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How can i upgrade with your latest theme with existing old theme?


You will need to install the latest update as a new theme. If you have the 1.2 version, you can safely remove it and install the latest version, as the latest update has just 2 small fixes, it doesn’t affect anything else.


Ok thanks :)


You’re welcome

pmalla Purchased

hi thanks for your answers, please can you help me with these items

1. before buying the theme asked them if there was a possibility of moving the sidebar on the right side to the left and they said that would help me with that if i buy the theme, you can send the instructions for it

2. If I want to add an icon of a social network such as I can make instagram , how can i do this

3. where I change the footer text




1) Uhm, if I said that, you can send me a FTP account + your URL via the contact form on my profile, along with the request details and I’ll do it. Also let me know exactly if you want it to be changed just on the shop page or everywhere.

2) Unfortunately that’s not possible without a good deal of customization, as the current social icons are images, you can see the image in img/social-icon.png . The process would involve adding your icon into that social-icon.png image and then to use CSS in order to add a new class for your image(and to target it, with background-position). If you’re not familiar with CSS / CSS sprites, I’d recommend hiring a programmer to do it for you.. or to custom code it normally, separately from the already-added icons.

3) Which one? The copyright info? In footer.php.

corib Purchased

Hello, WooCommerce just released a large update, 2.3.5. I’m a bit skeptical to update yet as they say developers should catch up with the changes. My question – Are you going to update, or should I not worry about it and update the woocomerce plugin regardless.

Thanks in advance, Corib


Hello, I wouldn’t recommend updating. If you want to try it, I’d suggest trying the update on a test installation(with the theme) and see how it goes. You may help other users interested in knowing it too, as right now I can’t check it myself, but will do asap.

Hi FinalDestiny,

When i upload a new product or new post it is not saved.

To check what i did when i inspect the website code from Google chrome it says 500 internal server error with in code. :stress: :stress:

What is the problem.?

website address: http://www.fashion4decision.de/

wp-admin user name and password

I sent you personal message from your profile page.

Error when i inspect: http://postimg.org/image/yah2wxcht/

Please rectify it ASAP. :crying: your help will be really valuable and its appreciated.

Thanks Karthik


Hello, that problem is related to your server and not to the theme, I’d suggest checking the error logs to see what’s causing it. Or contact your web host.