones in the other items, as well as among themselves, not just variations on the same theme (you know, a sidebar moved from left to right etc..). And at the same time very useful.

If you will buy you will also love how easy it is to create any layout with the layout creation system. I’ll post a video with it in use one of these days, when I have time..

nice one!

wow! that is simply brilliant

@altinkum, @costin, @anique – thank you guys, I’m glad you like the item :)

Man this is impressive – I love this file! I’ll be getting this for sure.


Thank Ivor for the comment. Glad you like it!

Come back to the item page soon, a video demonstration of how easy it is to use the layout creation system will be up today! :)

edurose Purchased

How insert HTML Outtlook 2010?



Thank you for the purchase.

I don’t have Outlook 2010 on this workstation so the steps may slightly differ but the general idea is:

  1. Create a new email
  2. From the Insert tab choose File
  3. Pick the html file you want (make sure the css is inline, pictures hosted and paths absolute)
  4. Press the down arrow on the Insert button
  5. Choose Insert as Text


I bought the first version, Versatile Email Template – 7 layouts + 5 colors Is this also updated?

Kind regards matthijs



The only thing this file has in common with the previous one is the name.

It has 9 brand new layouts, a layout creation system that builds on the modular layouts approach the previous template introduced, png and psd sources and extensive documentation.

I consider it a great bundle and that it could be a great addition to anyones html newsletter toolkit.

This may be an obvious one…but how do you get from what’s given to the HTML file?


The template comes with 9 layouts ( 9 html templates ready to edit and send) with both inline css and embedded css.

If you are referring to how can you produce a new template with the layout creation system then the process is very simple and extensively documented. I suggest you read the section on the layout creation system from the items description and / or what the demonstrative video as it covers the this topic quite well and there is no point re pasting that text here.

Thank you!


Great job on template… Caught my eye…

I KNOW you have it posted that it is gmail compliant but i need to ask since I just got burned on this issue from another template I tried..

But… does it work in gmail? is it based off of a background image or does your template pull everything in so gmail will display it?

again sorry for question b/c i know it is posted about gmail.. but i have to ask..

Thanks. Have a great day!!



Thanks :)

If you will have more questions I’d be more then willing to help – just send me a message through the form on my user page – http://themeforest.net/user/bitpub

willevo Purchased

purchased today… thanks again for the help…


No problem :) Thank you for the purchase.

If you need more help contact me through the form on my user page http://themeforest.net/user/bitpub

Which icons do you use for your demo of template number 6?

Very nice. Thanks for letting me know :-)

Hi, first: what a nice looking template. Great work!

I have a question: I do not see any table-background in outlook. Hotmail and Gmail gives me a background in the table. I can email you the code if you want.

What can we do to correct that?




Unfortunatly the problem is with Outlook 2007, not the template.

Outlook 2007 has buggy support for backgrounds either given using the CSS background properties or the Background Attribute of the Table Element. You can look here http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/ for the guide to css support in email clients – the bug is mentioned here as well.

Taking this into context you have two options – either try to get it working with hacks or make sure the the background not displaying won’t affect the viewing experience. I chose the second option because I wanted to make my items as reliable as possible.

If you want to try a hack try this – http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/1777/body-background-images-outlook/ – but I would personally suggest you build your email in a way that it is still readable and looks good without the background and don’t worry about it.

But if you are determined to get it working with the background then please contact me through the form on my user page and I will replay and you’ll have a email address where you can send me what you worked on so far and we could explore some hacks.


I’m not sure if this is a stuid question but it’s mine so here goes. I use icontact email marketing and I was wondering if i copy and past the html into the editor would it work??? Thanks in advance.


Well the final code will be the same as any other html newsletter.

I haven’t used the service you use but I figure that if you have been successful at copy pasting code directly into it and then sending the newsletter, and it looked ok, it will be the same for this one too.

If you will contact me through the form on my user page I will send you a small sample newsletter with which you can make a test so you can be sure.

Best regards, Dan

Very nice!!! I tried visiting your Mobile Site link , listed on the PREVIEW site and it returns and error. Do you know when it will be corrected?




So you are saying you clicked on “Mobile version here.” and got an error page.

Well it is more of a unfortunate coincidence then an error.

Here is what is happening:

  1. The View mobile version and view in browser links are placeholder links meaning you will change them with the appropriate ones during production. So there is no mobile version of the newsletter delivered.
  2. Initially for placeholder links I used href=”#” . During testing I noticed that the yahoo email client didn’t interpret # as a valid link and it caused a problem with either the rendering of the link or with being clickable or not. In any case I discovered that using a valid link would fix the problem. So I replaced all placeholder links from # to http://www.site.com/ a generic address where “site” would later be replaced with your domain
  3. For the hosted and mobile links I choose http://www.site.com/hosted and http://www.site.com/mobile because it would make it clearer what the links should be pointing to. Now it just happens that site.com is actually a registered domain and they don’t have /mobile on their server, hence the 404 error.

Hope this clears things up.

So bottom line there is no problem with the template. ;)

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Hi, I just bought this template. i am not very html literate. How do I get to the layout creation system? Thanks.



Thanks for the purchase.

You should try looking in the folder /layout-creation There is a text file there quick-help.txt that helps you get started. Be sure to read the tips in it and on each page of the layout creation system and you won’t have any problem puttin a layout together.

Or you could use one of the 9 prebuilt layouts.

sacyto Purchased

Hi, To anyone out there that is thinking about buying this template…


It is easy to use even for people that don’t know much about html. I used websites like quackit.com to help with the coding and I did it all buy myself (okay I had a few cups of Maxwell House)!

I use icontact email marketing and it works great. iContact quoted me a price over $300 to customize a template. Thanks bitpub for helping a small biz owner make it during hard econ times.

I’ll use you in the future.



Thanks you for your kind words, I really appreciate you taking the time to write this comment.

I am glad you found it easy to use. That was the whole point of having a layout creation system – to allow you do create layouts that work in literally minutes without having to write code. I’m glad I have reached my goal and that you have achieved yours :)

jpose Purchased

This is very problemmatic. It’s unclear how to get started and it appears it’s a pain to make chnages, put in text and photos. Right now it looks like I wasted my money.


Hello. First of all, thank you for the purchase!

I’m afraid I have to disagree with you on it being not intuitive and easy to edit.

If you open the readme-first.txt that comes with the download you will find clear descriptions of what every folder in the download contains.

So for example if you want to jump right into it and edit a template you open one of the html files in the folder /layouts-embeded-css. The source code is super tidy and well commented so editing it should be easy even for someone just starting out with html.

Plus if you read the documentation in the folder documentation it contains general tips on how to code newsletters besides the specific help for the product.

If the 9 prebuilt layouts are not suitable for your needs you can easily turn to the layout creation system in the folder /layout-creation to extend one of them or build one from scratch. You can read the ! quick-help.txt file in the folder to get started quickly with the system or the documentation for a step by step guide.

The layout system is pretty simple – you just copy paste pieces or pre written code to create the skeleton that will hold the content (read full description in the item details section) – what can be more simple than not having to write a single line of code to get a properly working frame to hold all of your newsletter content.

Please also note that no other product on sale here offers such a system – I could have created other layouts using it and sale it as a new file but I opted to really give you buyers something that will be usable in any possible situation.

I don’t see anything not clear up to this point!

On another note, you sent an email as well and I checked and at the time of sending which was some minutes ago you had just bought the file 1 hour ago. Will all due respect, this is not enough time to go through everything included in the download zip – 273 files in 43 folders – so how can you be so hard as to say you may have wasted your money if you didn’t even given it a fair chance.

I encourage you to take it all in – it will grow on you and you will like the power of the layout creation system :)

Plus, like I mentioned in the item description I want all my customers to be satisfied so if you contact me via email with a specific problem regarding the use of the product I will do my best to take it care of quickly.

Is this easy to use with Apple Mail? I have virtually no computer knowledge but I want to have a nice newsletter.



The email can be sent with Apple Mail and renders the same in all email clients.

Please take note that you need to know basic html and css in order to edit the html email templates you will receive after purchase! You’ll have to manually edit the file and then host image files and inline the css before the newsletter is ready to be sent.

I’m only mentioning this because a previous buyer though he was buying software when in fact, although many cool things are included like my one of a kind layout creation system that allows you to skip writing most of the newsletters source code, it is still a web page and you will need some knowledge to edit it :)