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Amazing theme, really love the design you came up with. ” quick questions before buying:

1. The gallery page tamplate looks like a normal blog lpost list, at least in the demo. Is there a view option so that you see just the photos/pictures and they large once you click them similar to your Studeo and Nucleus theme galleries? Im new to Wordpress and it seems to be the fairly standard gallery on most themes I’ve seen.

2. The main page slider shows the title of the blog post as well as the date and amout of comments, Can it show an excerpt of the post (the begining) as well or would that require customization?

Thanks for the help and keep up the good work.



1. Not without modification no, the gallery post format shows all the images in a slider at the top of the post. There is no enlarge feature.

2. Showing the excerpt would require an amount of modification. It’s a relatively small change but a modification all the same.


You may want to change ‘Volumes’ to ‘Viewport’ here (Item Details):

“Responsive Design – Serve an optimised version of the volumes theme to your visitors using tablet and mobile devices.”

Have fun!

WallyH Purchased


Any ideas why entering adsense code into the widgets “Text & HTML ” will give you a 404? Only your theme? is there any code that I can wrap it in so nothing is getting inserted?


Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the ThemeZilla support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue :)

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Hi Orman,

I do love this theme but parts of it are a little to basic for me, but I do gave a few questions please

1) when viewing on iPad or iPhone the third column completely disappears and you can’t then use the search etc, is this right?

2) How difficult would it be to add a filter in the homepage so that the article categories could display and then be sorted?

3) is the footer available for widgets and if so can a mini contact girl be added here?

4) I would like to add a social network counter to the header is this possible and would it effect the responsive nature of the theme?

5) can I add as many pages as I like to the theme as I have more info I need to add?

Thanks Rich



1. The sidebar is indeed hidden yes. You can still use search etc by placing the search widget in the footer rather than sidebar.

2. It wouldn’t be a simple job that’s for sure. It could of course be possible, but would absolutely be a task for a developer.

3. Yes the footer accepts widgets. If you install a contact form plugin which comes with a contact form widget, then yes you could place it in the footer.

4. It’s possible but yet a task for a developer. How the developer implemented the changes would determine whether it affected the responsiveness but no, it wouldn’t have to impact negatively.

5. Yes.

Hi Orman, brilliant thanks for the replies,

One last thing I forgot to ask can the slider depth be changed as it may be a little on the large side for me at the moment, and how are images assigned to this e.g. do you have to upload hi-res all the time whatever you are doing so it appears hi-res in the banner?



Rich, you can change the height of the slider by altering the CSS . Images you mark as “featured” are shown in the slider, so it’s only necessary for that image to be of higher resolution.

Sorry Orman,

Forgot to ask further questions re above posts

1) If the slider height is adjusted from the CSS does this affect the image that is being uploaded (eg constrained proportions)

2) Does the theme come with XML install of the content in the demo?

3) Can the image be changed on the top of the categories currently it shows the same in each category?

4) Does the downloaded theme files come with the same font as the demo?

5) Does your new likes plugin work with this theme? in fact do all your plugins work with this theme?

6) The Facebook/twitter/ counters at the top of both your portfolio sites is this something you are willing to share as a plugin/widget please I def need this on the new website.

Think thats it, soon as you have answered i’m purchasing, thinking i really love the simplicity now, was going to go complicated but on further thought simple is better.



1. You can change the height via CSS . Should you change the height then of course the visible area of the image will be smaller. You can still upload images of any height/width and the theme will do the rest.

2. You can grab the XML from our support forums http://www.themezilla.com/support/

3. The categories uses an image you set as the default header image. So, yes, it will be the same for each.

4. Yes, the fonts are the same

5. Yes

6. We don’t have this functionality as a plugin/widget I’m afraid. You would need to have it custom coded for you.

Thanks Orman, just to clarify 2 of those points…

3) Can the categories header image be changed by hardcoding it somewhere, so it’s different on each category page please?

6) Could you supply the code from your own website header so I could replicate it please? I think you should offer this to customers as it’s awesome

Cheers Rich


3. Potentially yes, if you’re ok with PHP then you can run a check to detect the current category being viewed if it matches your chosen category then show your custom image.

4. Unfortunately not, it’s interwoven into our site, not truly portable.

For point 3 is this something you could potentially help me/us with? And could you add this to the next update please as having images that are different per category is probably very important to most users.

And for point 6 again, can you recommend any decent plugins that do this, or again maybe supply a code snippet on the forums for it? Be amazing as a plugin (hint hint) :-) ta Rich


3 we could help you with the php, as for within the next update, I very much doubt it. WordPress just doesn’t give us enough administration of the category pages to set the image.

For 6, it’s quite a bit more than a code snippet, it’s a fair few number of files. You may be able to find a plugin but I couldn’t recommend any off the top of my head.

Hi Orman, I have a question about standard post layouts and removing the large header image on single posts BUT at the same time keeping the featured thumbnails on the home page. I see how to disable the single post image by simply not adding a featured image to the post. However, that means you don’t get a thumbnail on the front page. Is there a solution for this? Thanks.


Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the ThemeZilla support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue :)

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

We love the idea of using icons for custom categories. How easy would it be to add custom icons to certain categories? Also, can we change the overlay color from the existing yellow to be different depending on a category. Something like this:

Art category = art icon + blue overlay
Theater category = theater icon + red overlay

Warm regards, Mark


Hi Mark, both modifications would be possible with some code wrangling for sure. It may well be a task for a developer.

Hi Orman, i’m thinking to buy the theme. It’s really well done, for what i’m going to do with it i need to ask you a question if you can help me. From the homepage slider, when i click on one of the title i go to the post; for this function is possible to add/use an ajax loader to stay on the page and let the wp load only the information down the image? Thanks a lot for your time and disponibility, have a nice day!


Hi, it may be possible but it would most definitely be a task for a developer.

I’m thinking hard to buy this theme, but the fact that the third column disappears when surfing on iPad or iPhone disappoints. Is it possible to display all three column on these devices?


Hi, you could edit the CSS to “unhide” the 3rd column. The sidebar would then sit under the main content but before the footer. It’s a very simple change to make it visible, but you may need a few other CSS tweaks to make it appear exactly as you’d require.

This is my FAVOURITE theme from Orman! I’ve done some tweeks to it, but it’s great if you have an online magazine or want to really supercharge your blog and make it look great. The resizable images work great, and it’s a responsive theme…so you don’t need a plugin. Orman and his crew made sure it works for desktop, phone, and tablet (specifically responsive to iPhone and iPad which works well).

My only recommendation would be the header is too small if you have a logo, and you can’t change the color threw the theme. I changed the CSS to meet my needs, and you may have to if you want something more than what you see in the demo.

Bottom line…a great theme!


Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it :) Just to pick up your points, you can upload a logo of any height, the header will expand to accommodate it. You can also choose the theme’s accent colour via the theme options. If you’re having issues with any part of the theme let us know http://www.themezilla.com/support/


Thanks Orman! :) Hmmm, maybe I had one of the first versions? I uploaded a small 217×35 px logo and it didn’t like it at all (although the header expanded, the rest of the header and navigation looked funky. wasn’t a hard fix though). Yes, I liked how we can do the accent colour, but I wanted to have a black header, which I had to do manually via the css…which was ok too, but would have been nice to do via the theme itself. Beyond that, I love it! You and your team do neat themes…this is my third one :)


I really like this theme, can i set a iframe code from soundcloud in the post, would it appear as a full souncloud player on the homepage if i dont set a featured image?


Best regards


Hi, you can certainly embed a soundcloud player into any post. If you did not set a featured image and inserted the player at the top of your content, it would appear on your homepage under the post titles.

Is it possible to embed video into the image slider?


Hi, the slider supports images only I’m afraid.

is this template compatible with current WP 3.5? tx

Hi, i am very interested in purchasing this template, however when testing the live preview (option for homepage: “home blog”), after clicking and going to a post page, i can’t get back to homepage by clicking only one time on the IE9 browser back button, i need to click two times…is this normal? I also tested it on firefox and it runs well there. IE problems? I also would like to know if the fonts have support for latin chars. Thank you. Best Regards.

Hi, I want to buy this theme for a project and I intend to install the WooCommerce shopping cart plug-in. Are you aware of any known issues trying to use that plug-in with your theme?

For instance does this could be an issue with your theme?: http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/user-guide/troubleshooting/troubleshooting-sorry-your-session-has-expired/#section-2

Thanks in advance for your response, looking forward to use this theme. Cheers!


Hi, I wouldn’t be able to comment on whether that issue would apply to the theme as we do not test the themes with that plugin. There are simply too many plugins out there to test against unfortunately.

Hi OrmanClark, sorry to ask again. But I saw that you already answered a question after mine. I really would like to know if the “one click back button” issue is solvable in IE or not. I just found this issue using IE. Thanks.


Hi, we’ve been taking a look into it and can replicate it when on a video post. Having a look around the web seems it’s common to other sites too. We’ll keep digging but I’m not quite sure we’re going to be able to uncover anything amazingly helpful.

Hello Orman, great work as usual!!

Listen, I’m building a portfolio site with your Classica theme but I really need a full-width slider on the homepage.

If I buy Viewport, which has exactly the thing I need, do you think it would be very difficult to put the slider from Viewport onto the Classica theme. The PHP and CSS part shouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t know what JS files I need to copy.

Do you think it can be done?


P.S. or alternatively I could just build it on Viewport but I’ll need a portfolio…. any ideas? Thanks!!


Hmm, it would certainly be possible but almost definitely a task for a developer. You may even be simpler to add your own slider or modify the existing slider in Classica. Possible but quite a task.