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Twitter is not working at all, keep showing”L oading tweets…”

It’s because new Twitter API. Please use some other Twitter plugin…

So, I’m trying to decide whether to purchase this template or your other template – BigBang. But I’ve noticed aside from the Twitter feed not working (you address above as “Please use some other plugin”) your Instagram feeds on both templates don’t seem to be working – is that a known issue as well?

Your reply and time is greatly appreciated!

I’m trying to implement the contact form and set up an email address to point the button to but can’t seem to find where to place it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Please use our support forum

Love the theme, seems to be missing the progress.gif in the img folder though.

You’re right. Please put this image to that folder (or any other you like, just keep the same file name.

Is there a way to autostart the images in the blog fullpage slider?

Any updates on the WP theme for Vertigo? I was uninformed and thought I could use this template with it.

How would I use this blog template without a CMS?

I love this theme; been searching high-and-low for days looking for the perfect one, but sad that this is only offered in HTML. Will you be releasing a WP version within the next few days by chance? I’ll hold out from purchasing a different WP theme if this one can be available.

Please let me know and well done on Vertigo!

Hi! I bough the item and I’m working on it. But I have a problem trying to put the facebook widget of comments. Can you tell me how can I do it? regards!

Hi there. I need blog isotope boxes to expand, revealing full content on click. Can someone please point in the right direction on how I do this?

Hi Brankic..

Have an IE issue with Vertigo.

I am not if I am missing something but the full screen images on the home page do not load in IE 7 – 8 – 9 etc..

Could you possibly take a look at this:

and let me know if I am missing some code – loading.gif

Many Thanks!!!!!!!!


Hi Brankic, I’m working on the vertigo-contact form but I have got problems to get it work.

In order for contact form to work you must include form-validate.js file inside the head tag of your HTML document. - yes, I did.

If you want to receive emails you must set form action to send.php. - yes I did.

And finaly, in order to receive messages you must edit this line and type in your own email address. It’s placed inside send.php file inside body tag (33 line) -yes I did.

but if I try to send a message via the contact form, I don’t recive anything on my E-mail account..

Could you please help me, thanks!


I am having some issues with the responsive design on the portfolio page. Sometimes the titles seem to be missing which messes up the layout. I have checked and the code for this is consistent but there seems to be something going wrong when the design is displaying at larger screen resolutions. Could you advise me how I might go about fixing this please?

Was a Wordpress theme ever created for this? I know several customers asked and it was promised “in a couple of weeks,” but that was over two years ago.

Tempted to make one myself—it’s a great HTML theme and really deserves the full WP/Drupal treatment.

Hi, I have a question about the first slideshow, is it possible to click the image to go to an external or internal link?

Site is also returning an error: background:url(../img/progress.gif

no such file included with your theme