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Hi, I’ve ben using your theme for a while now but from one day to the other, the links stopped working. If you click on any link (, it says the requested URL can’t be found. I checked my permalinks an they are set to post name. Any ideas what could be the reason for that?


It’s issue with your server not related with this theme. Please ask your hosting provider to solve it.

and how can I translate in russian language ,PO files ready?

To add more language, you need to create .po and .mo file with your language id. In this case you want to add Russian language, so you need can copy .po and .mo file from folder vierra/languages and name it to ru_RU.po and You can use Poedit software to edit .po file. You can download here

I updated the theme and now the menu bar doesn’t work for mobile devices. Any ideas?

I have this set already, I just rechecked and the primary menu is set. This issue happened after the previous update. Thanks!

Hi, i need to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.

Just sent it, thanks!


JochenC Purchased

There is a bug in the theme i think, if i look at the demo ( on mobile, the header background seams a bit off, there is a part sticking out to much.

Also when you re size the screen on desktop you can see that at a certain point the language selection doesn’t line up with the menu burger.


JochenC Purchased

Hmm that is strange because there is no ip filter on the website. I’ve send you an email with the correct address.


JochenC Purchased

Any news?


Sorry, can you re-send your email regarding your issue.

Hi Designesia,

The theme works fine, however the captcha disappears and I’m still stuck on version 1.4. Can you please make optional to disable captcha on the next update?



I don’t experience issue like you said with latest theme and WordPress version. But i try to make option to disable captcha on next update.

Hi designesia,

The captcha doesn’t work on the last version so i’m stuck with version 1.4. Please consider to make it optional in the next release.



I don’t experience issue like you said with latest theme and WordPress version. But i try to make option to disable captcha on next update.


hoomtk Purchased

hi, you have a wonderful hotel wordpress theme, and how can we show our booking calendar on our wedsite. thanks


Sorry for late reply. Did you meant to use your own booking system?


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Hi, I have 2 types of rooms. One type is standard room and second one is apartment. In the room category I made 2 categories, rooms and apartments, but on room page are listed all, there is no option to dived, for example one room page with all rooms listed and another room(apartment) page with all apartments listed. How can I do that?

Hi, you can divide which room to show by set category name for each room like on preview. For example your can set room category name are ‘room’ and ‘apartment’

Once you done then add to menu by navigate ‘Appearance > Menu’. You will see ‘Room Categories’ title, click it to expand. If it not there you can show it by click ‘Screen Options’ on top right corner to enable it. Once you done you can mark category name that you want then click ‘Add to menu’.

Hi, i have bought this theme and i would like to insert a function to close the box text on my website. I would like to do a thing like another website that uses your theme: On this website, there is an “X” on the top of the box text to close the text and then there is ”<” to open the text. How can i do it for my website? Thanks


Thanks for your purchase! :)

It require modification to make it. It seems sample website you sent has been modified. We will consider to add this feature on next update. We still works on update.

ok thanks, but do you have an idea/suggestion how to integrate this function on my website now? i need to have this function as soon as possible

Best regards

Please wait we still works on update.


IBSM Purchased

hi, we are using the theme and are very happy with it. busing the “book now” function we have some problems with the umlaut. in germany we have: ä, ü, ö which is egual to ae, ue, oe (UTF-8). anyhow while sending en e-mail through this formular we got strange letters for Wäs wärde we got “Wäs würde” or möchten for möchten. Could you please help me with this? thank you in advance from germany


Did you meant still receive strange characters on your email? Please let me know.


IBSM Purchased

yes exactly. maybe i could send you a screen shot?

Hi, if you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. Also i need email address @your-domain for testing purpose. You can send message through my profile.

Fantastic Theme but i have some problems.. 1) Google Maps not function 2) Hot to insert Copyright text with external link and social network in footer bar? 3) Widget doesnt align right and social dont appear 4) Background image when i upload doesnt appear

My website:



symx Purchased

Hi in homepage with fullscreen slider I must to fix footer before the navmenu of slider, where can I set this ? Default footer position a home with fullscreen slider is too low and it must to scroll for show it. Thanks

Hi, you can make footer position to prevent mouse scroll by replace a line of code by open file ‘vierra/js/designesia.js’ then go to line 26. Look code below:

jQuery('').css("margin-top", $doc_height);

Replace with below:

jQuery('').css("margin-top", $doc_height-80);

Change ‘80’ with any value.


can i change the Check In Date to Start Date and Check Out to End Date? ? thanks for your help

Hi, sorry we only support customer which have ‘supported’ badge.

Hello Designesia,

Ist possible to add rooms to homepage

Thank you.


Sorry it currently not possible. But we will consider make this shortcode for room on next update.

Please do. thanks a lot

Hello, I followed all the steps to setup contact and reservation emails but are not working. I need some help please. I have email same as domain and I spoke to hosting provider and they mentioned they support php so I do not know what else needs to be done to make it work. Please help. Thanks