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Nice work, would buy it immediately if it worked nicely on the ipad.

Thank Florian, will work on ipad.

Is that WP version coming?

Not planning yet, may be in near future :)

Thanks sevenmedia. :)

Very nice, but It doesn’t work in IE8

i have mentioned the compatible Browsers, but i will check it in IE8 .

Thanks for your views.

Very cool. WP theme + responsive and you have a winner ;)

Thanks, right now No WP and its not responsive, if it is responsive i will mention it.

Nice work! Please find your inbox – there is an URGENT email from us

Looks Nice, wonderful ! :)

Thanks, Bluenila :)

Works in IE9 only? It would be nice if at least IE8 would be supported, let me know. :)

i think it will work in IE8 i will check and let you know, coz i mentioned the browser from IE 9 .

Works perfectly in IE8 :) Thanks

Nicely done, creative! Works perfectly on IE8 .

Thanks, Sarfraz :)

Very creative and unique design, I love it! :)

thanks Deltac :)

Nice Design, Good luck with sales :)

Thanks man :)

hi, i just downloaded a copy of u’r site, it really is a job well done.

however i would like to know how could i tweak and increase the scroll distance on “our team,” i believe this has something to do with jquery,if not please do direct me….. thanks a ton : )

p.s. i am just starting of as a web designer… so i have some basic understanding of how html, css3 and java work.

hi, thanks for purchasing the template, send me an email i will guide you properly.

Thanks :)

Hi, I bought a copy of your template, but I have a couple of questions, one about the performance of the template on mobile devices (Smartphone) and the second about a problem with the google map.

I expect a prompt response. Thank you.

hi, thanks for purchasing the template and its not responsive template. and secondly you can just add you google map code on google map tag area that’s it . thanks :)

Hi, thanks for the reply, but I already had noticed; punctually my problem is that google map on page load the map shown in all sections and it’s only supposed to appear in the contact area. I do not know that advice can give me for this not to happen.

Now, my question to the visibility of the template on mobile devices is that the photos of the list in the interior design are not accessible, and that closing the content of this section is returned to the list of home section, how could solve this problem?

google maps as changes?

google maps not working