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Strong !

Great ! Respect !

Bootstrap 3 version in plan ?

I guess very soon in the future :)

Have a problem with my side!

Is their an option that I can change the contact page font to a smaller one?

And I have again with the new update the endless wheel loading at the portfolio “K├╝mstler” page any idea what you have changed since the last time?

Hey filip, really appreciate it if you could hit us in the forum with the support questions.

Posted last comment a month ago in regards to twitter feed any fix as of yet.

Which fix, can you post it via email again.

Once a developer sales goes up support goes out the door. Good theme and hopefully you will provide good quality support as when you were a newbie on Theme-forest.

I wish I could say you are wrong mate but yea it’s true. Maintaining is more important than making a top theme. Plus the competition here. I’ll be hiring more people for exclusive support soon. Currently a few works in progress, hence the delay in support :)

Anyone have any idea how to change the size of 3rd line of text on the home page that reads “EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A SPARK”?

I can’t seem to find the style definition that affects this anywhere.

Thanks a lot in advance.

It’s actually controlled by fittext.js script file which automatically calculates the font size based on t he grid width and add dynamically. This way, the text stays in a single line for any size of the device :)

Although you an set t he maximum font size value in scripts.js file line 412 and 413 for top and bottom texts in home page.

 $('.cs-text-cut').fitText(0.5,{ minFontSize: '50px', maxFontSize: '150px' });
 $('.cs-text-cut.medium').fitText(2, { minFontSize: '30px', maxFontSize: '70px' }); 

You can set the minfontsize and maxfontsize.

Thank you! This was super helpful. Everything seems to work.

Is there a way to change the width of the Flexslider? Which definition controls that?

Sorry, went off before I was finished…. is there a way to change the width AND keep the slider images centered in the page? Thanks a lot in advance.

no worries. got it!

Can’t change the width of Flexslider.

Does the theme support Dropdown Menu’s?

No, It does not support in. Sorry.

Hi When a section shrinks in a little and no longer fits the full length of the screen…how is that solved? thanks

solved :-)

please have a look at my site

im having trouble getting contact section to look tidy. Can you help me with getting the contact form to sit to the right of the contact details instead of being stuck underneath…sorry im so crap thanks for site x

Enable the googlemaps and have you changed some part of the code in the backend ?? coz the grid messed up!!

any chanse for woopress compatible ?

Sorry, this theme is not compatible with woopress.


For both myself and at least one other person the wordpress version of Versi, for no apparent reason, broke, after months of working fine.

We both contacted support who assured us it would be fixed but then, after days wait, pushed back to ask US to reinstall fresh.

We both tried reinstalling core files, fresh theme files, backups…nothing worked (except using twenty twelve- so the site itself is fine).

The other buyer Logangorilla – waited a week for support to fix but couldnt wait longer so now has gone and purchased another working theme called ALPINE – which is probably what I will do to. It looks similar but has better functionality and obviously WORKS!

For me it has been 5 days of my site being completely down at a critical point in my business.

Check my buying history – Im not a newbie and well aware themes can and do go wrong – that is to be accepted. But when a theme’s developer/support delay and shirk all responsibility to fix the theme’s problem it’s probably not a great idea to buy their theme.

A word of warning.

Fixed the issue via mail . Please check it :)

Thank you for fixing the issue

Sweet!!! I’m buying this babe Great job guys

You need to remove id from the menu too after deleting the section.

I just had time to reply, thank you!

glad you like it :)

The navigation has an issue. It will select the section in the menu before it actually gets to the section. Is there any fix for this?

Any link to your site???

For some reason I am unable to upload the zip file via Wordpress. I get an error saying I can’t install the theme because the style.css file is missing.

I am trying to upload it via ftp but it doesn’t seem to work either as the theme isn’t showing up.

Would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Can you please help me out with my other question below? I would really appreciate it as it’s quite urgent :)

Sorry for late response. Mail us the credentials, our support staff will handle the iphone issue. :)

I’m trying to make a background image for the about section. Right now I’m altering the multi-colors.css under the about section with the following code

background-image: url(../images/image_name.jpg);

^ however the image does not show. I’ve tried a few different code variations and still the image does not appear as the background.

Any suggestions? Thank you


Benos030 Author Team

What about quotes around the url(inside the brackets)?

@mlmiller : Any link to your site?? I can help you with the code :)

I’m having the same issue as ‘jorgerivero’. The menu bar is very crazy, and the selection is not matching the current content, the site is:

If you could give any hints on what could be. Thank you.

I’m having the same issue as ‘jorgerivero’. The menu bar is very crazy, and the selection is not matching the current content, the site is: If you could give any hints on what could be. Thank you.

I have changed the background color for the home section and milestone section in the “light.css” file and it shows up in dreamweaver, however they are still the reddish orange color online. Any ideas why? (Yes, I’ve saved the changes and uploaded to my server…)

Dear Team,

I have purchased your Versi theme but and getting a stylesheet error with the installation failing. May I know how may I resolve this?

Regards, JR

Dear Team,

I sent this message 6 days ago. Any response on this please? Requesting your help.