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Hello, controls for the lightbox would be great.

Kind regards.

Ok.. good suggestion. Please create a thread in support forum for tracking this feature request.

Added in version 1.4.3

Hello There,

I have purchased your theme but some of the functionalities in the theme are not working for me. I have customized the theme (just skinning and layout) and you can see the theme here:

I am facing following issues: 1. Search functionality is not working. It does not seem to be working even on your demo (for example: if I search for villa, it does not return any result). 2. Also on the listing page, if I sort the properties according to the price then the man navigation disappears but the main navigation is visible otherwise. Can you please help me solving the issues ?



Should I update the theme to fix this? it will affect my CSS and Customization, right ? Can you please explain the solution or let me know about the files we need to edit so that it does not break anything or overwrite my customization.


If all your customizations are in the child theme the update will not impact any of your functionalities. If you’ve done some code changes in the vEState parent theme, then there are easy ways to migrate them to child theme. You can send me an email[] with a list of your custom changes in the parent theme.

I have done many changes and customized the theme according to my requirements, so it wont be possible to keep track of all the changes. So, it would be great if you can please explain the solution or let me know about the files we need to edit.

I’m testing the theme on Mac and the search form is not so cool. Is it a bug?

It would be great if you can send me a screenshot of issues email .. that way it is easier for me to check in case there are any issues.

Excellent theme with great support.

Thanks :)

Hi! AMAZING theme! Question- any way to remove dates from posts?

To delete date from Posts
1. Copy the file single-right.php from vEstate parent theme to vEstate child theme.
2. In the copied file, locate the line :
echo ’<li><span>’.get_the_time(‘F d, Y’).’</span></li>’;
and delete it.
3. Save the file.
Above fix was for the default “Right side” posts, similarly you can do it for “Left” side posts ->single-left.php and Full Posts single-full.php.

I spoke with Diverse Solutions, and they said that the IDX is not properly working with vestate theme. I am trying to figure out how to install it correctly with the widget you have- can you assist?

Sure. IDX widgets are generated by the IDX plugin, there is no part of the theme. Need some more information regarding this, please email me at

Thanks. I know sometimes my emails get caught in your spam- can you please check your email from me? Thanks!

I haven’t received your mail yet .. can you use the contact form on my profile for sending the email:

Hey there

Quick question, i cant seem to get my listings to show on the “Vibe Featured Listings” in my footer. can you help me?

This widget only shows featured listings in a carousel format. So make sure you have featured listings. If there are featured listings, email me your website link at
You can P.S: also use Vibe Carousel for displaying selected listings.


1) We migrated our application (Wordpress website based on your theme) from one server to another: 1. copied the files 2. migrated the database. After the migration the theme lost its customization made through web interface. Could you advise how can we migrate the our theme custmizations to a new website.

2) We tried to create a Nivo Slider, but it let’s you add only one slide image. How multiple slides are added in one slider?

Many thanks, Victoria

1. If you’re referring to WP Theme customizer settings. We have an import/export panel for exporting customizer settings in Vibe Options PAnel. So simply copy the one from your original setup and paste it in the migrated one and click import.
2. Nivo slider/Camera slider will be removed from the next version, due to issues and page speed impact. Try using Revolution slider, it is much better.

Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I installed Revo Slider, but I had to uninstall it, because it was messing with the WP and I kept receiving internal errors that didn’t allow me to enter the WP Dashboard. Without Revo Slider, it works ok.

Many thanks, Victoria

Ok… this is something new. Can you email me your site url at

I am having issues with the Advance Listings Search widget not showing listings that match. I see the demo still works.

Any chance I can get some help? I posted in the forum but I have not had a reply. It seems to be a bug it looks like.

Here is my site:

Thanks for the update, any way to get a quick fix today? I really need to show my client the site as soon as possible.

I will try to release the update on monday itself, if somehow I am not able to push the update then I will post the quick fix for this on the forums.

Thanks so much for the update.

Which plugin do you recommend for SEO? (because, “WordPress SEO by Yoast” don`t work well with the vEstate-Panel in the Backend…) Thank you very much!

WordPress SEO is the best in business but yes, there is only 1 drawback of using it. The Page analysis scores done by WP SEO takes into account the “content in the main WP editor” and not from the page actually visible to the users and search engines. There are some paid available for this in Codecanyon which can help you with this.

Please Link to the best Codecanyon-Plugin for WordPress, so i can buy it, for perfect use with your great vEstate-Theme! Thank you! (or send me a message, if not possible here…)

I purchased your Valkyre Theme, but looks like it was removed, I need a help to reduce the margin between menu and content. Could you please help me?

Yes, Please email me at

Hi Guys I have the same problem that kaywan had

Hello There,

I have purchased your theme but some of the functionalities in the theme are not working for me. I have customized the theme (just skinning and layout) and you can see the theme here:

I am facing following issues: 1. Search functionality is not working. It does not seem to be working even on your demo (for example: if I search for villa, it does not return any result).

I followed each instruction from the install guide, but i’m still having problems please help me solving the issues ?


Hi mate is there one way to fix it ? before your update, I have to delivery this website to my client, next week. I`m in trouble if the search doesn’t work.

If you could email me with some instruction please.

The update will be available this week 100%..

great thanks so much

hi, i have a few questions are still pending 1. in the email body, it shows ”\r\n” instead of new line 2. for the contact form created by short code, the from shows ‘wordpress and subject shows ‘contact form’, any way i can update the from and subject field? 3. the contact form in the ‘viewlisting’ page is not working, shows ‘unable to send email’ 4. child-theme is not working (as in the email), do i need to make any config to make it work? Pls offer some advise. thank you!

1. The\r\n issue is something we’re working on.
2. This is totally customisable in the Form shortcode. A sample form shortcode looks like this:

[form subject="This is a subject" email=","].....[/form]

3. For single listings, make sure that you have assigned an agent to the listing, for this you need to create a profile in the Agents Custom post type. The default agent is administrator and it is a global fallback email for everything, so make sure admin has a valid email.
4. “not working” is not very descriptive, you just need to make sure that the parent theme is installed. Child theme automatically detects the parent theme. If you’ve renamed the parent theme in style.css of the parent theme then you need to put the same in child theme -> style.css parent theme section. You can email me at for detailed asnwers.

hi, thanks for your prompt reply! 1. I will be waiting for the fix. just let you know i tested from different client software, they all have this issue 2. where i can find the explanation of the short code? in the short code generated, there is no fields like “subject” and “from”, and i did tried your code like this form style=”“ [form_element type=”text” validate=”” options=”” placeholder=”Your Name”] , it still shows from wordpress as the from and ‘contact submission’ as the subject 3. every listing was assigned to an agent and admin email is also valid, but it just shows unable to send the message. you may check here 4. i got your reply about child theme and i understood it now.

for Q2 and Q3, pls kindly give some advise. i may send you the access for the site for your further investigation. thanks

1. Thanks
2. Ok… Checking your site, shows that the mail would try to send you a message at, since no agents are configured for the moonvilaa-paradise. If you compare your listings -> Contact agent section with that of vEstate you’ll see that there are no agents assigned to your listing : To asign an agent to a listing refer this backend screenshot : .
For this field to appear you need to have a Agent Type field in Listings Manager -> Custom Fields. If there is no agent field or no agent assigned to a listing then the email defaults to admin email as above.
If you need a detailed explanination for this please email me at you for reminding this. I will add these fields in the shortcode generator. Meanwhile you can manually enter these fields in the generated shortcode as well (as in my previous reply).

Hello there,

I have another issue with the theme. The main navigation is not visible when I use the price filter. It appears throughout the website but does not appear on this page :

I have reviewed the code and there is no PHP condition which can cause this. Please provide me the solution of this issue as soon as possible.


Just submitted the update. This fix is now available in 1.4.1.

It did the same mistake in the 1.4.1 update as well, :D. The 1.4.2 will be available soon with the fix.
It is a typo instead of $query it should be $query_object

It works, Thanks.

Hi Since the UPdate 1.4.1 we have a major issue on our Home page , it seems linked with teh PAGEBUILDER …. So we have created a new sample page with pagebuilder , seems thate the content edition have been corrupted in the update 1.4.1 We have sent you 3 emails since this morning and no feedback yet so we are writting you here hope it will be read . :crying:

Working on your site right now.. please wait..

ok we are still waiting thanks

Hi Mr Vibes , please almost 2 months now we are waiting to fix the issue … please help us …

Nice Template,. Do you offer also some customization service by extra fee for this template (e.g extension of attributes of property, some menue changes and some more)?
p.s How can I see user login without payment option?

That depends upon the type of changes you require. You can send me an email if the fixes are small. We can also discuss this here :


I have noticed noticed on my property listings that the style is different then your live dev site.

The issue I have is the style for .price is not correct it is being overridden from another style.

Here is an example:

One thing I did notice is that your main style.css file looks to be different then the one that comes with the main theme.

Around line 1865 the style starts to look different then the one on your live dev site.

I was just wondering if there is any way to get the same style.css you are using the the theme I have set to auto download form themeforest.

Here is a link to my css:

Here is a link to your css:

As a side note is there anyway to write the price so that there is a coma? ex: 284,900

1. Fix for price is already in the forums :, this will be fixed from next version.
2. That is because the demo is still in 1.4.1 and there are some styling changes for the single agent page in 1.4.2.
3. Comma can be added in the price field for display (with a small code change, but you will not be able to use the Currency converter widget after it), however, it can not be added in the advance search widget.

Thanks for the easy fix for the price shifting issue. Where can I find the code change to add the comma? I am not using the currency converter widget so we should be good with updating some code to format the price. Thanks so much

Hi there!

Your theme looks great! Can I change out colors? Can I create a custom header?

Thanks, Christine :)

Yes, theme has a lot of options for changing colors. Custom header can be created in the child theme. You’ll need to tell us what all refinements you require and we’ll help you out with it.

Hi guys I need your help, I’m trying change gray color for a kind of blue, in the header and in the footer

2a2c32 but I didnt find this color anywhere.

Could you help me please thanks so much

Sorry guys I found it thanks so much


I am about to buy the theme but on the test page when i click on the rent tab at the adv. search bar it gives a “0” in the forms place. then if i click back to sell another “0” this something that is getting fixed ?


I can’t believe I had missed this. Bug fixed & resolved, fix will be available in the next update.
P.S: This happens when the select boxes show results based on Tab selected. This can be disabled as well.

Fixed in version 1.4.3