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I can understand you do not have time to invest time for this theme. So I decided to move on with a new theme. Is there any easy way move all reviews and their comments to as a normal post?

Thank you


Hi, sorry to hear – theme is working good, maybe you have custom needs. The reviews are custom post types and the ratings are stored in a database table, they are not like comments.

will you update the theme? the link videos can be dailymorion or vimeo?



Only when a fix is needed the we’ll work it out at the moment. No new features are planned any time soon.

I’m really interested in this theme and was curious is there a way to link to a product or app store or movie trailer? I’d like after someone reads a review to have actions they can take.




The only option at the moment is to place links/buttons at the bottom of the review content.

Hi there! I am really loving this theme! However, I have a small but very specific question: I am currently working my way through “single-typeview.php” to adapt it for the needs of my page. I am using multiple criteria ratings, and an important change I need to make is that in the visitor reviews, I want each review to show not just the Final rating but the exact value that the visitor gave for each criteria.

Since the Visitor review text is being grabbed through the command

echo wpautop($rate->message)

, I thought I could get the rating for each category by the Visitor with this:

echo $rate->rating_value

but instead of getting me the exact score from each visitor, it gives me an average of all the user review scores on this category.

I know this is a very specific question that goes beyond regular support, but I’d still be really greatful if you could give me some advice on how to correctly get to the data i need!

Thanks for a great theme!


Hi, please email me through the profile page. I’ll have a look at some reusable code to maybe simply get the thing you need and which you can work with.

I really don’t understand why lucrative projects are abandoned by the developers. A clear example is this project. It’s great but it can be awesome, there are so many things you can improve and implement but it seems you moved away from this project and don’t have time to improve it. Do you think the market is over saturated or you reached the maximum sales ? . Juts read the comments , there are full of great suggestions to improve your theme resulting an increase in sales.

Best Regards, Sebastian


Hi Sebastian,

You’re right – it is sad to see good projects being stopped for further development and improvement. There’s a list full with really great idea’s and good little tweaks gathered from all the comments. In this case it’s all about time. I don’t think the market is saturated nor it has reached maximum sales. At the moment i/we are just unable to focus on new development for the theme – too little time. But the ideas are there. However we keep answering for necessary support, but at a minumal level ( no customization etc. ) – One day we pick the whole project up but it’s too unclear to say when this will be.

Thanks for your comment, maybe it’s an eyeopener to come.


Is there a way to show the subitems of the menu in the mobile menu?



Yes – inside the header.php file at the bottom, you see a wp_nav_menu function being called for the mobmainmenu. The function has a parameter ‘depth’ => 1 – if you remove this parameter it will show all subitems.



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How can I change the .po/.mo language files using a child theme? Have them already here


This is what I added to my child theme functions.php, but it’s still not working.

function viewrtheme_setup() {

    load_theme_textdomain( 'my-child-theme', get_template_directory() . '/languages' );

    $locale = get_locale();
    $locale_file = get_template_directory() . "/languages/$locale.php";
    if ( is_readable( $locale_file ) )
        require_once( $locale_file );

    add_theme_support( 'automatic-feed-links' );
    register_nav_menu( 'primary', __( 'Primary Menu', 'ViewR' ) );
    add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );


Can you help please? :)


How do I make items with no rating show up in a “SORTED RATING SECTION” with a rating of 0?

Right now , I have to create a new item, then add a fake rating just so it would show up in the layout. Am I doing something wrong? thanks!


Hi – they only show up when they have a rating. You could use a visitor/author combination and set a author rating.

Hi – We purchased the theme and got the zip file downloaded. But we are unable to find the export file for the demo website here. Could you please let us know where we can find the export file for the demo website.

Otherwise if you could just send that via email it will be great. My email id is vijay.aeroit@gmail.com




Hi – thanks for your comment. The theme has no demo content unfortunately.

i need it HTML, can i get that?


Hi – this is a WordPress theme only

Hi Guys,

I’m having trouble with our comments. Any time that someone leaves a comment, it automatically gets published and says “Waiting for approval” next to it. However, it automatically gets published live and doesn’t wait to be approved. I need our comments to be moderated and not auto publish.

Any suggestions?


Hi, thanks for your comment.

By ‘comments’ do you mean the ‘reviews’?

Native WordPress comments are not customized by the theme in any way – so these should function like WordPress intended, otherwise there’s something else wrong with your installation outside the theme.

In case of the reviews, they are only visible for the visitor who published the review/rating – not by other users. Maybe you see that.

Otherwise, please send me an email through my profile page with an URL and additional info.


Thanks, got it figured out.

Hi, this is a beautiful theme that I am considering purchasing. However, I wanted to know if site visitors can write, post, and score reviews for various products and services with this theme? Or is this functionality only limited to the site admin? Thank you for your assistance!


Hi – visitors can leave reviews/ratings at the review posts created by an author.

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Please check this URL: http://www.besttop10websitehosting.com/web-hosting/hostgator-customer-reviews/

There is currently nothing I have set to display above “overall rating”. Why are the specifications being displayed above the “overall rating” section? I’am getting mad!

Can you please help?

rokrohan Purchased

Also, please look at this URL:


Below the “Submit review” and “view reviews” links, can’t I add “visit website” button like the one I have added under “host review”? That would be really helpful.



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Well, fixing these tiny issues is important for me as it looks pretty ugly. Else I will have to abandon this theme. I do not mind paying you for your time if you can correct these bits for me?


I’m sorry – i can’t help you with that kind of customization work since we don’t do customization work. As for the images, you only need to make sure you have good proper image sizes. If you send me an email through my profile page i can send you some files which you can use to get proper image sizes.

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Hi ! Thank you for your template. I’ve two questions in the ranking part : First : Is that possible to desactivate “email is necesserary ?” It’s not important for me to have the emails of visitors 2 : how to have more than 3 minus or positives bar ?

Thank you.


Hi! At the moment the email is required – there’s no option to change that. But it also makes sure people are placing ‘real’ reviews. The minus/plusses is fixed to three – also no option to change that.

Hi! How can I remove sidebar to View:r theme? I need to use full width reviews. Thank you.


Hi – unfortunately that’s not possible with the current templates.