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the preview takes me to another theme….San.


Theme was approved during the night and the new theme wasn’t added to the theme selector beause it wasn’t approved yet!

Fixed now! :-)

Your preview site has issue.


See reply to @wesleysoccer :-)

Non wordpress version will be available ?


If there’s enough demand for it i might.

Looks nice, good luck with sales!


Thanks, appreciate it! :-)

Theme looks great!

But it wont let me install the theme. It says: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please help.


Zip the theme folder (the folder called vertue) and use that zip file to install the theme; it will work! :-)

Okay great thanks!

I am having a major problem with displaying my portfolio on the home page and on my designated “work” page.

I have changed my template to what you have suggested: Homepage for Home and Portfolio for Work. But Even though I have all my portfolio items already, none of them are displaying at all. On top of that, my “work” page is displaying my blog items..

All I want to do is transfer all my current items and menus I used to have on my old theme “Yin and Yang” to your theme, but I am having a very difficult time.

Please help.


It’s probaly the switching of themes thats causing some issues: not to worry!

Send an e-mail over to themes[at]tienvooracht.nl, include your URL and admin details and i’ll take a look around and help you out! :-)

Okay sent!

Thanks a lot, just respond on my email instead of flooding on here. Amazing customer support!

clean design.. good luck!


Exactly what i was aiming for :) Thanks! :)

Congrats, wish you the best with this one :)


Thanks a lot! :-)

Great theme! Can videos be included in the AJAX portfolio?


Thanks! Both custom videos and embedded videos an be added! :-)

Lovely theme!

Really mean that. It’s so very close to being perfect for a project I’m working on.

With that in mind, allow me to ask about the following:

1) Could the image / content area be adjusted (mainly width, but hight to an extant as well) within the post?

Say inline with the final edge of the nav buttons? I’m trying to sort out a site to replace Instagram (new TOC blow), and so ensuring a large image while constrained to an iPhone would be great.

2) Can comments be enabled for portfolio items?

3a) Could a clickable “Completed:” date link be easily added? 3b) And what about additional clickable fields, are they easily insertable?

4a) The search results page looks a little funky, but I’m not sure what would look good to me – maybe a different orientation of “Search Results For:” & the tag being searched for? 4b) Images in the results page would also be an improvement

Many thanks, good luck with sales :)




Thanks! :-)

About your questions:

1. Not quite sure what you mean with this (maybe you could elaborate?). But with some basic CSS knowlegde you’d definetly be able to adjust widths/heights.

2. Adding comments to portfolio items shouldnt be a problem (if you decide to buy, send an e-mail for instructions)

3. a.) Where would you want the “completed” link to be linked to? b.) There is no interface for doing this but with some basic knowledge it shouldn’t be a problem (also i’d gladly help out)

4. a.) Give it a try! ;-) b.) Probaly going to be adding this!

Hope that clears some of your questions! If you have any further questions feel free to ask! :-)


Right on, thanks for the info!

1) For this I think I’ll mock up an image size / position that would fit the bill, then get back to you.

3a) Basically a similar model to how the Skills link works for a portfolio item. So an item would be tagged “December 2012”, and that link would collect all works in that period. Additional tag options would be helpful. I suppose since there isn’t an interface for this, I’ll need to think ahead to invision future tags so that they can be baked in.

4a) I think I figured out whats funky. Do you see the difference between these two? http://www.tienvooracht.nl/themes/vertue/category/standard/ http://www.tienvooracht.nl/themes/vertue/?s=snail&submit=Search

It almost looks like the search value above the results wasn’t left justified.

Thanks so much :)

PS, one last question, any chance you’d consider supporting @font-face?


No problem! :-)

1. Sounds good; send it over to themes[at]tienvooracht.nl

3. a.) I’ve done some research and it should definetly be possible. If you decide to purchase, send an email over to themes[at]tienvooracht.nl and i’ll hook you up!

4. a.) I’ve issued an update and it’s fixed! :-)

About @font-face: adding @font-face fonts shouldn’t be a problem. Also i’d gladly help you out on this one!

Finally, a truly simple, beautiful, flexible, responsive theme. I purchased it for one of my businesses that doesn’t even need a portfolio. The theme is flexible enough to use for may kinds of site. I have a couple of questions, am holding them all until I get all my pages done, then will email you the questions all at once. Thank you! You can watch the development at digitaldictationservice.com.


Awesome! Thanks for purchasing .. and gotta say it’s looking good already, will be keeping an eye out! :-)

bendayan Purchased

Just purchased it! OK, I get the part with setting up the Homepage and the Work /Portfolio templates. BUT how to setup the BLOG menu and let it show all blog posts?

Also. I try to upload a new logo (PNG transparent) but nothing shows up. Thanks


Awesome! :-)

What exactly do you mean with: BUT how to setup the BLOG menu and let it show all blog posts?

Did you create a page called ‘blog’ and set your ‘Front page’ settings to ‘Home’ and the ‘Posts page’ settings to ‘Blog’ under ‘Settings > Reading’?

About the logo: i’ve issued an update, re-download the package, re-upload the files and you should be good!

bendayan Purchased


On page 4 in the documentation (Setting up your theme) you state: “For ‘Posts page:’ select ‘Work’. First I thought you had made some special code for the portfolio to show up. But then I found out this must be a typo since I want my BLOG-page to show all posts. The portfolio-template works just fine for my “WORK” section. Case closed, but you should consider to update your documentation :-)

Thumbs up on the new version.

Found another thing: The portfolio tumbnails on the startpage (or on the portfolio-page) have a rollover (the red overlay layer). Can you clarify what size these should be on upload. I read “Thumb image for the portfolio page. Advised size is: 306×280px.” But when I upload this size, my images are presented in 300px width. So when I roll-over. The red overlay has 306px width and shows a gap of 6px on the right side for the image under.



I will take a closer look at the documentation: can’t be having no errors in there! :-)

About the other thing: advised size is based on the theme preview. Basicly it looks best if all thumbs have the same size .. although it wouldn’t be a problem if they don’t since it will all stack up nicely (isotope). When ‘inserting’ a thumb make sure you select the ‘full’ size of the image .. otherwise you end up with a 300px image :-)

I will be updating some descriptions in the admin, and in the documentation to make sure this stuff is written down as clear as possible! The theme is all about being ‘easy-to-use’ .. so gotta make sure it is!

Yes, my custom logo also did not show up. I actually just replaced it in the theme /images folder logo.png. I also want the logo to be 65 px high rather than the same as the default logo of 27. That is one of the questions I have, why the custom logo does not show up and if it does show up, will it be centered vertically in the header? Thanks!


The line-height for the logo area is set to 50px .. you could easily set it to 65px (so everything will be nicely lined-out)! If you would need any assistance with this feel free to send an email over to themes[at]tienvooracht.nl and ill help you out!

Also: the custom logo thing is fixed .. see my reply to @bendayan.

I really do not want to say anything bad about this theme, because it is quite beautiful, but I have had nothing but problems from the very start. Pages, Templates and Portfolio items are very glitchy and never display properly. Blog template is the work template and and work template is the home template, but the home template is different? I am so confused by the documentations as well. I am very disappointed. All of my portfolio items now have to be re added and this has been nothing but a waste of time. I purchased this theme because it was supposed to be simple, this has not been the case.

Hi Love the theme, worth the purchase. I’m having a little trouble reading though the documentation since it’s all text and has not screenshots. I got stuck in style drop-down. You had mentioned that this dropdown menu has been added to “WordPress Tiny MCE Editor”. Is this a generic name for the plugin? If yes, would you recommend one that you prefer using with this theme? I installed



First off: thanks for purchasing! :-)

About your question: the styles drop-down menu has been added to the Editor which you use to publish posts. In the next revision of the documentation i will make sure it’s more clear! :-)

I appreciate the speed at which you got back Looking forward to the document update

(update: Just figured out where the styles drop-down menu options are available)

Open post, or page or portfolio to edit

Follow steps below 1. http://i.imgur.com/gbKsT.png 2. http://i.imgur.com/uwoW7.png

it wont let me delete or edit, but I retract my earlier comment about this theme, it has turned out to work wonderful. The designer of this theme has been more than helpful with emailing back with problems. Great experience, and I would buy again from him.

tienvooracht is there a way to add your own fonts and change the color of the body text in the descriptions? Cheers


Apriciate that Kevan! :-)

About your questions: both shouldn’t be a problem; send an mail over with the question (makes it easier for me to awnser)!

Buongiorno , complimenti…..

una domanda… nella visualizzazione del portfolio nella home c’√® la possibilit√† che la preview sia piu’ verticale e non quadrata? vorrei utilizzare il template per visualizzare delle locandine di cinema. per il resto bellissimo

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Hello, congratulations …..

a question … the display of the portfolio in the home there is the possibility that the preview is more ‘vertical and not square? I would like to use the template to display the posters of cinema. for the rest beautiful .-)



About your question: shouldn’t be a problem at all! Go for it! :-)

Hello, Great theme, Just what I’m looking for to showcase my work for a job I’m applying for! Is it easy to change the colors? Such as the active page text and the background that is behind the portfolio categories?



A good bunch of elements can be styled though the Theme Options such as the page background, content box backgrounds, text colors, hover colors and accent colors. If that’s not enough you can always add some custom CSS. And if that won’t cut it you can simply send a support mail to themes[at]tienvooracht.nl and i will gladly help you out! :-)