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I bought your theme and I am very happy about it. – I have a question though about the shopping chart. I have a configurable product in several colors and sizes, but when i choose products and look in the chart I can´t see the color and size in the chart only the product name of the “mother product”. eg. the same product in brown and black, it doesn´t show the colors or size in the product name. So I can´t see which color or size I have chosen. How do I change that ?

Hello Mate,

Ok, can you provide me the site information to email: I will try to check and find config for you.

Hello, I mailed you my informations but didn´t recieve an answer yet. Could you please respond ? Best regards Liv

Hello, I just sent you a email with solution. Please try to check.

I have two problems with the ves_fashion “demo2”theme.

Problem 1. I have uploaded and configured the “demo2” for this theme, but i am getting DOUBLE SCROLLL BARs, after clearing cache. The site url is . How to i remove the second scroll bar on the right side.

Problem 2: I am not able to change the home page title. I have made all the changes in the magneto control panel also, but still the home page title is not changing.

Hello Mate,

Ok, please send me the site information (admin account, FTP information ) to our email:

Dear Venustheme, I have sent you a mail with all the details, please check and remove the DOUBLE SCROLL BARS. Thanks

Hello, I just replied your email. Please check it.


I submitted a private ticket a week ago but never got a response. Here is the problem with the Lens Zoom that except when viewed by FireFox or IE, the ZOOMed image will come up on the background of the product description text and will be covered by the text.

Until a few days ago, you could see the problem by visiting the demo site for the template using the Google Chrome, Safari or the new MS Edge browsers which practically are used by over 50% of the site visitors, but apparently it has been disabled (not fixed) by the developer now.

But here is an example and don’t forget to visit using one of the browsers as listed above and move your mouse over the image on a desktop system:

The one with the VES template:

The one with another template:

I am sure that this is a Z-Index setting problem but no matter how much I looked, couldn’t find the settings in the files or elsewhere.

Any ideas?



You should input css code in file skin/frontend/default package/default layout/css/local/custom.css or insert css code in customization tab of ves template control panel.


I checked and the code was already in the ves template control panel and I also added that in the customer.css file and it did not work either.

I even experimented with different z-index numbers such as 9999 to no avail.

Any other ideas? BTW, have you taken care of this problem on your demo site yet?

Hello Mate,

Please try to add the custom css code again, use the code:

.zoomContainer {
    z-index: 100!important;

If not, please send me the site information to


How I can change the hover effect on images on products categories?


Hello Mate,

You can chnage the hover effect on images on product listing by custom css code in the theme:

.product-block .image:hover .hover-image {
  visibility: visible;
  overflow: hidden;
  -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease 0s;
  transition: all 0.3s ease 0s;
  transform: scale(1);
  opacity: 1;
  filter: alpha(opacity=100);

We use css3 to make the effect for hover image (swap image):

For example:


finkk Purchased


After updating to Magento, Adding a new post in Ves Blog 404’s. I see others have had this issue, do you have a fix?

Thanks Mark

Hello Mark,

Yes, we fixed and updated for the theme on few day. Please try to download and update it for your site. If not, please send me a email to I will send you the module package.


I’m experiencing problems with the layer slider… I’m trying to create a new webshop from the sample content installed from the theme, but when I remove the old layerlsider and add the new one I’m getting the following problems:

  • With one slider a big grey square
  • With two sliders, the second slider shows with a grey overlay with a grey rectangle below it…

Can you please help me out?


I can’t seem to download the new version…

Sorry wrong template…

I purchased this theme and i uploaded it, got it all up and running then i tried to install your gallery extension. Now i cannot access my website at all. Please can you respond to my emails as i do not know ow what to do

Yes your email reply didnt answere my question

I have purchased your gallery extension to add to my website. My website is running on your ves fashion theme that I purchased from you. The gallery extension doesn’t come with any installation instruction. Can you instal this extension for me? if not, I will require a refund as I have tried to install it and it caused my website to malfunction.

Also the blog post section l on the home page is is not working. When I delete or change the blog posts, the blog post information on the homepage does not change. You need to take a look and let me know what is causing this. If you cannot do this for me I will need a full refund on the theme so that i can choose a different new with a different company. One who is willing to offer some level of support. I have tried to sort various issues out with you since purchasing the theme but you have not been helpful at all….....Please help!!!!!!!


Can you please send us email with information of the site. We can help you setup the gallery extension and also check and update the ves blog extension for you. About the can not change blogs on homepage, maybe the site are using the full page cache extension.

We really get your offline chat message about the gallery and replied to your email on few days but not received response.

Hi -

I disabled the yellow sale button, but it still shows up on products throughout category pages. Also, I enabled quick view, but it does not work! Please advise. Thank you!

Hello Rachel,

Maybe your site are using old version of ves tempcp and theme. Please try to check my screenshot:

and update module ves_tempcp for your site.

I don’t think I have the updated version. Is there another way to do it without having to update?


We should update the module to get the feature. If not, please send me the site information to we will try to check and give you other solution.

Hello, I got the theme, and realized through the installation package “quickstart”.

The installation was successful.

However, I realized that I can not register as a client. The site does not make records.

Please help me.


Hello Mate,

Please send me the site information to I will check the file and give you fixed file.

To change color and background, fonts you should edit file skin/frontend/ves_fashion/demo3/ves_productcarousel/style.css

Hello, I sent you a message at this time. I will await your return.

Thank you so much

Hello Daniel,

I just replied your email. Please try to check it

How do I get rid of all the different attribute options? When I try to add a new attribute, I have to label 21 different English and French Options… I don;t want multi lingual, I just want the one store. I just want it to show the Admin option… not all the others.

Hello Mate,

You should go to admin > system > manage stores > then delete or disable store views which you dont want to use in your site.

How do you turn off the newsletter pop up?

Hello Mate,

Please try to follow the screenshot to disable the newsletter popup.

How do i remove the popup when entering the page? “Welcome to our site! Sign Up”

....nevermind lol

Hello mate, I am very happy about your theme and your support:) I have a question about the blog. I am getting a lot of spam comments on the blog. Do you know any plug spam filter which works with your blog module ? – The only one I have found is Googles own reCAPTCHA and the colors and design is not excatly the coolest… and I can´t seem to find a spam filter that fits your blog module. Can you help me out ? Have a great day :)

Hello Mate,

For now the module just have option reCaptcha for blog post comment.

We will trying find a spam filter to update for module ves blog and will let you know the update of the extension.