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floy2d Purchased

in the “register” page – is there a way for me to change the sentence register with Viroshop, to Register with “xxxx” [my shop’s name] ... how do i do it? help anyone?

also i think i asked before – but how do i register myself in the Viroshop Support forum, user id? password? transaction id (i have o idea where i get this from) used my theme forest username and password but no luck.

claudian Purchased

The Fave Me plug in (kriesi.at) download is broken. Any suggestion for substitute? Anyone can send me the files?

Has anyone here got envirashop? can’t get the categories to work, and the plug-in link is broken, no help so far?

dont buy from this guy…...... does not reply to concerns, complete waster

Works it with Wordpress 3.3?

mrykza Purchased

I have posted on viroshop.com for support and I have gotten no feedback in 3 days.

This is ridiculous!

I need to know how to get ZAR (South African Rand) as a currency and to how to not use PayPal/GoogleCheckOUT.

Dear Author,

I do not appreciate no reply for support since I have supported you in purchasing this theme.

Regards, Angry User.

GiontiR Purchased

I am attempting to upload the products as shown on the demo…where there is only one item per category displayed on the homepage…if the customer wants to the see the rest of the products in that category they have to click on the category on the right hand side…This feature is not working properly I’ve contacted support I’ve email Matt…I’ve attempted to get longin info for the forum to figure it out my self and I have had no response…Please help

i know in the mail you get is a text file with your licence number and the login for the forum. THe forum is not muich help anymore as well. His excuse last was a earthquake in new sealand christchurch. i have send a mail to forrest to see what is happening. Lot of potential this theme it looks like he died or something :(

i got all to work finally www.horlogehaarlem.nl

i am willing to try to help against payment via paypal though. I got the script pretty much working and figure out. its a hell of a script though and not easy

email: info@horlogehaarlem.nl for help

Anybody else all of a sudden having issues with Firefox 9+ on a product page? I got a call from a client today that said he couldn’t add anything to his cart because the add to cart button was blocked by the thing that normally pops up and says “Successfully added to cart”. I guess we are on our own to figure it out. Let me know if you guys have any solutions, sucks the author doesn’t respond to anybody.


I am having the same issue. I got an email from my client the other day having the same problems on the product page. It seems to only be doing that in the new version of Firefox. I’m trying to see what is causing this.

Please let me know if you find a fix and I’ll do the same!

I don’t see the author commenting anywhere….envato should be notifying potential buyers on the preview page….glad I checked the comments. Feel sorry for those left in the lurch.

@sararosdesign any luck? I saw this on the viroshop forum, but he hasn’t replied to say how it was fixed.


I tried to look over his site to see how it was fixed and got no where.


Is it possible to change the name of “Get Discount” area to “Enter Coupon Code” and make it required area, and also it should not effect the price. I just need a custom text area to collect the coupon code that the customer has.



When a product have variatiom of price, changing it dont chage the upper price… i like the top price to be changed when the selected drop price is done !

on google chrome when i add a product and try adding one more product it deletes the old one


please help

also on google checkout the shipping specified in the post dosnt show up

I’m having the same couple of issues that it seems that others are having. My product item pages won’t load correctly in firefox & I can’t log into the Viroshop Support Form. I would really appreciate it if someone could possibly put the fix into the comment section in here.