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Absolutely fantastic. Clear and stunning design with a powerful layout generator and modular features. Fantastic!

Chris ;)


Thank you! I’m glad you like it ;)

Great set of templates and absolutely perfect for what I need! Never thought to look for Email Newsletter Templates, but glad I stumbled across these yesterday, my boss will be proud! ;)

Thanks for the great work and keep it up.

Blessings, Kris


Thank you for the comment! I’m glad you find the layouts so useful. I’m also sure you’ll love creating new layouts with the automated visual layout creator as well ;)

Layout creator – what a great idea! I bet I´ll have to try this very soon, can´t resist! ;-) Good luck for the sales!


I’m glad to see that you like the idea of an automated visual layout creator :)

My previous template Versatile 2 already had a manual layout creator and I’ve received great feedback from people that without coding skills still managed to create and send newsletters due to it’s copy paste prewritten code nature so I figured that the next logical step would be to offer them and full automated layout builder that generates the final code and you can even skip the copy paste part.

This automated layout creator comes handy even if you have coding skills as it is a real time saver in opinion.

Time saver is always a strong argument for me! :-) And the hundreds of possibilities this tool offers, for me and my customers … Thumbs up!

drbuck Purchased

Love it

I am seeing the divider placeholder in Yahoo [at least] not in gmail. How do i fix that..are they too wide. image of left side of email below



Hello. Thank you for the purchase!

You know that many email clients block images by default, and if an email adress is not on your contacts or trusted lists you have to manually allow the images to display.

If this is not a case of this nature then please contact me through the contact form on my user page ( http://themeforest.net/user/bitpub ) as I may need you to send the file you are working on for testing purposes.

mimmt Purchased

Hi bitpub

May I suggest you talk to the guys at campaign monitor and see if this can work together as this is some seriously impressive bit of code.

Well done mate.



Thank you for the feedback! Interesting idea, I’ll look into what you proposed.

Great template! I am totally diggin it.

Quick question, in the CSS that is generated, it says something about it needing to all be inline? So after I generate the email content I need to copy and paste all the formatting to each text section? I noticed it showed up without it in GMail so I just want to make sure that is the fix.




Yes, the CSS has to be inlined before sending the newsletter, as gmail strips the head section of the newsletter html file making the css styling unavailable if you only leave it emdedded in the head section.

As it is clearly mentioned in the “Inlining the Css” section of the documentation that comes with Versatile 3, you do not have to do the process by hand; there are online services which do this automatically for you.

The one I recommend is http://premailer.dialect.ca/

So after you generate a layout with the Automated layout creator the first step is to add in your content (text, images).

When you are happy with the result and are ready to send the newsleter start the second step and copy all images used on a server and change the paths in the html newsletter file from relative to absolute paths pointing to the locations where you hosted the images.

After you do the step above the third and final step is to copy the source code and go to http://premailer.dialect.ca/ and select “Use HTML as the source” and click the “Do it” button.

The resulting source code will have the css inlines as well as embedded and you should save it as a new file and use that to send the newsletter.


Ok that makes sense. Not a problem at all, was just wanting to make sure I understood the instructions properly. In my haste to get this newsletter sent out I didn’t see all that premailer did, so that is an awesome little tool. Thanks for being as thorough as you were in the instructions! Look forward to your future developments :)

Nice template.

Will this work with MailChimp?



Of course it works with MailChimp!

You have two possibilities:

1. Edit the template locally and when you are done just load it in mail chimp as a new custom template and send it directly.

2. Choose some of the predefined layouts or create new ones with the Automated visual layout creator and then adapt them to use MailChimps template system and then load them as new templates and edit the content using their editor.

I would recommend you take route .1 as it is lightning fast to create new layouts with the automated layout creator.

This has got to be the cleanest templater on Themeforest … well done

My question is realted to table width – would it be an easy to change the entire width to a maximum width of 520 px from the current 600 px – same for templater – reduce all widths by 15%



First, thank you for the nice comment.

You can reduce the total width by 15% but just remember that if you reduce that of the main wraper table you will also have to re calculate the widths of the columns in each of the modules.

As far as how easy it is, it is super easy – you just change some width values but it will be time consuming to change them in all the modules and in the modular system and it will require some calculations…


thanks Bitpub


Thanks for the work you have done. I have an issue with Outlook 2007.

I’ve just added an extra TD on the wrapper table. But in Outlook 2007 there is an extra margin around the wrapper table.

here is a link to the test: http://co2d.com/newsletter/test/1-template.html

Can you please how I can fix this issue?



Hi again. I did made another test with your original markup:


Same problem;




Hello baguapalm.

I would be more than happy to help you.

What i need you to do is contact me through the form on my user page ( http://themeforest.net/user/bitpub ) so I can have your email address and be able to exchange files with you.

Once you do this we will sort it out asap :) No need to keep posting messages on the items comments page as it will only clutter it; once we find a solution to your problem I will post the solution here myself for other to see, if that is the case.

Thank you!

I will use the webform from now on. I was not aware of the procedure. I’ve just send you a message.

Thank you

Your CV themes could be better, but this one is ROCK SOLID . 100/100, great work! :)

Hope you get very rich my friend:)


Thanks for the purchase. I’m glad you like it!


I imported inline into Vertical Response – when I do a test – the email appears on my Iphone all jumbled – is there a fix


Can you contact me through the form on my user page ( http://themeforest.net/user/bitpub ) as I need more info to give you an answer, plus I might need to know your email if files need to be exchanged. Thank you!

Awesome work :)


thanks ;)!

before i purchase this newsletter, will this work for craigslist ads? or would i have to remove the css files? I dont even know if craigslist excepts css…thanks most helpful


The css is embedded inside the html page, so it is not a separate file. If you would remove all css styling the newsletter would still work just fine , it just won’t look that good.

Just purchased you lovely templates, however when i upload to campaign monitor i get this message.. http://www.mediawisdom.co.uk/problem.jpg i have uploaded templates before with no problem. can you help please!


If it is not clear from the error, the newsletter doesn’t come with campaign monitors templating system built in.

So it’s not an error with the newsletter it’s just that it doesn’t have these feature.

I just provide templates and it’s up the buyer to integrate it with their newsletter service provider of choice’s system. Since you can create practically an unlimited number of variations with the newsletter creator system I couldn’t possibly include the tempalting system in each one…

It’s quite easy to add the tags but if you don’t manage then contact ne using the form on my user page and I’ll try to help.

I’m considering purchasing this for the layout generator alone. I’m wondering if it can be adapted fairly easily for other newsletters?


You’ll have to make substantial changes to the base files and to the modules and then update the interface. So it is not that it is very hard it’s just that you have to be careful to details making it somewhat time consuming. But the end result is surely worth it as you can build templates in minutes.


Yeah I think it would be. Is this template builder also included with any other emails you’ve designed anywhere? (In case I like another email design more than this one.)


The manual builder is included in all the newsletters in the versatile series, but the automated one is exclusive to versatile 3.

Hi there,

which group mailer would you recommend for sending out (bulk) mails?

Or any suggestion how to do it with a Wordpress plugin?

Best regards, Klaus


I don’t know if it the most cheap for bulk campaigns but http://mailchimp.com/ is a service I really enjoy working with.