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HI matt,

So i just imported my database to another domain . the import went “fine” – got almost everything in here, but im experiencing a huge issue,

I cant see any price tags or cart buttons…

Im running WP 4+ and WOO 2.2+

I tried installed another theme on the other domain which works fine.

So i think its something about your version of viroshop? (v 3)

Is it compatible with wp 4+ and woo 2.2+?


Help needed :/


Good stuff nhatkd,

I believe the fix is rather simple, locate to the Customizer and change one of the settings such as Shopping Cart in the Header panel. Save and refresh.

Viroshop has been tested with the latest WordPress 4 and WooCommerce 2.2.6 version and is compatible.

When you have made the complete update let me know and i’ll provide some custom css, i’m not sure if you prefer the menu to be grey or black but let me know and i’ll make some adjustments.

Best Regards

nhatkd Purchased

Hi matt,

Im starting to style your template and i think its gonna be just perfect :)

I have 1 question regarding your build-in search function.

Im using Ubermenu and are needing a shortcode for your searchbar – can you please provide me the shortcode?

Best regards,


Hi Matt,

I found a solution to the searchbar in navigation -

But how do you get the “new products” slider on homepage?

Instead of new products – can I chose another category – e.g bestsellers?

Fatal Error on wp-content/themes/viroshop/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 116

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One of my old clients is still using the old Viroshop version 1.5 – how do I upgrade the theme with the most recent one you have available (I already downloaded your most recent version 5 min. ago)?

Basically I just need to know how I upgrade this theme the easiest way.

Thanks a bunch for your help in advance :)

Best, Soren

WooCommerce informs me that there are several template files that have outdated versions in my theme. Plans to update this to WC 2.2.7?


By the way, I have made minor styling edits to the themes style.css, would it be possible to get a changelog so I can only replace the necessary files on each update?

On the Viroshop demo, there is a rotating slider of products called “recent products with blue price tags on the static front page. Is this a slider or a widget, I’m having trouble duplicating the demo for my own page. Any links to more tutorials or any information would be helpful. I have a bit of experience modifying wordpress themes, but I’m having some trouble with this one. Thanks.

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This is a pretty good theme, however, the user should be able to quickly get a view of the products in the cart by placing the cursor over the “View Cart” link in the top right corner instead of having to load the cart page. This is an essential feature that most other themes have. Do you have any plans to add this feature and to also integrate Bootstrap v3.3.0?

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Wow… 5 months later. And I still can’t get any response as to where my navigation bar has disappeared to… www.rebelliousco.com

Yet there’s plenty of responses to people from just 1-2 months ago…

getby7 Purchased

I would like some help please AUTHOR.



I purchased the theme through the pixelstores.com website and my Paypal payment was processed, but my browser crashed before I could be redirected back to get my tax invoice and download the theme. I know the payment has definitely gone through as I double checked in my Paypal account.

Can someone please get in touch about how to get my invoice/download?


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I’ve made some changes to style.css so that price tag shows “sale!” on my homepage. It all looks ok on Safari, however, I can not see it on Chrome. Is there any way I can fix this? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Matt,

I have difficulties translating “Product successfully added to your cart.”

Ive tried via Poedit with the en_US file—> renamed it to da_DK : no fix

I have tried via functions.php:

add_filter( ‘woocommerce_add_to_cart_message’, ‘custom_add_to_cart_message’ ); function custom_add_to_cart_message() { global $woocommerce; if (get_option(‘woocommerce_cart_redirect_after_add’)==’yes’) : $return_to = get_permalink(woocommerce_get_page_id(‘shop’)); $message = sprintf(‘%s %s’, $return_to, _(‘Continue Shopping’, ‘pixelstores’), _(‘my translation.’, ‘pixelstores’) ); else : $message = sprintf(‘%s %s’, get_permalink(woocommerce_get_page_id(‘cart’)), _(‘View Cart’, ‘pixelstores’), _(‘my translation.’, ‘pixelstores’) ); endif; return $message; }

But none works – can you please help me

Thanks in advance

Hi I am trying to manage this for a client.

The problem that I have is that when I click on products (it does have some products) I can add new ones but I cannot see a list of all products. It shows all the products as a number All (11), Draft (3) etc but I cannot see of edit them.

Is there something I should be looking at,

Kind regards,



A screenshot of the problem

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where do I download the Viroshop manual?

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i have a problem with some thumbnails which are not showing? what could be the error? some are shown and some not… the links are correct!


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Author, do you have plans to update to reflect the new WooCommerce version?

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Hi. I have some problem with image array in all category page like below.. http://www.cloisonnekorea.com/product-category/bangle-bracelet/

How can I fix it to 3by3 array ?