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Hello, The Customer Login page is not working in my theme. What is the problem? Can you please tell me. Thanks

Hello, you’re using a plugin for the login & registration and not the one included by default in the theme

Ok yours not working. thats why i have installed other plugins. Can you tell me how to add the custom logo with E-mails?

The e-mails are handled by WordPress directly and not by the theme. You’ll need 3rd party plugins in order to modify the contents of the mail. (but it depends on what e-mails you’re trying to edit, the ones from WooCommerce are handled by the WooCommerce plugin and I think they’re editable from the back-end from the plugin options page). The one with the registration details & other things are handled by WordPress and are probably editable with 3rd party plugins

I want to buy your theme but have just one question…is it possible to place the related products below description and additional information in a tab

Hi, the related products are already below the description. As for additional information, I’m not sure what you mean, what tab?

Hello, I was wondering if you have any video tutorials for Vigo Shop?

Also on the shop page, the thumbnails are vertical rectangular, is there a way to change that to a square thumbnail?

Thank you

Hello, sorry for the late reply, unfortunately there are no video tutorials :(

As for the thumbnails, can you please post your URL so I can see the code live?

After copper but does not switch the image when you click the thumbnail of the product page is a good, but not stand this’ s role.

Sorry but I can’t understand your problem.

Is this theme tested on WooCommerce 2.4.4.?

Are you still updating this theme or will it be outdated in a few months? Please, be honest about this, we are signing an SLA with our client that uses this theme, so we need to agree on the right terms from the beginning.

Fantastic! Btw, thought the post was private :-/

Uhm, no, they’re public. if you want it removed, click on the “flag” / “report” icon and the staff will remove it

Hi, our client has som problems with the child menus. When hovering the second link in the child menu it automatically changes to the parents second links child menu. Difficult to explain in words. You could have a look under “instrument” at

Hi. It looks like a bug, I will take a closer look and provide a fix till the end of the week, thanks for reporting it.

Great job!