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Nice stuff! Good luck

Thanks a lot :-)

Awesome work! Congrats!

Thank you, Master :-)

love it, wil be buying this week for sure

Thanks :-) We tried to make something new.

very disappointing. I expected the sendmail.php to give a success result. people will keep clicking on the notify button waiting for something to happen. wasted 5 bucks

I again checked the files to send and I can say with certainty that the form submit works. I am sorry that the first release did not see the error immediately.

thanks for the fix. btw your demo is no longer working.

This is a mistake DNS. We see it from some of the countries and cities. However the demo is available through a proxy. Unfortunately we can not do anything in this case. Sorry

comig soon? really?

Try to view your design again and look for typo

Is it me or does the contact form not work?

hi, on the demo site it works and I regularly get email from users. What is your problem? The logs on the server returns an error?

nice work good sales;

Thanks, mate!

preview not online!