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CKuri Purchased

When I look at the created side www.kuri-mainz.de with IE it shows me some errors. Please tell me how I can fix this.

Thx ChrisK

CKuri Purchased

Problem solved and after changing the js for the gallery the page looks really nice with all the IE too. Thx

Hey, it’s really nice, I am just wondering there is the same problem with IE10 as the one pointed by @ATNAdmin few comments above.



Unfortunately I have no way of testing on IE10 at the moment. The problem has something to do with the CSS property “backface-visibility”, which should always be “hidden” on the elements with class “face”.

I just purchased. Very excited. I’m a web designer, however, this template makes me feel like I’m incapable of putting this together even with the help document. Do you offer any sort of support to put it together outside of paying for usage of the theme? (fyi i’ve used many themes before) I’m getting this error message right now: http://www.chimeredoes.com


Did you upload all the files? It looks like it can’t find the contact form stuff?


Great news, I fixed the CV button myself, the one that I put on the resume page. I have uploaded the website.

Now, I am getting an error when I test and click the “Send” button on the contact form. It says: “Could not instantiate mail function. 1 Click to dismiss”

I did get the test email delivered to me, but only the error message shows up, the page stays the same, with the text fields still filled out, and no confirmation that anything was delivered. Please help.

Here is the screen shot…

mletscher Purchased

This fails to work properly in IE10, the slides show in the background. Has anyone found the fix to this?

Thank you.

kyneone Purchased

Same problem as above, slides showing in background with IE10. No fix for this?

telrab Purchased

I fixed the IE-10 glitch by changing perspective: none; on the container class.

I have a Wordpress website based on this template… http://themes.opendept.net/retro-portfolio that has a portfolio page that allows a lightbox popup with HTML content. Can I use your vCard template in my HTML popup? Also can each popup have a different vCard content?


It’s unlikely it will work straight out of the box, it would take a bit of fiddling with the JS to get what you want it to do. Also the responsiveness would be tricky to implement inside a pop up.

kyneone Purchased

@telrab yeah, that worked. thanks

hornbeckr Purchased

Hey, Have an empty function on the e-mail submitphp. Getting this error: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /<mywebdirectory>/contactform/submit.php on line 121.

Statement seems valid any idea why it fails?


Love the theme but my contact form has stopped working. Help please? www.stephenpaulwright.com


Can we change the order of the slide show images so they show the portfolio images in order from left to right instead of top to bottom? So on your demo, slide show would show the red girl, then the dog, then the graffiti then the tiger. Instead of Red girl, money guy,Dog, Orange dudes, etc.

And in the mobile version, could we have a slide show so it’s convenient to navigate between the images, instead of having to go back each time?



Is this Template not supported anymore? I’m not getting an answer, same for a few questions above this post.


I just bought this theme too but It doesn’t work in IE10. Is it still supported?

Hello , can you fix that Problem!!

i’m speak not English, nur German.

is this the fix code !! I fixed the IE-10 glitch by changing perspective: none; on the container class. !!!

style.css Line !!!!!! can you Help Please for sample code in Line Number xxxx.

Sorry my English is not g…..


problem is fixed, can you see here : www.keani-design.de

hi, sorry for my english. i have mobile site problem.

site, link to original image when I look at mobile;



my site link


does not look like the original site. can you fix that problem.

Nice work, Good luck for sales;