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I cannot get the last image in my “Our Partners” area of my home page to look good…I’ve resized it over a dozen times. It seems to be a good quality image to begin with, not sure why it’s getting so warped when it’s uploaded. Can you please take a look and let me know if you see where the issue is please. I sure would appreciate it. I have several posts in the forum that are still unanswered from this morning so I posted here hoping to get an answer for this soon. Thanks in advance.

My domain: www.advancedmachinesolutions.ca


It is the width:height (aspect) ratio of the image which is cropping the images. Ideal width:height ratio for this theme is 5:3 (height is a multiple of 3 and width is a multiple of 5). Keep all the images of same aspect ratio for better effect. You can do this by editing your images and adding extra spaces on some of your client logos.


Thanks, I will do that.

Hi again,

Not getting a response to this one particular issue in the forum so I’m wondering if you could give me some direction here…

I was wondering if it’s possible to change some of the elements of the Contact forms – I have one in my footer and one on the “Contact Us” page. I would like to change the b/g of the text areas to a lighter gray color and have the glowing boarder, on click command, red instead of blue. Please tell me if this is possible. Thanks! I’m sure enjoying the process of building a site with your theme, best one I’ve used so far!



Excellent! Thanks for the heads up!



Which Wordpress SEO plugin should i install to work with the theme. there are many named Wordpress SEO.

Thank you

Youtube Videos are not showing up on main page on Firefox: Any idea of what may be gong on?

We’re currently working on a fix for this issue: http://vibethemes.com/forums/showthread.php?4-Issues-in-pipeline


ok great, do you have an eta on the next release with this fix?


Still working on it.

Hi Are you going to update the theme with the new layer slider V4 plugin? Thanks


Coming up in 1.0.7.

Need some help please! Since using the latest theme upgrade I’m having some issues with the home page of a new web site I’m building:

- The testimonials area on my home page is acting loopy (no testimonials styling showing up and arrows acting all weird).

- The small round images that should be next to the points under the “Services” area are not there and seem to also have issues when moused over/clicked on.

- And the options for “Latest at BEM” area are also not functioning properly.

Site url: www.bem-worldwide.com


Apologies for delayed response. If this query is different form the ones raised in the forums. I would suggest you to create a new support thread.

I would like to change the vimeo icon to a you tube icon. The font pack doesnt seem to have a youtube icon???

How can i accomplish this? Any suggestions?

This is only possible if you create a youtube icon for the default. Simply create an image like : http://goo.gl/gZ6cj (with same dimensions)
Go to Appearance->Editor->VibeCom->func.php
Scroll to last and add a line:
$icons.= '
  • ’; Then, Upload your icon in WP and go to Edit->Style.css and add following CSS:
    background: url(...your icon url...) no-repeat;
    In case you face any issues, please create a thread on our forums.
  • Hello,

    Is this theme support RTL direction?

    Best Regards

    Im using the theme with a new site now.

    They require a drop down navigation menu.

    Ive created the pages and set up the menus in Menus.

    The drop down goes in a straight line down the page and not across like in the theme demo???

    Heres an image of how it looks:


    Make sure that the navigation menus setup correctly, see video: http://www.screenr.com/sFA7


    AH Yes! I see where i was going wrong now, thank you kindly.


    canyou help me pls i send you mail.canlook pls.

    I have the theme installed and can see the “VibeCom” section – however there is no admin content, clicking on the links, i.e. “General Settings” and the like, the section to the right is completely blank. I’ve tested on two different WordPress installs. Any help?

    You can disregard my issue. It mysteriously works now! Hopefully that’ll be the last of the mysteries. :)


    :) In case you face issues, do not forget to check our support forums: http://vibethemes.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?16-VibeCom , Also check the “known issues with plugins” & “issues in Pipeline” section

    Hi VibeThemes Do you have a timeframe for the next update with the new version of layerslider? Thanks


    In about next couple of days.

    Any way to have a youtube icon in the upper right of the theme? Just vimeo? Is there a way to swap the vimeo with youtube icon using the same field? Thanks!


    In 1.0.7 you get a youtube icon but in default icon mode only.

    Hi! i want to know if this theme is compatible with buddypress thank you!!


    We haven’t tested this theme with BuddyPress, yet.


    hate to bug you here but I need some help asap. I’m try to finish this site but have this issue, I’m not getting a response as of yet in the forum (thought it’s only been one day since I posted this there).

    The font color is invisible in the text box areas of both “Contact Us” areas of my site. One is in my footer and the other on the “Contact Us” page. I also need to know how to set the permissions of both forms so the submitted forms reach the right contact e mail. Thanks.

    Site: www.advancedmachinesolutions.ca


    ” font color is invisible” visible (except in IE8 we’ll be releasing a fix soon).
    You need to enter the right contact email address in VibeOptions Panel -> Miscellaneous.



    I updated the theme to the most current, and I see that you have added the YouTube option for a link and that it only works in the default mode …. and that’s fine but the icon and the link still doesn’t show up on the page? i need a fix for this with the client. Please help.


    Please refer our support forums, there is a fix already available for this on our forums. And another fix is in queue for v 1.0.8.

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    Please use our support forum for support and customizations.