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Hi guys,

first of all congratulations for this amazing theme! it’s clean and usefull.

i have a small question: how can i change the animation speed in the slider between the pictures?

thans in advance!

Thanks !
Edit custom.js and locate the carousel function.

      interval: 4000

change the 4000 (milliseconds) to any delay of your choice.

yeah! it works perfect.

thank you so much Mr. Vibe

Excellent template! Quick question.. where in the code would I find the ability to move the location of the header logo VIBELANDER. I need to move mine a bit to the left so it’s centered. Thank you!

A prompt reply would be much appreciated! Thanks!

replied in email…

Hi, silly question here: How many additional sections do you think it’s possible to create in the accordion area, is there a limit number? If possible how can i do it? Thanks

No there is not limit, you can create as many as you want. Theme is built over bootstrap 2.2.2 (& some part from 2.3.2 as well) you can refer to this section in bootstrap docs:, Simply copy and paste the accordiongroups as many times you want and it will create the accordion.
No, Autoplay is not supported. Also, Autoplay would depend on whether the video host provides this functionality via an api like youtube and vimeo.

Hi thanks for your quick reply, sorry about autoplay, you’re right. So if i understand correctly ins’t possible to just have any youtube video there right? Thanks

I think your question needs more clarity, there are 2 cases as far as I see it :
1. If you “only” want to show a video besides the Form. Then it is possible and it is really easy. ref:
2. If you want to place a video in the slider (Images then Slider), like a video slider (Video + Video). Then auto play would needs some extra coding in terms of integration with youtube API.
Let me know which case you’re referring here.
But in both ways it is possible. The only thing is the latter part is a bit hard (considering the price of the template :) ).

Is there a page “thank you” or some field where I can add the Google conversion code?.


This is a one page template. If you’re using it for ecommerce and using Google analytics, you may consider using Analytics events. If no, you’ll need to fire the conversion code on some js call. It would largely depend what you are considering a conversion here.
1. Registration Initiation
2. Registration completion
3. Some Popup Opening
4. Opening of the Page itself. etc..
if you’re conducting an A/B test, you may want to refer to this article:

hi, i’m having trouble with the conversion form – it doesn’t align with the slider image and I’m wondering how to fix:

Nevermind, think I got it. A little frustrating that the code isn’t the same as the demo site, but still a great theme!

Hi, i need to know if is possible start showing the section “overlay”, but i cant find the way to do it. Thanks in advance.

It would be great if you can send me a screenshot of what exactly you are

where is a stylesheet..? I can’t install this theme..

This is not a WordPress theme. This is a simple landing page. Please contact envato and raise a support ticket if you’ve accidentally purchased the item.

where files PSD?, not see files I pay 20 USD for files editables in PSD, but just see vibelander_ribbon.psd

not see files design.


The ribbon.psd is the PSD file included in this template, there is no full template PSD file. Please refer to FAQs for this.

hi! i have some problems with the contact form (both) i make a test but i don’t get the response back. what could it be wrong?

- can i add another email account, so i can receive in two differents accounts?

thanks for your help.

hi there! i sent an email but no reply, the issue is not solve, i did the steps you commented before.

Just replied on mail. you need to remove the .js file code from the HTML as well :

thanks for the help, but still we haven’t solve it. please if let us know if you are able to give support to your landing page.


HI, Where this layout has an issue is the slider. It doesn’t scale properly for mobile. on a phone for example (and on your demo), the images in the slider remain the same size as a desktop so on a phone, they begin to be cut in half showing only a portion of each image. The containing box scales but not the images within the box.

Ideally this should’ve used some other slider that is truly responsive unless I”m missing something somewhere which I kind of doubt sadly.

Plus your sample isn’t the same template that we are discussing.

Was hoping to get some kind of response. Been over a week since I pointed out you were on a different template then the one I was asking about.

Apologies for delayed response. The template seems to be appearing fine on mobile devices and the images are responsive refer : . The template displayed is the template provided on purchase. Any changes are considered as customisation request which is not covered in template support.

Hi, just wanted to check before purchasing – on the preview page there’s a Version 1 : Responsive Video listed under options. Do you have a live preview page for it? Or could you confirm that I can use a video instead of the slider? Thanks

oops – ok now

can you have a colour background?

Yes, you can have a colorred background, you’ll need to edit some CSS code in the template for this. We’ll help you out on this in case you plan to purchase.