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This is awesome!


Thanks Noesgaard :)

Good work. Good luck with sales. :)


Thanks CloudSheep, good luck with sales too :)

Hi, is this easy to change the font size (in slider / featured area and other sections)?


sure, it’s very easy to change the font size from css file

how easy would it be to change the top section to a lightversion or different color?


It’s easy, just change the css value :)

awsome looking landing page. Question; any chance to have a wordpress version of it ? Thanks !


maybe yes, but we can’t promise if the wp version will be made soon

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I am sending an email

Wont load into wordpress, says it’s missing style file, I can see that the file is there when I open the zip but wordpress doesn’t pick it up, please help…..


it’s not a wordpress theme, it’s HTML landing page template so you can’t install it as wordpress theme

luxerman Purchased

How do I go about removing the “backtotop” arrow that appears on the page? I don’t see it anywhere in the html.



From HTML file you can remove 3 code lines calling to top jquery script before </head>

<!-- ui totop -->    
<script src="js/uitotop/smoothscroll.js" type="text/javascript" ></script>
<script src="js/uitotop/jquery.ui.totop.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/uitotop/setting.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


I see the variations that you have in the demo, but I’m wondering, is it fairly easy to have the featured video with the opt-in box next to it?

Thanks and great job on this landing page!


Sure it’s very easy, just put the HTML code of featured video before the opt-in box


where I can change the colors of this template?

The green in the middle of this site, and the black color.

Thank you.

quick question

i have a wordpress website but I want to add a sub domain and use it as landing page (exmaple.mywebsite.com)

can I use your theme as page template for that? would that work – and if so, how?

and is it possible to have a video on the left and next to it an aweber email sign-up??

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i want to set a limit to the responsivness. So i can see the Page on iphone like on desktop.

Can you help me to achieve this?

I tried changig the grid sizes for small screen to size of larger screens, but the background, header and footer still react responsive to the smaller window.


Hi, is it possible to use this as a custom page template in Wordpress? Also, is the optin form compatible with the MailPoet newsletter plugin?