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Looks good, but I get a warning box in IE with the error: Line 134 Char: 5 Error Object doesn’t support this property or method


would appreciate if this comment can be deleted, double posted sorry.

Wow beautiful! And by the way great work(:

Is there a way of getting the GBP pound symbol to display in the “fancy box header” ?

I have tried the symbol and using the £ method but neither work, it only lets me display a dollar symbol.


I really want to buy this item, but looking through all the preview files, I can’t find the example from the “Item Details” picture / screenshot. I’m referring to the example pictured left. Is it included?

i think you meen the lighter stylesheet ?

And obviously the slider can be set in this theme

Great web template, really beautiful.

I really liked the stretched background image and that there is an option to change said image background.

I have now purchased and downloaded the html version of Versatile Template…and i cannot change/locate the background image in the code.

Please help as I would love to use this template.

Unchangeable background would = false advertising…

Go to colorscheme.css located in the css file on line number 10

body#stretched #header { background-image:url(../images/bgnew.jpg);

Change the image path to your desired image and it will be changed. No false advertising. Kindly please check again.

Custom Typography Settings don’t work for me in the newest version :( Wont save my changes, any ideas? Looking to get my clients site done ASAP :)

Sorry posted the comment on the wrong one…

Wanted to post on the wordPress theme. Sorry !

This is the html only version yes?

Yes it is only HTML Version.


I bought template, and i really like it,

one thing:

i need to set bigger height of slider,

any help


Bigger height is not possible as you need to change many things

I recently purchased this theme (and the Wordpress version also) and I have to say this is without a doubt the ABSOLUTE BEST purchase I have ever made from an envato website. (thus far)

Not only is this theme absolutely amazing, but it works flawlessly, it’s easy to use and this is without a doubt the best purchase I’ve ever made from any template site.

Great work! You’ve just acquired a new fan. I’ve never been this impressed with something I’ve bought from envato. You sir, deserve an award for this!

Thank you so much for your work!

Love the theme. I’m having problems with the Nivo slider not coming up. The spinning “status” indicator just spins but no slides ever appear. Can you help?

Try disabling the timthumb option in general tab of options panel and see if you still doesn’t get it drop me an email with WP Logins so that i can take a closer look at it