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So, does this theme work in IE9 or not? Im sure if you reply at all the response will be yes so, can you provide a link to show it fully functional in IE9 ? If I don’t receive a response I’ll assume it does not work in IE9 . Thanks.

Hi, this themes how to add the product to Featured Items there? anyone can help?

i follow the comment to do the light box effect, but is cant work, if i just wan the big size image got the light box effect, how to do, please help me.

Hi there,

I wanted to ask if it was possible to have product images pop up when you click on it.

Cheers, Tayyab

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If a buyer checks out closes their browser and returns to the site the shopping cart still displays the last order. Is there a way to disable this or /block caching of the cart page?

Hi, My website products images are not shown. If I change the timthumb.php and change permissions to 777 also not working. please check my site http://buyautoblog.com and any help or ideas to solve this problem is appreciated. Thanks

I am having a small issue with my text on the pages not aligning inside the white space. Crossing over the gray left side bar?


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Bassett – Re IE9 – there are some issues but fixes have been identified and are pretty easy to implement. Once you purchase the product you can sign up to the forum and see the fix at http://www.viroshop.com/topic/ie9-is-just-a-developers-nightmare. I purchased it a few months back and am pretty happy with it.

For the cart issues with items remaining in the cart there is currently no fix for this. See the forum at http://www.viroshop.com/topic/payment-goes-through-but-items-still-in-cart for more info.

Jenni http://www.incenseandmore.com.au

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I have me regristred yesterday but i have still no acces to the forum. How does that work??? Can you help me or should i mail to Matt?


Hello Matt,

I’m having issues with your other theme but now I don’t know how to contact you. Your Viroshop forum does not allow for sign up. How can I get your help? Im wokring on a site that for some reason the carrousel is not working www.americanimportgroup.com take a look please give me a hand!


Hi :) It look great, but i have a pre-sale question : can we manage stock of items ? very important for me, i want to sell unique items …

Thanks in advance :)



THE site link is: http://tinyurl.com/3g2a5qp

1) When someone register the email that automatically sent to their email – the title is “Wordpress” how can i change the email template ?

2) When the user Login they have the wordpress header on the top. How can I remove it ?

Please check the website and register/login to see and undrestand what i mean… and let me know how to fix it , and make it exactly same as the demo you have….


The Paypal screen does not have a scrollbar – how do I fix this?

installed the theme and did not modify any code. discount/coupon code process doesn’t seem to be working at all. the discount is not passed through to paypal checkout. everything shows full price, even when the discount code is accepted in the shopping cart page. very frustrating because i have to spend time fixing it now.

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I’m unable to install this theme because it keeps giving me this message:

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Viroshop Stylesheet is missing.

I’d really appreciate any help in resolving this issue. Thanks!

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Thats because more files in a map is. You have a map, you will see first the name viroshop and click on it, next, you will see aqain viroshop and now click aqian, en now you will see aqian viroshop copy this to your desktop and then copy to your ftp. and now will it work.

@ others, i having a problem, my images will not showing it up.

Link to product is working. see




Its only preloading. I’d really appreciate any help in resolving this issue. Thanks!

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I can’t get my categories to show in the sidebar – can anyone please offer some assistance/guidance? Thanks! Oh please use layman’s terms because I dont know anything about css or coding – I bought this theme because it was supposedly easy to install but I’m not having a good time with it at all.

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@ Idaniel: Thanks a lot for your response. Problem was that the file wasn’t unzipped(even though I did click unzip before uploading). Thanks again!

Does this theme support digital delivery? o .o

I got a quesiton, does this theme still gets updated?

Im thinking that we are in wp verision 3.2 :)

Just nervous that it will get unsecure one day..

And how is the support from the developer?