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I’ve asked twice on your website, and you don’t answer me:

I’d like to know to create new badges/labels for the products. I see that at yout theme, there’s two kinds of badges: sale and sale 35%. I’d like to at least create badges for out-of-stock products and new products.


Hello Mate,

Im sorry for late response. Our supporter was missing your questions. Please send me email to We will help you add there labels.

After Magento SUPEE-5994 patch, Blog function: add New Post will lead to error page. Rollback SUPEE-5994 patch and function will recover without problem. Could you check this issue? Thanks.

Hello Mate,

Thanks you for your comment. Yes, we will try to check the problem to fix it quickly.

Hello Team,

We have purchased your awesome ves magento theme TWICE for our different websites. Presently we are facing front-end layout issues in all pages because ves TCP and FPC; we have emailed you all the details.

Please check and reply at the earliest.


Hello Maaz,

Our developer are checking the issue in your site. Please wait

Hello Venus theme.

I have some unusual requirement. I want my catalogue images in square size 500×500.. Can u tell me how to do that..

Hello Mate,

Please try to go to admin > Venustheme > Ves Template Panel > Theme Control Panel > edit default theme setting of the demo layout your site are using.

Then go to tab “Pages Setting” > “Category – Listing Products”, change the values of the option:

Listing Image Size (Width X Height): = 500 x 500

Hello, I am using this theme for a client and everytime I paste

<a href="" title="Facebook"><span class="icon-facebook-with-circle icon-icomoon" /></a>

into the “Footer Top” content section it gets displayed on the frontend, but when I go back into edit mode I can not see this code anymore. When I then save the footer top, the icon is not on the frontend anymore. Any idea why above code gets filtered out?

Hello Mate,

Please try to input the code instead your code:

<a title="Facebook" href=""><span class="icon-facebook-with-circle icon-icomoon">Facebook</span></a>

appidays Purchased

Hi, I have a problem with your TabsHome module. I have some simple products which are ‘Not Visible Individually’ but I see them anyway. How can I solve this error?

Hello Mate,

Please check your mail. I just replied in email.

Hello, An expert is installing this theme on a fresh installation of Magento and is having issues with the modules. I’ll paste the message below. Please can someone get back to me on this as soon as possible, as I’m losing money the longer this continues.

“Please ask the theme authors to send you the updated ones. Below you will find the modules that are not working:”

1. ves_base 2. ves_layerslider 3. ves_productcarousel 4. ves_productcarousel2 5. ves_productcarousel3 6. ves_megamenu 7. ves_verticalmenu

When installing the above mentioned modules from connect manager, I am getting this error message ‘File upload problem’. Please see screenshot for modules that I have been able to install and the error message for the others:

Also note that, for the product carousel data, when activated, it gives the following error on the frontend: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted”.

Hello Mate,

I just replied your email. Please try to check it. Also the problem with maximum memory in your server. I added a php.ini file in the webroot to increase the memory to fix the issue.

Do you recommend enabling Flat Catalog with this theme?

Hello Mate,

Yes you can enable Flat Catalog in the theme.

Hi, how do I remove the floating newsletter footer? Also is there the option to keep it always at the bottom of the page and not floating?

Hello Mate,

Yes, you can add the custom css code into venustheme control panel in admin:

#powered.newsletter-fix {
    margin-bottom: 0px;
.footer-newsletter{ position: relative; }

Hello, I need to add title attributes to all items in the Megamenu. I dont see any fields for this in the admin area, can you tell me which template or php function is used to generate the menu links.

Hello Mate,

Please send me email to I will send you the updated files which we included title for all menu links

I cant get the theme to install, it is giving me a “500 internal error”, following the steps i did 1) opload “ves_fashion_quickstart” to Public_html 2) Extract files 3) go to “” -> should open magento installation page.

it wont go to step 3. i’ve read that you guys are good with helping out, hereby =)

I have got it to work, file permissions werent correct. Awesome theme keep going :)

Thanks you Mate,

Please send email to us if you need any assistant about the theme.

Our email:

Hi! I followed to the letter the steps that are in the documentation and not working. After installation, several magento sessions stopped working.

I’ve tried installing and reinstalling several times.

Hello Mate,

Please send me the site information to my email: we will help you check the issue and setup the theme for you.

does this theme support integration of videos ?

Can the header height be reduced to give a look like


Yes the theme can work with magento V

Can the header height be reduced to give a look like