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Good morning,

i like your template, but i want to customize the way i want.
below is the link of image that i want.
do you think it can be customized like that?

1. i want to make height small and remove top part with SNS. Simple like image

2. I want to remove color and same color as top part

3. i want to place the search box in the middle of slice

4. i don’t want any text come out such as description like your current template

5. I want to change it like this. no description. and also tag on the top right side

6. i want to put some word, no feautred carousal.

7. on footer, i would like to have some link, such as company information,l contact us, terms of use, privacy policy.

8. can i able to charge each listing submission using paypal?

  • it doesn’t have to exactly same. i want similar.

Unfortunately these are just too many changes and my theme would not be able to accommodate it. However in the given set 3,4,6 & 7 can be achieved, apart from this other changes would not be possible.

Good job! I wish you continued success and even greater sales;)

Thanks :)

Can you use this theme for car sales?

It is a multipurpose Listings template. So, Yes, you can show cars in place of houses, you can rename all the properties of a house to that of cars, you can create filters based on cars like engine type, company …. . If you can email me some sample site I would be able to tell you what all can be easily done and what all can not be. email at

Iam extremely sorry to say that the support is just not up to mark. I expected themeforest standard service levels but threads are not been answered even after 3 days. Pls buck up guys.

I am really sorry for the delay.
Responding asap. There are some issues in the forums lately. If you do not get a reply within 12 hrs please send me an email at

Hi ijoyoya, What is the theme in the screenshot

Question, can this theme work with

Ideally it should but I need to check this, I have contacted them for the plugin under theme development.

ok please advise when they respond, we are very close to a purchase depending on this plugin

I got a response from them and according to them,it should work fine. But since they did not provide me any API key for testing. I am not be 100% sure.


Could you provide some sort of instructions for arranging theme that looks like yours. I did everything exactly as I watched in the video for instructions, but any changes will not take place on the theme. And it made me very angry. Even the color will not change.

How to edit a page that is not a demo? And what should I do to get my changes made visible on the website?

Please, I need quick answer

Also I would suggest that please create forum threads for support requests : .Please create a suppor thread and share your site url.

Thank you for the feedback. I have updated the theme to 1.1. Please update the theme. All known issues have been fixed, including the customizer changes blocking by web-hosts.

In case you are still not able to work with the theme, please let me know the issues in forums and I would happy to help you. We also have a another documentation for all our themes. This would be useful to understand any section in particular :

I was going to buy the theme today but just noticed that you don’t have space for putting a logo on the header anymore. Was that intentional? I really need a place to show my logo.

Thank you for notifying this issue. It was a bug in the update I just released. Fixing it immediately with another theme update.

We have fixed this issue with version 1.1.1 update. Thanks once again.

I have few questions about this Wp Theme before buying it

1- Can I change the currency to RD$(Dominican Republic Currency)? 2- Can I place adds from google adsense or a publicity banner?

No, currently the theme supports only 7 Currency formats: Dollar, Euro, Pound, Renminbi, Yen,Won & Rupee.
Yes, Banners can be placed using widgets in the sidebars and Sidebars can be placed anywhere in a page using pagebuilder.

After reading the first page of these comments, the one recurring theme (no pun intended) that I see is “bugs.” Users asking why their theme or something about does not work and the answers seem to be, the fix is in, so to speak and it won’t be long. Forgive me, but this is cause for concern for potential theme buyers, which is what I’m doing on this website.

Accepted ! But every theme has bugs, as a theme author, we have limited testing capabilities and we can test it for limited use-cases. Many times, the issue is with the setup or with the web hosts. I think what should matter the most is the response time and the availability of support. That is why we keep our forum open to all, you can view it here : , this way you can make out whether our customers are happy or not and make a better purchase decision.

Hello and thank you for this theme.

When I install the plugin revolution slider, he says to me: Plugin activated successfully, nevertheless in the page extensions, he says to me: This theme requires the following plugin: revolution Slider.

Thus this slider does not display in my site. :/

This is a known issue with Revolution Slider. After the install you would see Revolution Slider tab in WP Admin dashboard, but this notification would still stay. You can simply dismiss it. After installing revolution slider, you can import the slider in the demo from here


I want to buy your theme now. Before, I just need a demo of how to add listings and the accepted fields.

How can we do this?

Ok.. You can watch following videos.
Create a new listing:
Adding more fields to listings :
For all the videos, you refer this link :

Perfect, I will take a look!


pre-sales question

Can you charge people to register and submit a listing?



No, this feature is not in the theme.
The theme has an availability switch which can be used to show that the listing is not available ref :

Are membership levels available, with expiry dates?


package 1 lasts 30 days and not featured

package 2 lasts 60 days and is featured

many thanks

No, this feature is also not in the theme. These are requirements for a membership site, which are not there in the theme.

Hi the team,

This theme looks great. Congrats.

Concerning adding new properties/listing by an agent. I am trying to figure out how it works. DO you confirm the process the applying agent has to follox is:

1/ Register author of the website (classic wordpress author) 2/ Buy a agent package set with a ecommerce solution 3/ BE approved as author/agent to start publishing.


Then agent use the wordpress front end to publish new listings and he is not using a form submission (gravity forms or other one) ?

Thank you


The theme does not have a front end for submission. Yes, the steps above are what we suggest to our buyers. We rely on WP inbuilt Users for this and the authors would login to WP Admin. Inside WP Admin they get access to Posts and Listings, where they can create/add listings. The limitation here is that it involves a manual process of approving agents and tracking their Payments, since this is outside the scope of this theme.

1) Do you have any plans to integrate a front-end submission page for users to add listings where they can manage their own listings (update, delete, add images, add video, etc.) without going to the back-end of the WP Admin area? 2) Also, can they be charge on a per submission basis where the listing is on a monthly recurring basis payment? 3) Lastly, any plans to integrated with google maps to search the listings on it? Thanks!

We haven’t received a lot of feature requests for these features. While creating the theme, we decided to create this as a simple theme with multipurpose listings management options.

is it possible to add tags or categories to the IDX plugin listings so that I can organize them myself by neighborhood?

And btw the your demo site still shows: “Juicebox Error: Config XML file not found.” where the listing image should be on a single idx listing. What’s the deal with that?

Please respond to my question about the Juicebox Error. I have emailed you and asked it previously in the comments. Thank you.

I replied on this over email as well. I am awaiting a response form dsIDXpress on this. This error is not related to the theme but with the Plugin.

Hello, before I buy it further, I noticed one thing in the listing the gallery size is a little bit small. Is this fixed? or . If resizeable will this affect the layout make sense?

Yes, you can change it to any value. Just that we need to make sure that it fits in the standard viewports. We’ll help you in this.

Hello, before I buy it further, I noticed one thing in the listing the gallery size is a little bit small. Is this fixed? or . If resizeable will this affect the layout make sense?

Replied above…

Can i add a compare function between listings – so when selected, they display the key features, size, etc of the properties

No. If you have an example to refer to, then I would suggest you to add this in feature requests.

For any support related queries please contact us on forums :