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Any news on the WordPress version being approved by ThemeForest?

Waiting to purchase! :)


thanks for following this theme, :) better request to themeforest – theme is just waiting for approval. they sent me very minor changes and i updated it but now they are taking time :(

I can just say that be hopeful. this will be there anytime now.

Regards, Kax


wordpress version is availabe you may buy it now.

regards, Kax

Hi there,

Just a quick question regarding the twitter feed.

Where can this be edited and how to get a unique data-widget-id?


thanks for your purchase, you can easily create a new twitter widget code. generator can be found here

you need to sign in your twitter account to open this url.

replace your new code and it will work.

regards, Kax

Hi how can i change datepicket language. I want to use turkish language. Thank you

Hi @freesix,

thanks for purchasing my item, I used jquery ui for calendar so if you can find it in turkish it should work. for ref please see these urls

Regards, Kax

Hi, Greetings for this awesome template.

In there are referenced two files: send.php and search.php but they are missing from package. Is this a problem connected with my download?

Thank You

thanks for purchasing and liking my work. Its HTML template so it doesn’t offer any php functionality. if you need it working with all forms etc you may buy its wordpress version. please see my portfolio for wordpress version.

regards, Kax

Thank you, for your replay. I am just wondering. Regards


Me again :).

I think you used for slide from first page and carousels from i.e. blog page approx. 4/3 resolution. I want to change it to 16/9. It is possible?

Thank you

Sorry, was a stupid question. You can delete this. Regards.


no worries at all, if you need my help I am always there. Please rate this template with good stars as this help me to get some more sales.

regards, Kax

thanks for 5 star rating :)

Hi, this might be a dumb question but if I buy this HTML template how do I add videos? Can I use an XML or CSV data file that contains all the YouTube and Vimeo links and if so how does that work? I’m not asking you to teach me how to do this, maybe just point me in the direction of where I can get an answer (i.e.: what to search for on Google). Or is this info included in the template documentation? Thanks!

Hi Scott,

no its not a dumb question :) – its just an HTML template so adding video by using any csv etc is not possible. You need to add all videos manually.

regards, Kax

Before buying it i want to make sure that i can host my videos at any location (like my sharepoint or ftp location) and run it there, or i can only use vimeo/youtube videos? Can you please confirm me asap.

Thanks in Advance. :)

Hi @aown,

sorry dear it doesn’t work with self hosted videos. It only works with youtube, vimeo and dailymotion.

regards, Kax


Please check this image.

When I clicked Video Slider Tab, Natigation Strip float under area.

Hi @chchu4,

I tested it and working fine on my computer. can you please submit a support ticket at with some more detail

01- your URL 02- browser and its version

regards, Kax

I realize a video site is not ideal for mobile, but just letting you know that it has crashed 20/20 times tested on 3 different iPads and one galaxy tab for a total of 80/80 or 100% of the time tested. Is it possibly a buggy bootstrap css?

Hi @trev113,

this is weird bug of themeforest top bar actually. there is no issue in template. please visit this URL for demo

please let me know if you still can’t access it.

regards, Kax

I have a pre-sale question (kind of a bug report too):

In Google Chrome (v38.0) the footer ‘rise’ and invades the ‘content space’ as shown on images below:

That doesn’t happen on Firefox though.

hi @pedrosato ,

sorry for late reply, there should be some loading problem, please check it again as there is nothing like that on my machine. if you still find this issue please write me.

regards, Kax


issue is resolved.

regards, Kax

I’m interested in buying this but i am getting the same error as the previous comment.Images are overlapping. I am using Chrome (v39)

hi @animepink,

tested it and working fine on all browsers. can you please send me screenshot at

regards, Kax

its the same error as pedrosato, so its no use creating the same error screenshot.


issue is resolved.

regards, Kax

Hi, dear do any body have the full backend for sale ? i like this template but without professional backend….!!!



Hi @shafiullahshah,

Its just an HTML template so it doesn’t offer any backend. its wordpress version is also available if you need please see my portfolio.

regards, Kax

Thanks. i will check it….

Hello, I would like to buy the theme, but I have the same problem as pedrosato and AnimePink above, with Chrome v39. The images at the bottom overlap with the footer. Can it be fixed?
Thank you.

Hi @eu12clid,

bus is fixed at live preview and update is also uploaded at themeforest and is awaiting approval. if you want to buy you can but you need to submit a support ticket at to get bug fixed or you may wait for a day or two to get new update directly from themeforest.

regards, Kax

update approved. you may buy it now.

regards, Kax


Can you update this to Bootstrap v3.3.4?


Hi kzoltaan,

I am not sure, will surely inform you if planned something like this.

regards, Kax

HI.. I would like to modify the mouse-over act…that’s to show a brief detail and a mask over the image,rather than the current act…would it be through css only… Thanks

hi @Sheozhev,

Its an HTML version so you can easily edit anything if you know a little HTML and CSS.

regards, Kax

I wonder why the contact form is missing…i don’t need Wordpress version to use contact form though…!!!

Hi @Sheozhev,

You can easily do it by following a step by step guide available on interent to make it work without wordpress. I can send you links if you want.

regards, Kax

very nice and clean code. i have a question how i can edit the lightbox gallery i changed images1 and 17 but when i click the fist images ur images come out no the one what i put i how i can edit? thank you

<figure class=”gallery”>

\\ <figcaption class=”backcolor”>

Sit rhoncus ut odio

</figcaption> </figure>

Hi @lojose85,

thanks for lovely words about code. you need to put your on click image in tag href attribute. currently you set it to “images/img1-big.jpg”, change it to your image and it will work.

please write me if you need any further help.

regards, Kax

div class=”col-lg-6 col-md-6 col-sm-6 col-xs-6”> <figure class=”gallery”> a href=”images/img1-big.jpg” class=”lightbox-gallery” \\

Hi There, I’m very interested in purchasing this template – does the contact form come with a working php file? – or can you provide one to suit the basic html form with the template? Thanks in advance.


Currently it’s not working php form but I am working on its update and will add php contact form so if you want to wait it can take around one week or you may buy it and later you can download updated version.

Regards, Kax

I know this is a stupid question but with a html template, what websites can I use to actually make it live, if that make sense. Like if I buy a tumblr theme, its compatible to tumblr. Does that make sense?

Hi @korrinesky,

This is an HTML template, its designed for developers who want to develop this website with custom php code. For you it will be better to buy its wordpress version, that comes with complete working functionality. please open this URL for its wordpress version.

This will work with wordpress.

regards, Kax