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I would like to purchase this theme, but first, a couple of questions:

1.)Can thumbnail images be displayed below the main image on the property details page?

2.)From a user experience perspective, it is not quite obvious enough to have only the property address as the only means to click-through to the property details page. Can we make the image clickable as well or a button?



1.) This is something we’re currently working on, so watch out for updates.
2. We had this in the initial version but it was removed due to conflict with the image slider. This is again something we’re working on, there will be a switch to enable/disable this in the Options panel->Miscellaneous : http://goo.gl/6vCtnr


Regarding 2.) Not only for slider image, but for all instances where property photo and intro. details are displayed.

For example, here: http://goo.gl/WgCJUQ

Wouldn’t it seem logical to be able to click on the property photo and go straight to the property details page – rather than scroll small images? Maybe a link icon that appears over the image upon hover – instead of the scroll arrows or a “see more” button below if people enjoy the small image scroll feature.

Just some thoughts ;-) A great theme!

Thanks again!


We have now added Post thumbnails in Single Listings.You may want to check the demo.

I need a help to settle up the map in english. http://denise.pixltrics.com/ask-denise/

Correct me if I am wrong, I guess it is showing up in english. If you any issues for which you require our assistance, please create a thread on our forums here: http://vibethemes.com/forums/forum/wordpress-html-css/wordpress-themes/vestate

i like the theme vEstate Real Estate WP Theme – i would like to know 2 things before i purchase.

1. what idx source do you recommend – i like the way it looks on the demo listings page. 2. on the homepage the listings on the middle are static? in other words if someone clicks on them does it bring them to the listing page?



I replied over email as well.

You have developed an impressive product!

I would like to know the following:

1. When I move the house over the property picture, information such as bedroom, bathroom and area were displayed. Will I be able to display these information on the homepage for all properties, without having to move my mouse over to see?

your current display of information is Row # Address-> xxx

nextRow bedroom -> xxx

nextRow #+1 bathroom -> xxx

2. Do you have the option to display in the manner:

Bedroom x | Bathroom | xx | Area xxx ?

This is in addition to what is being display?

3. If I am selling the whole building/codo, I want to list all available options like 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom….. Can It be achieved with your product at home page as well as detail listing page?

4. If I have “Location” as custom field, that has “North”, “South”, “East”, “West” as the values. Will I be able to display simple information(north, south, east, west) at home page, but more information at search and add/edit listing page? for example during search, North (zone 1, zone 2, zone 3) South (zone 4, zone 5…)

5. Can I display custom field at home page, search box & detail, similar to your bedroom, bathroom and area?

6. Is there any limit on how many custom field I can add?

7. Is there anyway to display calculated fields like area (sqft) & area(sqm). I may want to enter the information as sqft but display the information as sqft and sqm?

8. Can I make some compulsory fields for certain property but not other type of property. A good example would be bedroom field is compulsory for residential property, but not non-residential property?

9. I read from one of the comment that allow us to indicate “Rented” or “Sold”. Do you have option to allow us to indicate some custom text like “Fully Sold” or “Preview Soon!”

10. Can I group properties according to certain characteristic through tab/carousel/section. For example, in home page, I would like to display residential property, another group commercial property…

12. Can I use shortcode for custom field, example [tenure]?

13. I am not a programmer, I do not wish to go into coding to make change. I hope your product does not required me to go into programming.

Thank You! Looking forward for your reply.



My answers.

1. This can be easily done. You just need to add some CSS in the child theme. Note, it is either all or 1 . Which means you can either display all the fields or the 1 field which we call the primary field (taxonomy).

2. Again, this can be easily done with little CSS modification, which we’ll help you with. It will be a simple copy and paste.

3.Yes. We treat everything as Labels.

4. Need some clarification here. The small listings snapshot consists of fields which you mark as “Show in Feature area” in options panel , remaining fields are shown in the Full view of listings under features tab. So, you can display location as North, South etc.. and in Full view North (Zone 1), but only 1 version would be in feature area. For simplicity sake you can two fields. Area and Zone.

5. Need some clarification. We have a powerful page builder packed with this theme, so you can pretty much create any page you like . eg: http://goo.gl/MHZ3Ei . The homepage is built using page builder so you can change almost anything in it.

6. No.

7. No. We treat everything as a label. So, you can write 200 sqft. or 200m it does not matter. For search we rely on taxonomies, which are again labels.

8. Currently this feature is not there in the theme.

9. Yes. You can add unlimited labels which are shown at top right corner of the listing snapshot.

10. Yes, See this example : http://goo.gl/MHZ3Ei , I have used page builder to create a Filterable group which sorts via Number of Bedrooms and a carousel which shows listings from a particular location.

12. This feature is not present in the theme, but can be included upon request.

13. We’re providing full support so you need not worry about coding part. Most of the time it is for styling purpose which is a simple copy and paste job.

I appreciate the response but I would like the listings pages to appear the same as the live demo….i like that look. Can you tell me what source that is? I looked at idx pro like you said but it doesn’t appear the same as the demo.


The theme also supports listings where you can create your own property listings which is what you see in the demo. Apart from this check the dsidxpress plugin listings in theme demo : http://vibethemes.com/envato/vestate/dsidxpress-plugin-listing/.
Unfortunately, IDX listings plugins do not provide enough flexibility to show them in the same format as vEstate inbuilt listings.

arazn Purchased

Hey I just purchased the theme. Looks Great!

I am having trouble changing the address on the map for the Contact Us page. Where can i do that?

Could you please help me out Thanks


In the Options Panel -> Miscellaneous
You need to grab the coordinates (Latitude,longitude )for your location, you can grab it from any new listings -> Google maps field or from here : http://goo.gl/PqFL

arazn Purchased

Thank you for replying to my newibe question

I am also having trouble with the Revolution Slider. It keeps asking me to install plugin, and when i do, i get the following message “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

Also the revolution slider is already in my menu and when i post it on the home page, it has a gap between the main menu and the top of the slider and it covers the side bar.

Thanks again for your help, sorry if these questions are stupid, im still new to wordpress


Simply click “dismiss” because revolution slider is installed correctly. This is a known issue between revolution slider and the TGM plugin activation library, which we’re using in vEstate.
Many previous users have faced this issue, you may like to check previous comments or our forums (http://vibethemes.com/forums/forum/wordpress-html-css/wordpress-themes/vestate) on how to resolve known issues and customize the theme.


I like your theme and i have a question before purchase it. It is possible to get images in lightbox when click on it ?

Best Regards


This feature will be included in the coming release/update. In the single listings page you will see the lightbox upon clicking the image.


Hi, Thanks for your answer, but sorry i don’t find the “single listings page” Can you tell me which one is it ? please.


This feature is not there currently but will be available in the coming update. Single listings page is like this one : http://vibethemes.com/envato/vestate/listing/sunhome-palace/

Hey there! Dumb question, I know, but I have to ask: how do I eliminate the white space between the main menu and the slider? Thanks in advance.


There are multiple ways to resolve this. The easiest one is , edit the home page -> Go to Page builder -> Revolution slider block -> Edit -> Advanced settings.
Add a custom class on Containing Layout Element: myrevslider
Then add this in the Custom CSS Block (just below):



Thanks. I actually figured it out by putting a negative setting (-20) in the settings of the slideshow. Cool.

Hello, im interested in this theme but first i would like to know if it is possible to export the listings on a xml file trough admin panel?

Best regards Alvaro


Yes. You can export/import the data in an xml file just like for all your posts/data in WordPress. refer this file for example : http://goo.gl/IN7quN


Can we do this following outline using your theme? http://oi39.tinypic.com/2ahzgw7.jpg

Waiting for your response. Thank you.


I am unable to understand some points in your screenshot, it would better if you can explain your requirements in a bit more detail, because it seems different from a standard real estate/listings website. Feel free to email me at vibethemes@gmail.com.


Could you tell me in the listings page view as per link below is it possible to sort the results by price lowest > highest ?


This feature is coming up in our next update… It is already in feature requests.

Hi, is it possible to add coma’s to the prices? So instead of $700000, it would display instead as $700,000?


adding a comma is possible in the Price display, but not in the advanced search widget.

Fantastic looking theme!

Does this work with a RETS plugin, as in Canada IDX does not work. Any ideas if automated feed works on this theme in Canada?



We have not yet tested this.. I will check and let you know.

We’re working on a site using this theme for a client and need to present to them very soon. Do you have an ETA on next update and new features list? Would be very useful to be able to let them know what else will be becoming available. Thank you


We’ll try to release our next update tomorrow. For the issue log refer : http://vibethemes.com/forums/forum/wordpress-html-css/wordpress-themes/vestate/983-issue-log


Excellent thanks i’ll look out for this. I have just noticed an issue on your demo that’s also on the site we are putting together. When viewing properties by listing type and sorting by price the main menu doesn’t appear, it’s fine with date and title. It’s the same when viewing by price dance and location. Is this being dealt with in update ?


Thanks, for notifying. I was unaware of this.. adding this to the issue log straight away.

I could not find any instructions or import file to set-up the revolution slider as on your demo website.

Could you please help?

Many thanks.


Sorry there aren’t any file attached into the post in the link above. Could you please email it to me directly or attach the import file in the forum post. Thank you.


Make sure you’re logged in the forums to see the attachment. If you need it directly, simply send me an email and I will attach it in the reply…


Thank you for your prompt response. Now downloaded.

I find something strange with the footer widget. When I add widgets to the footer, it distorts the whole layout of the home page. I am using WordPress Version 3.8


Which widget are you trying to add ? Please create a new thread in our forums for this, with your site url or a screenshot of your page.

Hello sir, can your template search by name?


Owh man, I just found it. Just click on the spectacle on top. Can we set the input box always there?

Another question, can we set an agent account, and also set the limit, only 10 properties per agent.


We rely on standard WordPress users function for agents. So you agent account would mean a WordPress Editor,Author or Contributor. The limit of 10 can not be set, however if you make your agents as “contributors” then the site admin approves every entry made by an agent.
Let me know if this needs more clarification..


so, do you mean that this template don’t have the front end submission for agent?


Currently, No, but we have it in our to do list and it will be available from version 2.0, refer: http://vibethemes.com/forums/forum/wordpress-html-css/wordpress-themes/vestate/983-issue-log

Do you have the HTML version for vEstate Real Estate WP Theme

Hi, I have PHP Ver. 5.2.17, I was wondering if this theme would work with my version?


If WP 3.8 works correctly then vEstate also would..


Is there a maximum number of photos per listing? ElegantEstate only allows for 8? Thanks for the replies!!!


No, there is no such limit.