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any chance to use credit cards in this theme???

maybe to get the info in the email or something.




Currently Viroshop supports PayPal or Google Checkout, both payment gateways accept major credit cards and a transaction receipt is sent to both seller and buyer upon payment.


ecton18 Purchased

This is a great, simple shopping cart. A few questions:

Is there anyway I can implement the flat rate shipping in the Viroshop Admin panel, but have different rates for USA and International shipping?

Can I apply tax ONLY if they are purchasing in my state?

Is there a way to enter stock quantities for each item and/or item variation (e.g. shirt size)?

Download .csv sales reports?



I’m glad you like Viroshop :)

Regarding different shipping rates, you can set different shipping methods via the custom settings in the wordpress post section. This will create a dropdown option for users to select there preferred shipping method for each item. In the next update i will implement an option so users can choose a shipping destination from the shopping cart.

Viroshop only supports tax rate globally.

Item variations or options are supported for Viroshop, you will find the settings in the write post panel.

Because Viroshop uses PayPal or Google Checkout, all sales reports are processed via the payment gateway, you can download the reports via their website.


Hey Matt,

is there any solution to fix too light search button in IE (tested with v.8 )?

I found the problem … i found the answer on the link u sent me. It was under the FAQ .. it said If u see this ..

Error on activation: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected…” Make sure your host is running PHP 5

So this is something u might want to let people know so they wont think something wrong with your work… The need to have PHP 5 .0 running on there host to use the Wp-pagenavi plugin.. Thanks for your help =D

I fix the other problem now i have a quick question how do i change the size of the main picture on my product page,


I tried to do it in media settings but it didn’t work, The only the thing im trying to do is make the main image bigger… If u could walk me through this process that would be great!!



If you are referring to the product viewer you will need to open the header.php file and look for this piece of code,

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
                maxwidth: 261,
                thumbwidth: 52,
                opacity: .85,
                thumbcrop: false

The code starts from line 28, its pretty self explanatory, change the maxwidth to your preferred dimensions and reupload to your host.

You may need to create a new test post for changes to appear.


can this them be localize?




I have listed the supported currencies in a recent comment on the previous page.

I haven’t personally tested the theme with different languages however a recent client has managed to get the shopping cart functionality and admin side of things translated to Swedish.


adcnet Purchased

Cannot see anything in Cart with 7 products added? – looked at header.php and cannot see how to fix?

Help please.



Not really sure what you have done for the shopping cart not to work, did you follow the documentation? What was the last thing you did before the problem occurred?

You could try resetting your browser cookies e.t.c. or reinstalling the theme.

Its hard figure out the issues without looking at your site, send me your details via email and i will try and fix the problem.


danyo Purchased

Hi, i sent you an email regarding viroshop. But haven’t heard anything back?

Cheers Dan


Hi Dan, Email sent.

paul0v2 Purchased

Hello Mat,

I bought the theme yesterday, great theme I like it the simplicity and functionality.

I’m having a problem with the Shopping Cart page, on the “Read Me” file page 7 step 3 says; On the right hand side select “Shopping Cart” under the template. But when I create a page there is no Template option on the right side. Is there anything I can do or something that I’m missing to fix that.

Another problem that I had is I can’t activate the WP-PageNavi plug in. I noticed someone on the comments had this same problem and I did what you asked him to do which is to download the latest version from wordpress.org and it still does’t work, this is what I get:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /hermes/web04/b1849/pow.bfino/htdocs/onlineshop/wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/wp-pagenavi.php on line 181

Let me know what I can do about that, can’t wait to get everything working.

Thank you,


Hey Paul,

Thanks for the purchase :)

1) Yes, i have experienced this problem before with other themes, To get the page templates to show the solution is pretty simple, you will need to deactivate the theme and reactivate it, that should work.

2) I believe you receive this error due to not having the latest version of PHP , PHP 5. Try downloading an older version:


If you still have issues, contact your host and see if they can set you up with the latest version for PHP .


Hi im about to buy the theme, but first I had a quick question. Would it be hard to add a Advertisement section underneath the main header image?



This shouldn’t be to hard, it would help to have a bit of knowledge of html. You would need to make adjustments to the index.php and replace some code with your advertisement. Probably a linked image..

<a href="http://www.site.com"><img src="advert.gif" /></a>


Matt, Thanks

I have a few questions about the layout of the products pages.
Is there anyway that I can receive your email so that I can send
you a description of what I'm needing? jkprice7@gmail.com.

Hey buddy,

You can contact me on my profile page, however i’m currently not available for freelance work.



fkond Purchased

hi, there is a problem my template’s header menu in ie 6-7-8 (for all versions). The menu drop down line by line in a single product page. for example http://birtaspet.com/kampanya/oscar-cyristal-kedi-kumu/

menu was created:
<li class"<?php echo $highlight; ?>"><a href="http://birtaspet.com/category/tohum/"><span>Tohum</span></a>
<li class"<?php echo $highlight; ?>"></ul><a href="http://birtaspet.com/category/tohum/ithal-cicek">?thal Çiçek Tohumlar?</a>
<li class"<?php echo $highlight; ?>"><a href="http://birtaspet.com/category/tohum/cimtohumlari">Çim Tohumlar?</a>

codes in header.php bcs my menu just use category sections.

how can i fix the problem in ie 7 or higher versions. please help me!



The menu seems to be working fine however you need to make changes to the stylesheet to make it look neater.

What problems are you experiencing?


I love this theme!!!.... BUT , it doesn’t work in IE (anything 6-8).... Even your demo doesn’t work in IE, and neither does anyone’s I’ve seen using this theme, and I’ve checked all of the ones from the discussion. I’ve just stripped it of everything cool (unfortunately) just to make it work in IE. I wish this wasn’t the case because I really like the original coolness, ie. drop down menus, member login, registration page side bar is whacked, product images and thumbnails.

Here’s my question (because I’ve given up on actually making it work),

How do I remove the “product thumbnails” and just have the “main product image”?... I’ve tried myself but I am struggling to find which code needs to be removed… both from the custom fields and the product page itself.

Thanks in advance for your help!!



Viroshop has been tested in all major browsers and works as it should. The only unsupported browser is IE 6 .

Viroshop requires JavaScript to be enabled, make sure you have this turned on.

Can you explain exactly what doesn’t work?

To remove the product thumbnails you will need to open the product-single.php file found in the includes folder and modify the lines between 367 and 391. By looking at the code its understandable, you will need to remove the three thumbnails.

Regards Matt

HI Matt,

just purchased and setup ViroShop. Not too hard so far except the shipping totals are always wrong. I have done 3 different shippings, 2 different, then finally down to one only and still wrong in the total. Any ideas??

Me again, this is my mistake, I had $7.50 set as the default flat rate in the viroshop/shopcart settings.

All good.

Hi Matt,

Regarding infdesignz comments on shipping it would be great to have at least 3 different options in the shopping cart (possibly Local, National & International) so that customers don’t have to pay shipping for each item or just one flat rate.

When will you be thinking of bringing out another update?

pikaki Purchased

Hello! Rad theme by the way. I am having some trouble with getting the products to show up in the carousel on the home page.

I have selected the category name for the carousel and named it Special Offers. Am I missing an image or something? You can check out the site:




Make sure you have at least one item for your carousel category, i noticed you have a category named shop. In the Viroshop Theme Options under Carousel feature, select the main category that has a product, this might be t-shirts, do not choose the shop category.

It looks like you need to select the carousel category for your current products.

Nice modification btw :)


fgrace Purchased


I love the theme, currently using it for an artist gallery website.

My question is: Is it possible to show categories instead of posts in bottom center panel of the home page?

Rather than showing individual posts, I would like to allow the user click on one of 6 categories e.g. oil, watercolour, pastel etc.

regards FG



Yes this can be done, i believe you are referring to the Featured Items Carousel. Your best bet would be to remove some code from the index.php file and have images for different categories that are linked to the right category.

Open up the index.php file and remove all the carousel code between line 15 and 45, replace with this code:

<!--Start Feature Carousel-->

<div id="features">
<div class="featuretext"><?php if ( get_option('viro_carousel_title') ?> "" ) { ?><?php echo get_option('viro_carousel_title'); ?><?php } else { ?>Featured Items<?php } ?></div>

<div class="stepcarousel" id="mygallery">
<div class="belt">

<div class="panel">
<a href="http://yoursite.com/category/"><img title="Category Name" src="http://yoursite.com/images/category1.jpg" alt="" /></a>

<div class="panel">
<a href="http://yoursite.com/category/"><img title="Category Name" src="http://yoursite.com/images/category1.jpg" alt="" /></a>

<div class="panel">
<a href="http://yoursite.com/category/"><img title="Category Name" src="http://yoursite.com/images/category1.jpg" alt="" /></a>

<div class="panel">
<a href="http://yoursite.com/category/"><img title="Category Name" src="http://yoursite.com/images/category1.jpg" alt="" /></a>


<!--End Feature Carousel-->

With basic html skills you can write the direct paths urls for your category image and links. With an image editor make sure your category images are 108×108px in dimensions.

Hope this helps.


fgrace Purchased

Hi Matt

Thanks for your response back, my question was meant for the bottom section of the home page:

I would like to display 3-4 categories here (instead of posts), I can probably hardcode it to fix, but would be great to have it dynamically display instead. Could you give me a heads up on the code block required to display categories instead.

thanks again FG

0svaldo Purchased

Hi Matt,

I bought your theme however I’m having problems.

Firstly when i add products into a category they go in fine the only thing is the category is listed on the side bar and the top navigation I tried to exclude them is the admin but to no avail.

Secondly I try and add a blog item like adding a new product enter into blogcategory then I enable it in the admin settings and on the top nav it just displays no category – i’m not sure whether its distinguishing between a blog or product I dont know.

Thirdly when I add a product and upload a photo I have to copy and paste the URL into the product description is this correct or am i doing something wrong? also when you click the product the timer is continuous and doesn’t show the thumbnail again maybe a step i’m missing.

Fourthly can the shop be intergrated into an external payment merchant such as Natwest or HSBC ?

thanks great template.



Hey Ben,

When you come to selecting your blog category create a category along with a child category such as Blog > Articles. Make sure you have at least one post in this category otherwise you will see a “No Categories” text on the navigation.

Make sure you select the correct category name as well as the category ID in the Viroshop Theme Options under Blog Settings.

Use the category name to exclude categories from the homepage in the Theme Options under the Homepage Settings.

When you are creating a new post or product you should have some custom fields where you can paste the image url for your product. Documentation can be found on this on pages 3 and 4. This will resolve the continuous timer.

At the moment Viroshop supports PayPal and Google Checkout.


Hi MattStrange,

Can you add an inventory display of the products. Is there preview of totals sales, stock availability or quantity added to Products Attributes, and user profile like: http://www.lifeofstrange.com/viroshoppro/author/dlysen/ that will display history of purchase.

Item ::::::::::::::::: SoldTo :::::: Qty :::: Date 2-gig-mp3-player:: dlysen ::::::: 1 ::::::: June 09, 2010 3:00pm 4-gig-mp3-player:: new user ::: 1 ::::::: June 09, 2010 4:00pm

Item ::::::::::::::::: Initial Qty :: No. Sales :: In Stock :: Date 2-gig-mp3-player:: 3 ::::::::::::: 1 ::::::::::::: 2 ::::::::::: June 09, 2010 4-gig-mp3-player:: 1 ::::::::::::: 1 ::::::::::::: 0 ::::::::::: June 09, 2010

Something like this is what I am looking for.



Thanks for the interest.

Stock Inventory isn’t supported for Viroshop but it is on the to do list. :)