Versatile Newsletter 3 - automated layout creator!

Versatile Newsletter 3 - automated layout creator!

The combination between the 11 unique newsletter templates, an easy to use automated layout creator that allows the creation of new newsletter templates instantly, modular layouts that simplify extending/ adapting newsletter templates and robust, properly tested and commented source code makes Versatile Newsletter 3 one of the most complete newsletter packages you can buy at themeforest.



  • 11 unique newsletter layouts
  • supports all major email clients: Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Outlook 2003 – 2007 – 2010, Apple Mail etc
  • 2 versions for each layout: one with embeded css and one with inlined css.
  • 2 predifined color schemes, the color schemes can easily be changed , the documentation has a whole section dedicated to customizing the color scheme
  • modular layouts – easy to add and remove content
  • layout creator system – build a newsletter layout complete with placeholder images and dummy text in minutes, WITHOUT writing source code for the most part by using the Automated Layout Creator.
  • extensive documentation
  • png and psd source files

The Layouts

The layouts have been designed and choosen so as to maximize the number of newsletter styles and types covers. So weather you need a generic 2 column newsletter or something that you can use to present a product / online service / eshop catalog etc, you will find something to use between the 11 newsletter templates included. And if nothing fits your needs you can always create a new newsletter layout in minutes with The Layout Creator System.

The Layout Creator System / Modular Layouts

The layout creation system was designed with a clear goal in mind: allow people to focus on the most important part of the newsletter – the content – by providing a way to easily create any kind of layout, that works in all major email clients, in minutes…

Modular layouts

The concept behind a modular layout is very simple: you start the layout off by choosing a base file ( an .html file that contains embeded css and an table that will hold the actual newsletter content) and then you stack in it modules ( precoded table elements that have 1 row and an variable number of columns) until you get the desired column format for the layout. You add module dividers ( usually images that are blank or have a horizontal divider in them or br elements ) to create spacing or separate different parts of the newsletter content and then you proceed to add the actual content inside the modules.

The Layout Creator System

Now, what the Layout Creator System does is provide you with the code for all the available base files, modules, module dividers and content stylings and offers instructions how to use them togheter to create new layouts.

The layout creator system has two components: an Manual version and an Automated version the difference between them being that with the Manual one you have to copy paste the code at each step and asamble it yourself while the Automated version hides this behind a nice visual interface and it generates the source code after you finished visually designing the new layout.

While the Automated version seems superior to the Manual version, the manual version is excelent to use when you just want to extend an layout by adding new modules and dividers for example. you can open it quickly, preview the modules you are interested in and copy paste their code in the layout.