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I have added A Twitter feed in the themes footer.

NOTE : Theme Update or Redownload is not required it was already bundled in

The theme documentation has all the info you need

Demo broken… Please fix it so I can have a look at this wonderful theme! :)


fixed :)


Nice theme… :)

Live Preview is back up and working

There is nothing wrong with the theme I enabled W3 Total Cache and it broke the live preview.

Amazing work! Buy this theme, you won’t regret it, great support too!


Thanks for the feedback


I just got this theme – brillaint stuff.

My question is , how do i add an image to the front slider? I have got a post being added – i can see it’s title in the slider but there is no image associated… where do i add this in the theme?



Contact me via email ill help you get things sorted out

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Great theme. I’m working on some customization—and I can’t, for the life of me figure out where you styled the sub-nav (I’m trying to change the blue background). Can you point me in the right direction?


@houmedia contact me via email ill guide you.

Also anyone else who needs support get it touch via email this way you can get a quicker respond instead of waiting thanks

houmedia Purchased

By the way…the previous post is no joke. Pressgrid is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. I have quite a bit of experience customizing themes, and his one is by far one of the best. Great job, Pressgrid.

New Theme Update has been released check the changelog. If you need help get it touch via email

Hi, I’ve emailed you with my problem. Haven’t heard back yet. Thought’ I’d mention it here.

Whenever I open up a post, the sidebar moves down (under article). Need a fix asap please.




i contacted you yesterday night as soon as i saw your email letting you know my statuts . I do support Monday – Friday.

So ill be in touch today


EDIT: I just looked at your 1st email and missed the part about contacting you at another email. My apologies thats the reason why you didn’t here from me.

Thanks, appreciate the way how you handled it personally. Love the theme, love the support!

Trying to find where you put that Twitter Feed in the footer.

Just downloaded the theme a few days ago.

Can’t find it anywhere. Any ideas?




The documentation has the steps on what you need to do. Also its not mandatory for you to place it in the footer. If you need additional help contact me via email.

Have a few questions before I buy the theme.
Q. Can I change the dates on the homepage to category names?
Q. Instead of recent posts can I have recent posts from different categories per row? Instead of all categories?
I hope you could help me on those. Will await a response.



Q 1 . yes you can change it to categories instead of dates.

Q 2 . This requires a bit more modification in order to accomplish this. Maybe a job for a developer.


Would you be willing to help code it if I paid more?


Contact me via Email and well discuss it further.

I going to be realeasing a theme update with some added features. If you would like to suggest something before it is released email me. And you could see them added :)

Just bought it, thanks for the quick responses.

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Great support, awesome theme and it works perfectly in every way.

Congratulations and keep working in stuff like this.

Hi – I e-mailed you 9 days ago, but haven’t gotten any response. Could you please look at the issue with the slider?


my apologies i thought i had replied to your email. I will be in contact.

Hello, I just purchased your theme and am wondering if you had any plugins you would recommend for the sidebar widgets that would work well with your theme to do the following:

1) Some sort of “Share” aspect, where user can email, tweet, facebook etc..

2) Some sort of “image” plugin not directly connected to flickr? I would like to be able to put a set of images similar to flickr, but when the user clicks on the image, it opens up within the blog itself as a pop-up or something like that, not go to flickr.

3) Breadcrumbs. I need to add breadcrumbs nav to the top, wanted to see if you had any recommendations.

Thank you for your time!

Also, I cannot seem to get the “recent articles” photo to appear on the home page, with the date tabs over them. I upload a “featured image” with my post but still nothing appears like it does on your home page example. Can you outline how to get the image to appear with my posts?

Thank you!


Hello, get in touch with me by email, Via my profile page. Also Support is not provided via comments.

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Great Theme!! Excellent support.

rvoge Purchased

Great theme with a very professional look, easy to set up and great support.