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Good luck with sales!

Congratulations! GLWS :)

Congratulations! Great work! :)

Great job ! GLWS :)

Wow. Beautiful work! Good luck with sales! :)

Looks great! GLWS ;)

When I place a background image in the theme, setting the image disappears, can you help me?


please send the site link with admin accees and ftp access to our mail. you can send mail using our TF profile.

Hello, there is an information that the PSD version is included but I don’t see psd file in the package.

Best regards, TR


please send us mail using our TF profile.

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Hi there

How to change the map at the contact page? the block shows only:

Already thanks.


you need edit js for this. please go to sites->all->themes->vertikal->js->script.js file , there you will get Contact Map section to give input.

ogursoy Purchased

I am highly disappointed with the this template. First of all, It seems there certain things which we love in drupal are not available with this tempalte such that user login block is not themed, user registration page does not have labels but just input box with help etc.

The editing tabs on node pages are not available, you can edit nodes only in content overwiew page. moreover, other tabs for the node is not available (such that nodequeue etc..)

Background image is gone when you update some other pages. And many many other stuff… (Page sub title is embedded to theme files!!!)

I do not have time to argue with the author and I will not. This is totally garbage.

Screen shot 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ziizmfcc39u5dro/bug1.jpg?dl=0

ScreenShot 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/szo7a5qmz9kizfc/bug2.jpg?dl=0

Screen Shot 3 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/qidwq9oakqz1cls/bug3.jpg?dl=0

Screen shot 4 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sobdfq99kwjapb/bug4.jpg?dl=0

I believe this template is not well tested and coded. It seems to be not completed but went for sale!!

ogursoy Purchased

dont ask me for any ftp access or web admin credentials! Ever! Ridiciolus!!

ogursoy Purchased

Are you going to do something about the stuff mentioned above??!!

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Hi there,

Theme is not able to use ckeditor… after installing… editing blocks all content is lost or your block settings are wrong or something else is wrong.

Also indeed node editing buttons are missing. Overlay is not working properly in admin, etc.

Please reply ASAP.

Kind regards,