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Very good job ! Will you have a Wordpress release soon?

Hi claroche1,

The WordPress version of Vinto is in the making. If everything goes as planned the WordPress version should be finished/released early March.

Great ! i will buy it ;-)

Great to hear! We have big plans for the WordPress version :)

Sweet, very unique. gz :)

Thanks manuelvega :)

Very creative!!!! Nice!!!

Glad you like it atwozfree :)

Aouffff. Really impressive !!!

Thanks for the compliments nicodweb!

Is the red accent color changeable?

Hi FightBrand,

All the colors of Vinto are changeable. Which particular red color do you mean?

Hi! I just bought the Vinto Template and I´m having some trouble linking the the “exit” button in the porfolio gallery to the portfolio home page. Thanx!

Hi ideeboutique,

Please open a topic on our support forum, so we can help you with your support related questions.

Hey I downloaded this template yesterday, whilst editing and previewing in my browser the diamond slider does not work, nor does the diamond slider for team, nor does the testimonials wrapper. Please can you tell me what I need to do???

Hi regan_110,

Do you mean the slider functionality or the pop-up functionality when clicking on a diamondslider item? For the pop-up functionality to work you’ll have to open the site on an online server. If that’s not the case, could it be that whilst editing you’ve deleted some jQuery (scripts)?

Hi, You have also the beginning of March for WordPress version, What’s the latest? release date set yet? Thanks,

Hi emreurfali,

The exact release date for the WordPress version of Vinto is not yet set. At the moment we’re extending Vinto with lots of new options, so this will take a bit longer.

do you have this for wordpress?

how is going man? to you know when the theme will be ready.. just to know to organize my work plan. thanks

Hi laboratorio35,

At the moment we’re working on designing new features for Vinto. This takes a bit longer at the moment due to time shortage, but we’ll make sure we have Vinto ready as soon as possible. We can’t give an exact date yet, but it should at the latest be April.

Hi Guys, I would like to purchase this theme but i think there is a problem on diamond on home page. when you click on one of these diamonds under services like ” All , Web design, Illustrations, Icons” you will go to a new page that there is no working functions in this page. is it fixable?

Hi hamidmani,

With the help of IntuitTech’s comment I’ve found a solution. Is it correct that you’re using Chrome? I’ve just tested it out on Chrome, and saw that indeed the navigation wasn’t clickable.

This is due to the z-index of the navigation. The content was overlapping the navigation. I’ll update this as soon as possible.

As soon as the problem solved I’ll but this theme. Thank you for your respond.

Hi hamidmani,

The navigation bug with Chrome has been fixed in the new update (version 1.1).

^^ The above problem appears to be in Chrome, I am experiencing the same issue.

Hi IntuitTech,

Thanks for the help. I’ve now too found the bug in Chrome. This is due to the z-index of the navigation. The content was overlapping the navigation. I’ll update this as soon as possible.

Is the Chrome Bug fixed ? Let us know when the update is available.

Hi kaizenkarma,

The update will be available tomorrow. I’ll let you know when it’s online.

Really creative work! One of my all time favorites, best of luck!

Hi TonyBogdanov,

Thanks! Great to hear that you like Vinto :)

Version 1.1 is now available for download. If you already have used the previous version of Vinto, be sure to check out the Update Log inside the Documentation folder to get an overview of all added/changed code. The update covers the following:

  • added sub-menu functionality
  • replaced FitVids with FluidVids
  • fixed Chrome bug: AJAX Pop-up Navigation

hello , do you think wordpress version ready soon? :) Anyway good job !!!

Hi nmahmoudi,

The release of the WordPress version will be a bit delayed, because we want to make Vinto a multi-purpose theme. So we’re designing new and different features for Vinto. We’ll let you know when we’ll know a more exact release date.

If you have any feature requests for Vinto, please let us know :) We’d love to hear what users would like to see.

i am waiting for it =) thank you

Hi, is there an easy way to update to the new version without having to completely overwrite the old files? I have put several hours of work into customising the template (mostly css, plus content on the index page) and don’t want to have to start from scratch again. Can you please tell me which files (css, js etc) have had changes? Thank you :)

Sorry – please ignore – just found the update log :D

I have just made the updates as outlined in the update log – but now there is a problem with my main nav. It appears to have doubled in height. I have tried to change the css padding/margin settings but I can’t get it back to how it was originally. See image below. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks :)

Hi IntuitTech,

Please open a topic on our Support Forum and please provide a preview link to your website so I can take a look:

Hey Steve! Congrats to you and Max on getting this one up! Looks great!

Hey Pat! Thanks man!

Cheers, Steve

When exactly do you think the WP version will be released? I need to buy this template, it`s AMAZING!

I mean to make a div with a photo or something than can be able to make a little zoom, or to flip, change background color, move to the left, right, up, down easy, appear or disappear slowly and other visual effects.

If it will be the same, but with the power to make it different, I will buy the html one.

Thank you for your answer! You are the best designers for me.

I`ve bought it now, it would be nice to have a facebook template of this too. Thank you!

Hi miniva_media,

With the WordPress version you’ll have an option to add visual effects to elements. Great to hear that you’ve decided to buy the HTML version!

A facebook template would indeed be a nice idea, but at the moment we’ve not planned to do so.

Hello, I have uploaded the file but the diamond slider doesn’t seem to work on my website? Everything else is fine except the diamond slider. What have I done wrong?


Hi Dmac1987,

This is very strange behaviour as it is not only the diamond slider that doesn’t work but also the Owl Carousel (testimonial slider). Just saw that you have created a topic on our support forum, in which we’ll find a solution.

Cool work! I am thinking to buy for myself. :)

Great to hear you like it tranmautritam!