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Hi, I’m having trouble changing any of the colour settings. Non of the colours will change or the background image etc? Please help!




Can you email me the URL and WP Logins so that i can take a closer look at it.

Hi thanks for the lovely theme. Opening hours I want them as two sets here is an example of what our opening hours are

Monday – Closed (Except Bank Holiday)

Tuesday to Friday 11.30 a.m – 3.00 pm (Last orders – 2.30 pm) 5.00 pm – 10.00 pm (Last orders – 9.30 pm)

Hope you get a picture of what I am saying

Cheers Czar


Yup got a point that you have a lunch break so need to split timings in 2 sets. I will have this feature soon in the coming or in the next update.

Great work! does the font in the logo come with ?



I have a problem with reservation widget. When i click on the button, i stay on the same page.

Please help me

Thank you


In victoria theme options panel have you set the Reservation Page?

Yes i have a page “reservation” in my menu page I changed the “booking page” in “victoria options”.

But when in click on the widget, I am redirected to the homepage.

You can see that here:


I think you set the Homepage in wordpress admin > settings > reading which should be as your latest posts not as any blog page or frontpage. Select the frontpage from theme options panel.

I have make that but always the same problem… I can give you my admin code in private if you want.

If it’s not possible i would remove this on my sidebar

But your theme is very good. Congratulation !


Yes please email me the WP Logins so that i can take a closer look at it

I have two problems. Working on www.muchomargaritas.net

Colors are not changing when I change them in color picker.

Also, on food menu items, the “prices” button is reading “piices”...what file do I need to edit to change that. I can’t find it. Thanks. http://muchomargaritas.net/menus/curabitur-aliquam/


Go to theme options panel and browser all the tabs and features you have an option to change the texts as well

Hi, nice theme, but I´m having some difficult to change the main menu font – I changed in the admin panel but still it doesn´t work. Can you solve that for me? thank you www.carabranca.com

You´ll have to log in to see the website

I sent it by your profile´s email


Got your email. I will take a look at it and let you know.

Edited : I have checked it and everything seems to be working fine. Can you please crosscheck and let me know please.

Can we have a clear instruction on how to set up home page?

I am struggling setting up slider on home page, I have copied and pasted your code in the widget area no luck

This is where I am at http://bit.ly/LGDZhm Cheers


Don’t select your homepage from wp-admin>settings>reading. You need to select your homepage from victoria theme options panel.


Awesome theme! Do you have an HTML version available that I can purchase as well as PSD design files?

Thank you!


Sorry no HTML is out but will do that soon.

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i have 2 questions.

1. in the instructions you say to make 777 permisions to skin.css which i have not im my css folder. 2. the color changes are not working for me. 3. i bought today, you said the 1.8 version is here, but i still have 1.7 in my download. how come?


1.8 is coming soon but a typo somewhere. Anyway have you enabled the custom typography in colors tab and saved options? Once you enabled that then it will save those options and its skin.php not skin.css. I will have to correct the documentation. If you can email me the WP Logins then i can take a closer look at why the coloring isn’t working.

blackiss Purchased

on my server, the permision 777 did not work.

after i changed them to 755 everything is fine

Does the Wordpress version come with PSD files for the “banner” advertisements shown on site?

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Hi, Im trying to send the admin reservation information via e-mail but I can only see options to send Name, Email, Phone number, time and date.

Is it at all possible to show the ‘Reservation Instructions’? I tried [reservation_instructions]. The number of people also isn’t working, I’m using [number_of_people] for this.

If this is a third party plugin, can you give me the details so I can look into this?

Thank you,



Its a custom plugin you can use the following shortcodes

[contact_name] [contact_email] [number_of_people] [reservation_date] [reservation_time] [restaurant_name] [contact_phone] [reservation_note]
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I have 2 questions

1- how can I create pages like this http://www.aivahthemes.com/victoria/menu/combined-menus/ ? It’s called combined menus but I can’t find the way to create it

2- how can I add new fonts through Cufon ?

Thanks in advance and congrats for this wonderful theme!


You can use the Food Menu shortcode for making that style.

For fonts you can generate new fonts and then upload in the cufon folder located in js folder and it will be fetched in theme options panel under colors tab

blackiss Purchased

yes, i want a page like that too, with small pictures and ratings, etc. all i can do now ar ethe big pictures page.

how can we do this ? http://www.aivahthemes.com/victoria/menu/menu-dessert/

and this?


I have written in the documentation on how to make that 2 column menu style and for 3 column you can use the column layout shortcode and food menu shortcode.

About reservations: Is there hourly reservations or daily? If I wan tto make reservations at 14:00 and then 15:00 the table is free… ?!?


You have open reservations request but booking confirmation you need to get that by an admin. You can type your email ID and check on how does the booking request works.

Once a visitor request for booking an post will be added in reservation section as unconfirmed status and it will be emailed to both admin and user. After that an admin can login and confirm the booking based on the tables he want to assign and once the admin confirms the status again he will get an information on email that your booking request has been approved and confirmed.

The theme worked well for my application and i’m overall pleased with the results, however will version 1.8 address the following?

1. IE9 has different colors and placements as compared to other browsers. 2. You do not have the option of changing the H1 color background on an actual blog post or search result page. 3. “Author” is “Autor” on an actual blog post. 4. An option to remove the Capcha code from the plugin and widget. 5. The page Contact Form Widget “message” box was improperly sized small (CSS error, I don’t remember offhand what line it was) 6. Allowing for a Title in the quick contact form widget in the footer.

I believe that was everything that I found. I was able to fix most everything on my own except for the IE9 issues.


Thanks for the info i will consider those changes in the 1.8

When can we expect an HTML version of this theme?


May be in the coming few weeks by the end of this month.

How do I add the the area below the slider with “Frontpage teaser text widget” and image on the left?

How do I make that 3 column stuff below Widget 1, Widget 2 nd Widget 3. I mean the one with Weekly Specials, Custom Lorem Ipsum texts and Make A Reservation area?

Also, on the homepage, there are sidebars with Archives and Meta. I cannot remove it, please help me.

My site is temporarily located here: http://portfolio.therestaurantwebsiteguy.com/pizzeria/


Its Homepage Teaser Widget in widgets section where you need to drag the text widget and use the image icon add a class alignleft to the image and add some other content for that you can use onehalf column layout. I have written the sample code in the documentation in last.

3 Columns widget i see you kept already and regarding the content below that you can take a todays special shortcode and in the rightsidebar select the reservation widget and assign the page from theme options panel under Homepage tab.


One last thing. My boss wants to remove the entire white area on the homepage. That includes the 3 widgets column area and below it. How do I do it?

Please help me.

My site is temporarily located here: http://portfolio.therestaurantwebsiteguy.com/pizzeria/

Hi there,

How can I slow down the cycle slider?

Thanks, Jarek


You can slowdown in cycle_slider.js file by changing the parameters in speed.