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freefall Purchased

Currently using this theme. Can I upgrade my WP install to 3.3 without any issues?

freefall Purchased

My site was working great, now I’m having shopping cart issues and have made no changes to the site for this to start happening. When I click a product it automatically says added to cart and the image won’t load. See the link for a screen shot


tricky1 Purchased

For those that are having the same problem with the recent Firefox update like here is the solution…

Go to this link – http://bxgalleryplugin.com/js/jquery.bxGallery.1.1.min.js

Right click and save as – jquery.bxGallery.min.js

Upload replacing the original file at viroshop/includes/js

Refresh the page and hopefully should be sorted…

dhouser8 Purchased

Since MattStrange isn’t answering, does anyone know how to just make regular blog posts that don’t appear on the home page as if they’re products?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

jfn99 Purchased

great theme

jfn99 Purchased

is there an url that shows all products, or can I create a new page to do so? thanks

Any one know how to add an third drop down list for the posts?

Also I want to only show the items prices when the user is logged-in otherwise the price stays hide.

Plz there are the things that are missing to finish the website.



tricky1 Purchased

@freefall Did you try what I recommended, can still see your site is broken. If you need any help let me know..

I had the ‘item added to cart’ problem./ I downloaded simplecart.js from here, simplecartjs.com and overwrite the simplecart.js file in the includes directory at viroshop/includes/js

This fixed the issue for me. Also, I downloaded the jquery.bxGallery.min.js as mentioned in an earlier post prior to this and this might have helped as well…

yonlyouy Purchased

Hello, I downloaded your theme, and I’ve been trying many times uploading the file, but it’s been keep showing that the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Could you please help me out?

hi, does your theme support credit card payment??? if it doesnt, is there any way to do that?

hi, I downloaded your theme recently, and I’ve been trying to upload the file on wordpress, but it’s been keep showing that the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. what’s the problem?

please advise!

can’t get my favicon show up. Any idea?

Just bought this theme to go with my woocommerce site. Does anyone have an idea why it doesn’t “just work”?!

This is so frustrating. Everything about it is completely broken.

I want my blog to not post on the home page, but on a separate page. can’t work it out can you PLEASE help???

Hi Matt,

I read on a very old post in this forum that you said it’s possible to integrate this theme with wp-ecommerce theme. I’d like this for the inventory and shipping etc. I have installed and activated theme but don’t understand how you choose to over-ride current categories/products in viroshop. Can you help?

Thanks : )

Just installed, seems to be all fine, documentation is easy to follow and installation is simple. I’m using WP 3 .3.1.

I can’t even get the theme to upload (either by ftp or the wordpress theme installation). At first I thought I may have been uploading the incorrect viroshop folder (as you have three of them in the zip file) but after testing all three several times still no dice. Not cool.

Hey, there are a few people asking for their purchase code to get access to the support forum – here’s what the author wrote a while back:

ATTENTION : Support Requests

I would like to announce that a forum has been setup for Viroshop support requests, you can find the forum here: http://www.viroshop.com/ Viroshop support will resume as normal and any questions/issues will be replied usually within 24hrs. Members of the community are encouraged to help each other when possible. Only members who have purchased Viroshop have access to the forum and are required to provide their purchase code prior registration. You can register by clicking the “Ask a Question” button. Where can i find my purchase code? Login to the account you used to purchase Viroshop and goto the “My Account” area. Click on the “Downloads” link under the navigation. Under the Viroshop theme title click the “License Certificate” Within the document you will see your item purchase code. How long will it take to setup my account? When you register in the forum your temporally password will be sent instantly to the email you provided. Thankyou for your patience and i will look forward seeing you at the forums! Regards.

Hope this helps.

There is also some help with the shopping cart on this website:


I posted a solution there for the shopping cart not clearing after payment. (https://github.com/wojodesign/simplecart-js/issues/136)

Got my site up (chunkyjunkie.com) and mostly tweaked. Now to carry on uploading all the products…

Hope I’ve helped others using this theme!