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Hi there, How to remove slider and widgets below slider from other page, not from homepage.

you need to setup the frontpage from theme options panel. If you see the problem still persist then please contact us via support forum

HI there, i was looking a this template to buy it, i realized that in mobile view the white background in widget frontpage columns makes a king of bug, it doesn´t resize very good

Oh yeah in the recent update it got messed may be. Thanks for the heads-up I will make a quick update.

Hi there, recently hosgator do the PHP Configuration to PHP 5.4 from version PHP 5.2. Then i found the backend dashboard appear a message of Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/chuaihen/public_html/wp-admin/includes/theme.php on line 23. After tried hard finding a solution for this issue, i found that i can either change back the update Configuration to PHP 5.2 at cPanel or update the website to new version of Wordpress to version 3.9.1. Is it the Wordpress version 3.9.1 will solve this issue automatic? My website is Thanks

My website is

Did you updated the theme not the wordpress? kindly please use our support forum for help as this discussion is going so lengthy.

Ok. Thanks for you help and reply.

I’ve made my registration at the support site but have received any email from you with the password. Please i need it. Thanks

I will set your password as demo1234

Homepage Content has either moved or disappeared – please can you update on where this now resides.

Many thanks

Please contact us via support forum so that we can verify your purchase and help you out.

Hi there, I purchased this theme yesterday and I really like it, but have just noticed that the bug that LiveAudovisual mentioned 2 months ago (the front page widgets’ white background doesn’t resize for mobile view) has not been fixed. Can you please advise? Many thanks!

I’ve fixed this in my child theme, but thought you’d want to fix the issue for future buyers, cheers!

Another question please, this is really baffling me as seems like such a newby question but I just can’t get it to work.

When creating new pages, no matter what Template I use (Default, Blog etc), they all include the Home Page Teaser Text and the Frontpage Widgets. I’ve gone through the set-up document and the customisation screen several times but can’t find how to just have the page starting with the Subheader under the logo and menu and no home page widgets.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something? Please help!

Loving the theme otherwise, cheers! :)

fixed this with solution found on support forum, cheers

Glad you got it resolved. There will be a new updated version of this theme coming this week with all those other fixes.


shrooki Purchased

Hey there! I’m trying to get the site to look EXACTLY like your home page for ‘Single Image’, but can’t figure out how to do it. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve looked in the support forums as well. I’m POSITIVE it’s something that I’m doing. Could you help me out? I’m messaging you the URL. Thanks!

Thanks for the message we will take a closer look at your support topic and get back to you there.

Is this theme now compatible with WordPress 4.0?

Yes it is compatible with WordPress 4.0

Hello, I’m having an issue where the latest posts are showing up under the 3 columns on the home page. As well as every other page having the home page content on it. Could you let me know what im doing wrong? I tried setting a home page through settings->reading to see if that helps and that does not work. Here is what it looks like so far


femkhan Author Team

We have a dedicated support forum where you can avail free support for your doubts, installations, and errors. Kindly please post your query at our support forum and a support team will help you out.

Hi! i bought a regular license last year, I accidentally update my wordpress and now the theme is not working correctly, how do i solve it?

If you can contact us via support forum then we can take a closer look at it. We have dedicated support team to solve your issues.


I want to disable my sidebar. I already tried to delete my custom sidebar (in victoria theme options) and I disabled all active widgets in the main sidebar. However, the right sidebar remains (including meta and archives). I also tried to select the full width option in the victoria page options, but as I click on the save button it switches back to ‘right sidebar’ as layout option. What should I do?

Please contact us via support forum and we will get back to you. Email us your item purchase code.

Hi, I am trying to order food items but these are not displayed in the order. I am using ‘Order’ attributes and giving values 1,2,3,4,5. Please explain

If you can contact us via the Support Forum then we can help you out that why its not working.

Support Forum | AivahThemes | Dribbble | Twitter


sgaire Purchased

How to remove slider and widgets below slider from other page, not from homepage.


WajidKhan Author Team

If you can contact us via the Support Forum then our support team will help you to solve the issue.

Support Forum | AivahThemes | Dribbble | Twitter


sgaire Purchased

I did. I posted with my logins. Please fix fast…

I do not want slider or teaser on normal pages.


sgaire Purchased

Hello? Any help… I posted with my logins. Please fix fast…


WajidKhan Author Team

I’m on you topic please reply.

Is this theme updated? The update says 3.1 but nothing there to show what was updated.

Is this compatible to 4.01

Yes the theme updated and its compatible with version 4.1. You can check the change-logs of 3.1.

How to make a picture end widgets show only on the home page ?

Its a bug in the recent update. We are making a fix for it and we will update the theme soon in 2 days. If you are in rush with the project you can contact us on our dedicated support forum.

Support Forum | AivahThemes | Dribbble | Twitter

Theme stuck on “Loading Theme Options”

Why dont you support your theme?

Why do i have to email you?

What kind of support is this??? Everything was sent to you…and its been over a week for you to respond and now its…Send me an email???

Why did I bother to use your support forum when its over a week and Ive sent you requests that went ignored.

Log into my site and fix it…pretty simple

names under jebsnsal I suppose this will take another week

I have fixed and issue for you. We missed your support 2 times as it shows that it was resolved in support topic.

Ok you “fixed” the “theme loading” after 10 days.

But why didnt anyone check to see if it saves???

Nothing saves when i select a option

Can you please fix this ASAP

Thank you

Its resolved already and working fine. If you have questions ask on our support forum and if you wish to ask here then use your original purchased account.

Hi, i bought your theme a while ago, and it is great and looks really good, but the layout on a mobile is not good, and don’t look responsive at all, can you please take a look and maybe give me comments on what i can improve to change this?

Thanks for the headsup. I will take a closer look at the responsive mode and will update those in the coming version in a day.

I just installed the new update, and it now looks totally different and works responsive as it should, thank you for the really fast fix :)