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how do i register to the forum?....

And is there an updated documentation? In the start it says go to general settings and choose the register url (this is not located there anymore)..

Some help would be nice :)

Its like this theme dosent support the new wordpress….

The menu there were build in in wp3 isnt availible in this version of viro..

Comeon author help me out… bought your theme :)

maybe send me an private email?

Hello, I have purchased the theme and I have a few questions.

1. is there anyway that I can put BOTH paypal and google checkout options in the theme?

2. people have not been able to pay through paypal, they can go to checkout but when they put the credit card info it is being declined (I myself tried with 6 different credit cards and it did not work!! how can I fix this?!)

3. When I post something under the “blog” category it shows up in the home page as if it were a product, and it has a “buy it now” option and it does not have a share option or the box for comments… how can I fix this? it only works if I put it on UNCATEGORIZED but this makes it show up in the front page where the product showcase is.

4. the carousel feature is not working…

please help me!!


I am having the same problem with the carousel feature not working. If I set the feature to show 8 items it does not scroll, instead it creates two or three lines of the photos. I only want one row of photos there and the products to scroll through.

Also having the same problem with the Blog category. I want my blog to not post on the home page, but on a separate page I call news & events. Please advise on how to make this happen.

Many thanks in advance.

How do I registar for the forum?

And where can I get the sample data to upload (wordpress export file)?

Hi Matt,

Will you add to the forum. I tried several times to log in, but couldn’t.



Overall this theme is great, but I have a major issue and it has been hell trying to get it fixed. The discount code does not work at all. I attempted to register for the forum, but where do I find my Purchase Code. I looked at all three emails that were sent to me after this purchase and in the theme documentation and see no reference to a Purchase Code.

I need this fixed for a now angry client and have no way to get any help.

Hey Matt,

Just bought VIroshop for a friend and trying to set up her online business. Some thing don’t look like I want them to look.

When I add a new product, pic and desicription, I see the picture but on the right hand side a lot of text like below shows up

fifth_option_value: fifth_priced_dropdown_price_value: fourth_priced_dropdown_title_value: fourth_priced_dropdown_value: ninth_option_value: etc

In the advanced options magicaly :) a lot custom metadata is added

Question 2, When I add pictures to the products, I only see a single picture. Ideally i want it to look like 1 bigger foto and then 3 of 4 small pics below.

I hope you can help me, I’m new at this


How do I change the color of the text on the navigation menu bar?

There must be someone on themeforest we can contact because we purchase the theme has so many problems, and the author not responding!! i get this error each time i add a product,” eigth_option_value: fifth_option_value: fifth_priced_dropdown_price_value: fifth_priced_dropdown_title_value: fifth_priced_dropdown_value: first_dropdown_title: first_option_value: first_photo_url: first_priced_dropdown_price_value: first_priced_dropdown_title_value: “

and it continues, i see previous buyers with the same problem, can we get a response to it please? The author, anyone….thanks.

How do i change the currency ?? The Danish currence does not seem to work ??


The Add to Cart Button does not work in IE9 . What can i do?

My website is live, buy whenever people add items to the shopping cart, and error message pops up. I am using PayPal, I called them, everything is fine on their end. I was told to contact the author of the template to see what needs to be done.

Has anyone come across this issue before, if so, how did you get that problem resolve? Please help! I’m ready to start selling my products.

Here are the error messages I’m getting:

Return to Merchant Error Message

“We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the “Ask Seller a Question” link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at www.paypal.com.”

Error Detected Error Message

“The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted item amount. The link you have used to enter the PayPal system contains an incorrectly formatted item amount.” Go To PayPal Account




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I too am looking for a forum login. I’m having a few issues with the blog post not working correctly. Thanks


This is messed up. It’s been months since you’ve answered anyone here. There is no way to access the documentation after purchasing unless you visit the forum which we CAN ’T EVEN SIGN UP FOR . I even sent you a private message over a week ago requesting to be added to the forum but have had no reply. If nobody can get any help from you, not even from documentation that SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO US RIGHT AFTER PURCHASE …this theme deserves 1 star. That skimpy PDF you gave us does not do anything for real issues. REALLY AWFUL .

Is there any way of getting a password for the forum, I have requested a couple of times. I need to know how to add text on the home page, I can see there is a post about this but I cannot access it



still no answer about issue with button not working in IE9 .

I bought this theme but having problems with java sliders and images and i can’t get into the theme forum page with my purchase number. I have deadline and it is frustrating to pay for something with so little service!!!

Hi, i am interested to use this eshop. Is it possible to add credit card payment over some bank in Greece ? Usually the Banks, give us details about the code we must use to achieve this when we build custom eshops.

Thank you Stam

floy2d Purchased

hey guys!

how do i get the username and transaction id to log into the viroshop support forums? i tried to use my username and password from theme forest – but it doesn’t seem t be work? help please?