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Thanks for all the help thus far, I just have one other question.

Is there any way I can get a demo of the admin panel? I want to see how easy it will be to add products.



No problem. I have taken a screenshot of the wordpress post section:


The screenshot has been scaled down and is low in quality. faster loading ;) and it is of this product:


The interface is very user friendly.


Quick question: Is there any way to have the inventory of a product tied to the shopping cart? I wouldn’t want the product to show up if I don’t have in stock. Thanks! Awesome Design! :)


Cheers buddy, Stock Control is something i’m looking into. You would have to manually set products to a draft or change the item description.

I believe a stock control module would require a IPN that tells wordpress someone has purchased the product and decreases the stock level.

Interesting, will look into it.


Hey Matt

Bloody awesome store again. Does this have voucher/discount codes?

Hi there,

Just looking to purchase but was wondering if this theme uses any other integrated plugins such as WP e-commerce or does this work pretty much out of the box? I need a theme that allows me to accept Paypal payments!

Also I noticed you have another similar theme called enViroShop, how does ViroShop compare in features etc?

Cheers :)

mlaporte Purchased

Thanks for the back end link Matt! Just bought the theme! WP is giving me some problems uploading it though, not sure what is up here! if you have any input, let me know :)


mlaporte Purchased

Never mind, USER ERROR ;) It’s all good, so excited to start work on this theme : ) Thanks again for everything!

maroun Purchased

Awesome theme Matt, Is there any way I can add discount or voucher codes to this, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your welcome :) I’m currently working on a coupon/voucher module, around 60% complete.

Does this theme work with google checkout?

Does the theme offer stock control?

Does the theme offer a different shipping address option?

mlaporte Purchased

Hi Matt,

Can you provide some quick instructions on how to do this?

“The products at the bottom of the homepage can be replaced or you can add a text box, however this area isn’t widget ready, so you would have to make some modifications to the index.php file. I can provide support on this if needed.”

Purchased the theme yesterday! Absolutely Awesome! Great work!

GeorgeO Purchased

Hi Matt,

I have followed your instructions in setting up Viroshop and am having a number of issues.

In Firefox

Uploaded images not showing under product. In its place is a spinner showing that is being pulled from: http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn92/wandoledzep/spinner.gif

In IE8

The image link is broken… image properties show as: http://www.domain.com/hrr/wp-content/themes/viroshop/timthumb.php?src=http://www.domain.com/hrr/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/small-maple-baby01.jpg&h=164&w=164&zc=1

Blog is not showing properly in menu bar.

I have tried several fresh WordPress installs, followed your Read Me.pdf implicitly and end up with the same issues.

Any ideas on this?



Hi George,

The issues you are having is the Timthumb script and your hosting. Some hosts require you to chmod the cache folder to 777 (as George mentions below).

Another solution is to find the image which is likely to be:


Instead of using the full domain name, shorten the url, like this:




This should solve your problem, another way to speed up the process is to upload your images in a folder within the theme folder and use an even shorter url path,


Regarding the blog not showing, could you be more specific? Have you chosen the blog category within the Viroshop options?


GeorgeO > maybe you forgot to chmod 777 cache subfolder in viroshop folder?

Great theme, but I can’t see product photos in search results.

Maybe there is any easy solution to arange them in Grid like in categories?


Hey, I have made an update that fixes a bug in the search results along with other improvements, download the latest version and read the update documentation :)


GeorgeO Purchased

Thanks MindaugasLT… That helped!


Hey guys,

I’m happy to announce an update:

THEME UPDATE – V 1 .1 – May 8th ‘10

  • Thumbnail Search Results
    - Fixed bug. Product thumbnails now display correctly in search results.
  • Homepage Price Tags
    - New option to display prices on the homepage.
  • Register Link
    - Optional to display “Register” link in navigation.
  • Member Prices
    - Now you can set the price of a product for your members, an example could be giving discount for certain items that are only available to members only.
  • Updated Documentation

The next update will have a coupon/discount module, :)


Hi Matt,

Awesome theme, but i had a question; would it be hard to include videos as examples? for if i wanted to use this theme for digital goods?


Hey, yes you can include videos. Like any other wordpress theme you can control the post content via the admin and therefore you could insert your video code or use plugins available.

Code can be removed from the single.php file if you want to get rid of the product thumbnails.

Cheers Matt

Wow even a coupon module? Definitely getting a copy of this when I get paid :D

If our host doesn’t allow 777, will 755 work?


If you can make the cache folder writable, then yes it will work. Many hosts you can get away with this. I use bluehost and didn’t require any chmod permissions.

mlaporte Purchased

Hey matt, when you get a chance, could you please send me some instructions for this:

“The products at the bottom of the homepage can be replaced or you can add a text box, however this area isn’t widget ready, so you would have to make some modifications to the index.php file. I can provide support on this if needed.

Also need to know how to disable the “member login” and it’s showing “log off” in the top navigation.



Email sent :)


Is it possible to incorporate a merchant other then paypal?


Yes, you could incorporate another merchant other than PayPal and disable or completely remove the in-built shopping cart functionality.

Does it make it simple to integrate another merchant.. i.e. enter your merchant I.D. and numbers into a field.. or would we have to be as brilliant as you and able to tweak around in the coding?