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Great work!! ;) Keep it up!

Thank you tranmautritam :)

Hi, I have uploaded the file but the the slider doesn’t seem to work on my website also background pictures not showing. But on my Apache server everything is going well. link:

Also i can’t change icons of About menu. Could you please let me know if there’s any solutions.


Thanks a lot,

Topic is opened.

Hi mhdabdraheem,

I’ve seen the topic. I’m working on getting a solution for you.

Yes please Thanks a lot

Hi! Have you just release the Wordpress version? I have bought and downloaded the theme with the html code but i need the Wordpress one.

how can you help me?


Hi TaniaAgostini,

The WordPress version of Vinto is not yet released. But will come as soon as possible. We’re working hard to create the best WordPress theme! We’ll keep you updated.

whats the best way to add youtube or daily-motion videos in the default tag for video

<!- project media -> <iframe src=”” width=”500” height=”281” frameborder=”0” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Every time I add anything else besides vimeo the player does not work.

Hi WebDesigner23Agency,

The embeddings code for a YouTube video would look like the following:
<iframe src=""  frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
For a Dailymotion video it would look like the following:
<iframe src="" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You’ll only have to replace the current iframe code of Vimeo with the iframe code of your YouTube or Dailymotion video.

Hi, I have purchased this template but the diamondslider doesnt seem to work in IE9?

Hi soluswebdesign,

Does it still not work on your side? We’ve tested Vinto on IE9 and it works on our end.

Hello, Use the movie (background)?

if you can instead of images in the background on the main page

Please send me a quick answer. Thank you :)

Hi shadowrun321,

This isn’t a possibility that comes with Vinto. You could achieve this with some custom work though.

When will the wp version be available?

Hi Filleuh,

At the moment I can’t say when the WP version will be available. I’ll keep you updated.

Hi, the template does not scroll very well at all on mobile devices, it is very slow and jumps, do you know what the reason for this is?

Hi inkstudios,

Haven’t experienced this myself. Which mobile device/browser are you using?

Is it possible to add vimeo video’s (embed) to the portfolio?

Hi Dammesproductions,

Yes, Vimeo video’s are supported.

Great job! Good luck with sales;

Thank you GrafAS!

Hey, i know this is asked every month. But its been 3 months since last asked :). Wordpress progress ^^ ?

Hi mstep,

The release date is not known yet. The reason for the extreme delay is that we had plans to make a multi-purpose theme of Vinto which needed additional designing. Now, we’ve changed plans and decided to just convert the Vinto template as-is to a WordPress theme. I’ll keep you updated!


I need the VInto wordpress too, though bcos of time I will buy the parallax for now then want to know if can be upgraded to wordpress with discount when your wrodpress is out.

I want to also know which website designing software to use to edit the pages?

Hi anitechs,

I’m sorry but we’re not able to give discounts to our items as ThemeForest sells the items.

For editing the HTML/CSS/JS of the Vinto HTML template I can recommend using Sublime Text (

Hello how are you? I wonder how I open just a popup image in the portfolio? he is trying to open a page in the portfolio-item and not open anything! please help me thanks

hello a new problem!! why home carroussel images dont work?? and other links too? please how i FIX this? team (Equipe) and Comments (Depoimentos)? why carroussel dont work in my page? and others links dont work too

Hi rhinosclix,

Sorry for the late reply. We we’re out of office for the last week. The link doesn’t seem to be working, have been able to you fix your problem?

It appears that the design occasionally crashes on the iPad in chrome. Any plans to fix this?

Hi cobalt_blue_1,

I wasn’t aware of this bug, thanks for the notice. We’ll look into it.


I have been trying to get my contact form to work, I included the contact.php file, and have updated to my e-mail address, but it never works. I get the confirmation that the message was sent, but nothing ever comes to my mailbox. This is the most crucial part of the website, please help. Thanks again for this GREAT template!

Hi houarim,

I’ve received the files. Was the website on an online server when you tested the contact form? Or did you open the website on your local drive when you tested the contact form?

I know that it will not work locally. I have tested it directly via my host: iPage. Since you have the files, please test them using your own e-mail address, and let me know if it works… Maybe there’s a mistake in the javascript function calls in my index.html? Maybe the php file has something missing? I have another website: with a contact form, and it works. Thanks again ThemeShifters, really unique and great design. Let’s finish this project so we can move on to other ones, I like your OMNI template… Any new design coming soon?

Hi houarim,

We’re glad you like our products :) We’re working on future templates, so new designs are on the way.

I’ve tested your files online. I have tested it by only changing the recipient line in the ‘contact-form/contact.php’ file. I’ve tested it with an Outlook, Gmail and personal domain emailaddress and with all tests I received an email. Are you sure you’ve filled in the right emailaddress?

Hi, is the form secure from spam, or I should use 3d party codes like Captcha?

Hi luischagaca,

The form is not best secure from spam. It’d be better to make use of a 3d party code like Captcha.


I love this theme.. and it worked perfectly fine.. until recently my Diamond Portfolio on the homepage looks a lil screwed. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe some CSS issue. Could you please help me fix it.

This is the url –

Hi jesse_alex,

The Diamond Portfolio automatically generates it’s CSS according to the wrapper width. You’ve a syntax error in your HTML, precisely in your Home Section, the div class for the ‘container’ isn’t correct. The opening tag for the container looks like the following right now:
<!-- Begin Home -->
<section id="home" class="page-type black-bg font-white depth-type animated delayed no-opacity" data-animation="fadeIn" data-animation-deladi"0s">
And should look like the following:
<!-- Begin Home -->
<section id="home" class="page-type black-bg font-white depth-type animated delayed no-opacity" data-animation="fadeIn" data-animation-delay:"0s">
     <div class="container" />

Oh thanks so much guys.. I am sorry I missed out on that. :)

Is this available for Wordpress?

Hi lisawilkins,

Not yet. We’re working on a new WordPress theme at the moment, which will contain the Vinto design.


kylebw Purchased

Hello there, when i upload this template the majority of the content doesn’t show . . . works fine offline, just not online as seen here:

Hi kylebw,

I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve checked your website and it seems like you have resolved the issue. What was the solution to this issue?


kylebw Purchased

it was a file permission issue

Hi, can you link me the wordpress theme contains Vinto design please? Or how to use with wp?

Hi monpseudo,

Vinto isn’t developed as a wordpress theme (html version isn’t compatible with wordpress). We are planning to release it as a wordpress theme but we haven’t set a date yet, first we need to finish another project.

Best Regards, Steve