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Hello PixelStores Is this template coming with admin and or control panel? Thank you. Marc

Hi Marc!

This template is purely HTML /CSS and doesn’t have a fully functional shopping cart system in place.

There is a WordPress version available and we probably will integrate Viroshop into other content management systems like Magento, Open Cart in the future.


hi, i want to buy this theme, is any possibility to: instead of making an online payment, just send an email to the admin acocunt with the contact information of the buyer and what he want to buy?


Thankyou for your interest. :)

Viroshop uses a third-party plugin, WooCommerce to handle the eCommerce functionality. This type of payment gateway is most likely a feature or an addon is available for the plugin. Your best bet would be to give the plugin a bit of research and try the plugin in a test environment.

Cash on Delivery is one of the default payment types for WooCommerce that may be something worth looking at.

Let me know if i can help you further.

Kind Regards

Hello!! The template is excelent! thank you.

PD: 404 Not Found – images/login_error_icon.png

please send me!

Thankyou :)

Nice catch! The background image is not necessary within the style.css look for the following and remove the image.

#loadplace ul li.error-field {
    text-shadow: #fff 1px 1px 0;
    color: #868686;
    font-size: 11px;
    font-style: normal;
    font-weight: normal;
    text-transform: none;
    margin-bottom: 15px;
    margin-top: 15px;
    line-height: 16px;

I’ll be making a small update with some other fixes to the theme shortly.

Kind Regards

Hi Love the template!

I noticed the menu and left box were showed broken on IE 10. Any patch for this bug?

I will look into this and see if theres a fix.

Cheers :)

Thanks! It appears to be fixed on WP version but not on HTML version. Looking forward for the fix~~

We have been using this theme for several years, recently upgraded wordpress and are getting an error when a clicking a link on the homepage. We know you are not upgrading this theme and will most likely move to your woo commerce version. But in the meantime can you please look at the error on this page and let us know if there is an easy fix. http://luckysevenscarves.com/category/brentano-silk-scarves/

Thank you so much.

Hi Vickey,

Do you still have the account on ThemeForest you purchased Viroshop with, there is no purchased badge on your comment?

By the looks of it you are receiving the fatal error message due to the missing blog_image(); function. This function is new in Viroshop 2+ versions and i cannot understand why this is appearing in the old copy, have you made any updates to the theme or replaced any files?


Do you have an email I’ll send you my purchase code? We purchased Viroshop ecommerce years ago.

We had updated wordpress and found the theme version we have 1.5 wasn’t working correctly so wanted to update.

Here are the steps in my attempt update the theme. 1. Backed up the current theme of Viroshop to desktop. 2. Downloaded this file, themeforest-101867-viroshop-a-modern-responsive-woocommerce-theme.zip 3. Installed the above version over writing old theme.(I didn’t realize until later this was the wrong file to upload because we were using the ecommerce not woocommerce version) 4. After realizing this was the wrong theme and uploaded the old backed up file to the server in an effort to go back to the old version.

Do you think I should have deleted the wrong uploaded version completely before restoring the backed up version?

Is it possible to get the old theme working again or is it incompatible with new versions of wordpress?

Thank you for your help.


To be honest i haven’t tried the old copy with the latest WordPress, i would however suggest to setup a localhost and give the new Viroshop version a play around.

Prior to version two of Viroshop, the theme had many browser compatibility issues and not completely secure.

Check out these tutorials on how to setup WordPress on your localhost.

Looks like you managed to get the shop page working again.

There are a few Viroshop users that i know of that have been using the theme for several years now, i would be interested to see how its working for you in terms of the end user and generating sales. Would be nice to have a case study for the theme.

Drop me an email via my profile page.


One more thing. We have added almost 200 products using this theme, do you have a migration option when and if we switch to the woocommerce version so we don’t have to re-enter all the products?

I recommend using a CSV importer for migrating the products from Viroshop 1 to 2+.

A couple you could try,

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/woocommerce-csvimport/ or http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-csv-import-suite/

Kind Regards

No ETA about updating the theme to resolve issues with IE browser (Wordpress version work correctly but not this html version…)


What browser are you having difficulty with?

Drop me an email via my profile page and i’ll fix right away :)


I sent you the email ;)

Sent you a reply :)

i buy Viroshop – A Modern Responsive WooCommerce Theme. But this template(Viroshop – A Modern Responsive eCommerce Template) has a very nice background. is possible to put this background to viroshop with woocommerce , if i buy this template? is possible to buy only this background?( with this moving stars )


The star background is available for the Viroshop WordPress version also.

You have already the WordPress version? If so you can enable the star background in the Appearance > Customizer, background settings.

Kind Regards


There is a little bug on HTML version ! The nav bar don’t have background on IE 10 … Then, it’s ok on FF, Chrome and others and Wordpress version is ok too ! It’s the same for price labels ….

Could you please send me how to resolve it

Thanks Bernard

Hi Bernard,

Yes there are a couple of background properties missing for the menu and price labels and nav, heres the fix,

#menu {
    background: #eeeeee;
.es-carousel-wrapper .slide-title, #content ul.products li .price {
    background: #6a8088;

Kind Regards

Hey there – I like the theme – but would like to see the other color variations – do you have a place I can look at those? Thanks!

I am actually referring to the HTML template. If you are saying that the html template doesn’t come with any additional colour schemes – then you need to update the product description – because under key features here: http://themeforest.net/item/viroshop-a-modern-responsive-ecommerce-template/3123166

It says:

HTML5 / CSS3 Responsive design 6 colour schemes


it actually says it in the image block as well for Viroshop html template

Ah, well spotted thankyou, i will update this :)

Hi, I download ViroShop but I face troubleshooting installating it…

I tried many things :

> First I installed correctly WOOcommerce > Then I unzipped the themeforest-3123166-viroshop-a-modern-responsive-ecommerce-template > Then, I upload the zipped the viroshop file that you get inside and tried to upload normally it through my wordpress admin. I get an error message who says It miss the index.php or the style.css. > I Did the same with the MAC files and get the same message. > I also tried to upload all the files into the wp_content > theme with my FTP client

So I decide to rename the index.html into index.php >> That works but the theme doesn’t seems to be installed correctely because :

- The frontend is plan text - On my WP admin, Woocommerce tells me the theme is not compatible…

I read the document but there isn’t any step-by-step procedure to follow.

Also, I didn’t find anyone on this forum (or anywhere else) who face the same problem…

Here is my configuration :

Version WP: WP 3.5.1 Infos Serveur Web: Apache/2.2.22 (Win32) PHP/5.2.17 Version PHP: 5.2.17 Version MySQL: 5.5.29 Woocommerce : 2.0.10

Thanks for your help Regards Clement

Hi Clement,

You are trying to install the Viroshop template that is not compatible with WordPress, the template is HTML/CSS only and would require your own CMS integration.

The Viroshop WordPress version can be found here.

Kind Regards

Hey, I cant download viroshop anymore from the site.. And i unpgraded to wp 3.9 and all is messy now :(


Can you help?

Hi Frodo,

Replied to your email.

Best Regards

Is this theme for woocommerce or?

Hi Zisko,

Viroshop was made into a WordPress WooCommerce theme however the theme is currently being updated to be compatible with the latest plugin wordpress versions. Please check back soon regarding the progress.

Kind Regards

Hi buddy, I purchased the woocommerce version of the store almost a year ago. I installed it on one of my websites. As I remember there were a solution to fix the price box and drop-down selector issues on the product page, but unfortunately I forgot it. Please let me know the way to solve that issue.


Thankyou for your concern and it is really great to see clients use the theme for a long period of time. I have some good news, as you may know the theme is at least three years old, the theme was in desperate need in a update to be compatible with the latest plugin versions.

I’m currently working hard over the week to republish the theme on ThemeForest as an update. Please bare with me on this.

Kind Regards

Hi There I purchased the wordpress Viroshop from you, I need to update the site and need access to the new download, in my downloads section the Viroshop for wordpress has been removed. Please point me in the right direction. I need to run the latest Woocommerce and Theme to work better in the new wordpress versions. I’m also having allot of difficulty with the slider capabilities and few other quircky bugs. Are you still supporting the product? Please send me a link to access the forum. Thank you

Hi there, I just sent you an email, I need a response please?

Hi, email responded :)

Beautiful Item well done!!!;