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Hello Just bought this theme, and ran into a problem. Is it possible to display the category or the selected sub category with the same layout as the homepage shows? I just love the 3 column look and find it easier for people to use if they are searching a keyword throughout the site. Hope to hear from you soon!



I sent you an email yesterday. Or you can try sending me one so we can discuss this further.

mferman Purchased

This theme is outstanding! Rock solid, comprehensive, and a real pleasure to work with! 5 stars! :D

Installed this yesterday, today I am unable to login to wp-admin/ after the WP 3 .1.3 upgrade, theme worked fine.

However, when I login this morning it seems that I cannot login to wp-admin, and that when I login to pma to change the wp_options table manually to switch the template to a different one, it comes up with wp-admin so I can login :)

Is there any reason why your theme is breaking wp-admin/ and making it redirect to a 404 ?


I know what is causing the error. Send me an email and ill get you sort it out.

bloglov Purchased


First of all, thank you for your theme I really appreciate.

I am having one problem, but not the smallest: the slide.

So I set up the slide in the theme options by assigning a “tag” that I named: slide. Then I created an article that I put an “image to one” and which I put as “tag” slide. I did this for two articles.

But only the title appears on a vertical cut and the area of ??the slide is blank.

Do you have an idea?

Sincerely, thank you in advance!

bloglov Purchased

Anyway, I can not find the “custom filed” presented in the pdf that helps us. Would you know where to find it? I have a wordpress 3.1, php5 and mysql5 one .. Thank you in advance;)


Inside your admin panel when your writing a new post. Click screen options (Top right ) and make sure custom field is checked. Otherwise you won’t see your custom fields.

Any other problems send me an email. Please do not post support questions as comments. I usually answer back within 10mins once i receive your email. Leaving support questions here only makes your wait longer.

Hi, first of all your theme is simply great!

I have a question: is there any chance to give to certain categories in the “header navigation” a different color? For instance, economy (red), politics (green), etc.

Thank you in advance for your help and, again, great job :)

Just a short feedback: one of the best themes I’ve ever used and seen, great documentation, solid, well organized so it’s a pleasure to modify and customize it, more than excellent support. Five stars!


Thanks for the feedback :)

bloglov Purchased

Thank you for your quick response. I would see tonight for the answer;)

As for my opinion on it is just great and I do not regret my purchase, I plan to also buy something else you saw the quality of finish and assistance;)

Thank you again for this theme, just perfect!

shimps Purchased

bought the theme. love it so far but i’m having trouble with the homepage slider. I am unable to populate it with any image from a post or page. i’ve looked at the documentation and not getting much from it. any idea?


Sorry for the delay. Also replied to your email

wijnants Purchased

Hi there, i’ve also problems with the slider. It does not work. All I see is an vertical piece of only one article, but no pic. How come?

mij email: wijnants@me.com





It probably not setup correctly. I emailed you instructions at the email you provided above.

Great theme! I recently noticed that the slider is throwing an error in IE 8 every time I click an arrow to advance. In an attempt to fix it, I updated the slider to the script released June 1st as well as jQuery to match version you are using in demo (1.6.1). Any ideas what’s going on.

Note: I’m currently running WP 3 .2.1


Iam going to look and see whats going on. Also After you updated the script did the problem go away.


Big thanks for all your help and quick response! So to follow up… updating did not stop IE8 from spawning a JS error. However, changing the variable c to a string in slides.min.jquery.js seemed to fix the problem:

(around line 130 when not minified)
  left: c.toString()
 }, B.slideSpeed, B.slideEasing, function () {
      left: -Q


Does your theme support video?

Thank you, Derek


You can embed videos within the posts.

jshapan Purchased

I love the theme, it is perfect for my client’s needs. But I need help with one item.

The recent posts on the home page just cut off … there is no – Read More … It is pulling from the excerpts .. but still just cuts off weirdly.

I can find no settings for this at all. Can you take a look at the site’s home page and tell me how to fix this???

Thanks so much, Jan


Contact me via my profile page and i ill get you sorted out.

jshapan Purchased

Will send an email asap

Quick question. If I purchase this, will I be able to allow images to be displayed when viewing the second page of the latest posts?


In the demo it does not show this, but I would like to have them displayed.

Is this easy to fix?



yes you can show images. The demo just shows that as a example of a post with no image assigned

RendrArt Purchased

How do I get the pagination to show on the front page like in the demo?

This is probably a stupid question with a simple answer…


Here is the link to the plugin needed http://goo.gl/DLkTD The documentation also provides the necessary info.

Hi there,

I’m just about to purchase your theme but before I do wanted to make sure I can have Pages show up on the secondary navigation (the one that shows “entertainment,” “movies” etc. in the demo) rather than Post categories.

Is there an override that will make this possible? If so, I’m sold!

Thank you!


Yup you can. All the navigations in the theme support WordPress menu system so you can do anything you want.

myhaus Purchased

Hi, I am using this theme right now but I am having some problems getting the contact form to work, I’ve already configured a mail adress but I had tried the contact form and no mail is sent. Any guess or extra instructions I could follow?


Send me a email and also provide a link to you site.

What font is the logo?

Hi I finally figured out how to do the slider properly. But i wanted to know how you did the effect on your images? I like how the images have a slight pattern over it. Thanks


The effect was done via photoshop using a pattern within this http://goo.gl/MMZIy


Thank you very much! Are there any other sites like this, that could be useful for a person like myself starting webdesign and graphic design?

Hi there,

Gorgeous theme!

I’m trying to add some new Google Web Fonts and I’m not sure where to paste the stylesheet link provided by Google?

Thanks, Robin


open style.css and paste the google @import link inside.