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really nice template! Where can I find the testimonial module you use on the demo?

Thanks Angelo

Hello Angelo and thank you for your purchase!

After unzipping main file you can find all used extensions in “Extensions” directory. Please just install “seven_news_module.zip” module. The same module was used for to create testimonials and latest news at the bottom. I mentioned about this in documentation, so in a spare time please take a look at documentation ;)

All extensions are also preinstalled and set in QuickStart package.

Best Regards, Tomasz


I am quite new to Joomla and I did purchase your template for www.mobilityworks.eu.

I did play around a bit and have been able to get the smart search option in here, but the search glass icon does not show, whatever I try. If I use the normal search module, I can get the icon, but than the title does not disappear? What do I wrong?

Second I want to add a second menu with Contact Us, but can’t figure out how to get that on the menu row like in your demo site.

Third I can’t get the three square modules below the slider?

And finally I would like to add the response form to the site or let users register, but there is an error that mail is not installed. Should I install something extra?

I did read your documentation, but think I miss something to get more familiar here.

Do you have some tips to get me moving?



Bart Martens

Hello Bart and thank you for your purchase.

I received your email too, full, detailed answer for your questions you will find at your mailbox.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi Tomasz, thank you very much for your extensive answer. It really is professional is a developer/designer responds fast and with high quality, great job!

No problem Bart, thank you very much for a kind words.

Regards, Tomasz

I did install the Quick Starter pack and updated right away to 3.2.1. Bad choice as there was an error in Joomla 3.2.1

Sending an email to the designer Tomasz and within 15 minutes a clear response which did solve the error. This is really an excellent service on a Saturday evening! Tomasz Rocks!!!

Solution: Please use FTP and please rename remember plugin file: public_html/domainname/plugins/system/remember/remember.php



After this change you should be able to login to administration panel, please go to components – Joomla update to check if update was finalized, if not please click on update once again,

additionally go to extensions – extensions manager – database, here please make sure that database files are updated (if not you will recieve message that database needs update – to do this, please just click on fix button).

After that you can rename remomber_bak.php file to remember.php.

Your site should be updated and it should works in Joomla 3.2.1.

Hopefully Joomla will provide a fix for this issue with next releases of 3.2.X series.

Hello Bart,

no problem at all and thank you for your kind words!

Also thank you for placing my reply here as it can help other users who could find a problems with Joomla! remeber plugin, while upgrading Joomla! 3.X to 3.2.X. (but it looks that problem appear only on some specific server enviroments)

Other, simpler solution could be disabling jooomla system remeber plugin, before making an upgrade to Joomla! 3.2.0 or 3.2.1.

Kind Regards, Tomasz

I would like to have the top most colour that is above the search extended across 100% of the screen.

Can you please assist?

No problem at all. Thank you for your kind words !

Best Regards, Tomasz

One final question. Where is the “2048 Happy customers” module. I cannot remove it from the front page for the life of me.

Hello, this is not a module, homepage menu item is assigned to a single article and that is a standard Joomla article – please just take a look at “home page article”.

Kind Regards, Tomasz

hi, there is a way to insert a module in the user toolbar position instead of login and register link?



you can publish your module, in module position “toolbar-b” which is placed next to the user toolbar, on demo page you can see a search module published in this position (of course both buttons (login/register) can be disabled in template settings).

Or do you want to display more modules but in a horizontal layout there?

Kind Regards, Tomasz

yes i need to put a link after the last menu item. I need to insert the “memebers area” instead of login/register link with the same css style. it’s possible?

Hello, if you want to use it instead of of user toolbar icons, this is possible but it will require a changes in template index.php file, if you wish please contact me directly via contact form which can be found on our profile page at TF and I can send you an example of modified file.

Regards, Tomasz


How can i hide a module on mobile phones with this template ?

Email sent :) Please inform about results ;)

Implemented – and testet – it works perfect – THANX FOR SAVING MY DAY )

No problem ;) Thank you for your purchase!

Have a nice day, Tomasz

Hey Guys, very nice template.. I need to get the social icons from the bottom left to the module position toolbar-b (searchbox). I just can;t figure out how. So.. help please !?

Best regards,


Hi Rob,

modified file sent. Please check your mailbox.

Kind Regards, Tomasz

Hi Tomasz, It worked perfectly. Thanks for the very quick and effective support. Thumbs up, i’m looking forward to your next product..

Hello Rob, You’re welcome!

Thank you once again for your purchase.

Best Regards, Tomasz

First, We had installed joomla 3.2. Then we bought the template Visario but now we see that the quick installation package is only for joomla 3.1. Is there another way to get these quick installation package (with all the components) installed? Is there already a 3.2 package available?

Hello and first of all thank you for your purchase.

Yes, QuickStart package was built on Joomla! 3.1, but after installation you can upgrade Joomla! to latest stable version (3.2.2) with one click.

After installation you just need to go to: Components – Joomla! Update

click on “update” to update Joomla! to 3.2.2.

(Small note, before updating Joomla! please disable “System – Remember Me” plugin in plugin manager, when update will be finished, you can enable plugin once again).

Installation package will be updated with next template update, but as I mentioned you can use current package, and run update after installation.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi Tomasz,

Tx for the quick response. So there’s no other solution than reinstall the joomla website to 3.1, install the quick installation packet, and than upgrade the site and the components to 3.2. In that order.

Kind regards,


Hello Mario,

yes if you want to have all sample data + extensions already preinstalled and set, you must to install QuickStart package.

Please note, that you don’t need to have, and you shouldn’t install Joomla! CMS before QuickStart. (QuickStart package can’t be installed on existing Joomla website).

QuickStart package is nothing else as complete installer of Joomla! CMS (same as you can download from joomla.org). The difference is, that it contain own sample data and all extensions already included and set. Please head up to the documentation where you will find detailed informations about installation.

Have a nice day, Best Regards, Tomasz

See the new theme. :)

Not the newest but still new ;) It’s nice to see you back :)

LOL posted on the wrong Theme. Only on Monday! And I really like this one toooooooooooo !!! :)

:D LOL Thanks! :)

Great template! I have purchased and have been working with it for months and I love it. I have had some errors recently and sent in a support request through the 7Studio profile page support form, but haven’t received a reply. Is there a better way to get support?

Hello, thank you for your kind words and your purchase.

I received your question and answer was sent 5 hours later (reply sent on friday 7.30am – GMT +1).

Please check your mailbox once again (maybe my reply goes to your spam folder?).

Best Regards, Tomasz

you are correct, I found it! Thanks for the quick response, and I will follow up with a new support email! Again, fantastic template

How can I add another social icon? I would like to add Houzz

Hello sshoarin,

You will have to edit one of existing icons, or you can disable basic social icons in the template, and use one of many modules available at extensions.joomla.org, to display any kind of icons.

In that case, You can publish module in footer position, to display icons in the same place in template.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Thanks! I didn’t think of editing an un-used one. Works great.

Great! Thank you for a info.

Best Regards, Tomasz

This template use a framework, as Helix, T3 …?


no, template was built completely from scratch and it is not based on any of popular theme frameworks.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hello 7Studio,

I am interested in this template but would ask you the following questions.

1. Is it right that all i can see on the demo site is included in this template? Specially the picture slider on the start page is very nice. This is a module I can also used in other menue positions? I can create more of them so that i have one slider with these pictures and another picture slider with other pictures on a different module position.

2.The category blog layout is very beautiful. This is also included? Or maybe it is better to ask. All I can see on the demo site I can make on my site after buying the template.

3. Most important. If I take a look to the demo site of the template with a iphone or a android phone there is a problem with the menu. You can not close the menu, the menu is always collapsed. Is this only on the demo site or is this a feature?

Thanks for answering these questions Kind regards Dominik

Hi Dominik,

first of all thank you for your interest.

Regarding to your questions.

1,2. In main file you will find a QuickStart installation package (modified installer of Joomla! CMS), which is an exact copy of the demo site. While installing QuickStart package you will install: Joomla! CMS + template + all extensions and sample data.

Images used on demo website are used only for preview purpose and are not a part of the template. In installation package all images are replaced with demo images. If you would like to use any of images used in template demo, you can purchase separate license for photos at photodune.net.

All modules (including slider) are included in main file. You can have many copies of slider module which are published in a different positions on different pages. Please slider module position was prepared especially for the slide module, it allows you to display slider in a full width.

3. On devices with small screen size, main menu is collapsed by default. When menu is collapsed, on right side of logo you will find a toggle button, which will open main menu.

Submenus are also closed and can be opened by using arrow button displayed inside parent menu items. While accessing demo website from your mobile device, please remeber to close Themeforest frame at the top of website, as frame affects the way how template is displayed. Or please just visit demo website directly demo.seventhemes.com/visario.

I hope that this answer will be sufficient.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi, I bought this template and I’m totally in love with it… but I can’t understand if it’s possible to set the multi column option for the Seven Menu.

Thank you

Hello Mike and thank you for your purchase!

You can have unlimited level of dropdown menus, but unfortunately you can’t display submenus in multi columns.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Seems to be a problem on your demo, also my website,with the home page three icons flipping animation? It’s very jittery. This is on Google Chrome.

Hello sshoarin,

to fix this problem please add following line to the custom.css file in template (path to file – templates/visario/css/custom.css)

.svn-icons .front, 
.svn-icons .back {
    -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

This will fix this flickering problem in module in latest version of Chrome. This small fix will be included in next template update, thank you for pointing this out!

Best Regards, Tomasz

Thanks Tomasz. To other people – don’t forget to clear Chromes’ Cache after you’ve modified custom.css

You’re welcome!

I’m glad that suggested change helped. Thank you once again for bringing my attention to this small problem ;)

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi, I am currently looking at purchasing this template but have a query regarding the fonts. In the notes it is indicated “Support for “Google Web Fonts” support for additional styles of fonts”.

Can you explain to me what this means. Does it mean I will have the ability to select another font through the template manager, or does it mean I will have to load an alternative font. If the latter, is their assistance in the documentation to enable me to do this as I have never done so before. Thank you.

Hello and thank you for your interest.

In template font settings you can give a name of Google font, to load any desired font family from Google Web Fonts service.

Additional styles – means that you can load specific font with additional styles – additional weights of font (or with extra subset that contain characters for specific language) .

For example Oswald font is available in 3 different weights, thin, regular and bold. Template uses two weights of font, thin and regular.

Additionally, in font settings you can add CSS selector, where font should be applied.

Detailed information you can also find in template documentation.

Thank you once again for your interest. Best Regards, Tomasz

Thank you for your response.

You’re welcome. If you will have any further questions please just let me know.

Best Regards, Tomasz


On your template, where can i edit the contact form? I want to translate some things and make some changes. Also, when i try to complete the form and send it, i receive this error: JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 462 and also You must provide at least one recipient email address. (But i complete my email there)..

Thanks a lot!

Hello again,

I have a new problem, i made another contact and when i attached it to a button from my menu the site stopped. The admin works perfect, but the front end doesen`t show anything. http://promovaresiteuri.ro/ag/administrator/ If you want i can give you my user and pass.

Thans a lot!


creating new menu item can’t affect your website, maybe accidentally you have removed default home item? or “home” menu item is disabled.

If you wish you can send me login details via contact form from my profile page.

Best Regards, Tomasz


you have removed PHP files in template, this is the reason, why your website is rendered as blank page. You need to revert your changes, and restore configuration file of template.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hello, my name is Daniel Demétrio, i’m a young portuguese entrepreneur.

I’ve a Marketing, Design and Advertising agency and my website have the Visario Template (www.ideart.pt)

I’m new on Joomla, i don’t know to much, but i’m trying to take off the “black square” of the main slide. There is anyway to take it off ?

My main objective is to make the website slide more clean, only with the main images linked to other website pages.

I hope you can answer my question.

Keep the good work.

Greetings, Daniel Demétrio www.ideart.pt

Hello Daniel, your last message was marked as needed to review by TF staff, do you still need a help here? If yes please post your question once again.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hello Tomasz, i had a little problem but then i solved it and i tried to eliminate the comment to not bother you. But if you don’t mind, there is any free module or plugin to make a “Meet Our Team” page like this?


I’m not a webmaster but i’m trying to make a few changes on the site and my last change is to create a page for our team. I can’t find any free extensions for that.


Hello Daniel, I understand and thank you for explanations.

Regarding to your second question, I’m not sure if you will find extension for this specific purpose but you can take a look at extensions.joomla.org.

If you don’t need to display more details in the lightbox, you can add team members in articles, every person = one article. After that you can display articles in “blog layout”, in menu item settings you can choose to display articles in three or four columns, and in settings you can hide all unneeded informations.

You can also use “portfolio layout” for that purpose.

In this case you can use simple name as title, and show more details on own separate page.

Kind Regards, Tomasz

Hello 7studio,

really like this template. But I have a question or better I miss one thing on your demo site. I see this “search feature” on other templates and I want to know I this also possible on this Visario Template.

If I start typing in the search box there are coming a list under the search box with articles who match. I type “offl” then there is coming a list with all article who this is included. “Offline pages” for example. Hope you know what I mean. Is it possible to have this feature also in the Visario Template? All other things look perfect and I would like to buy.

Thanks for an answer. Holger

Hello Holger and thank you for explanations!

so probably template where you saw this feature is based on Warp Framework from YooTheme. Warp adds own ajax system to the search module, which works in the way described by You. If that is feature, which you must to have, I suggest to search for templates that are based on Warp framework.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hello Tomasz,

thanks for your earnest answer. I like your template very much so I buy it. (Or better the friend I have to do the Joomla website have buy it some minutes ago (user bogenberger)). But I feel very save and now that I can bulid a very good looking website, because you are very quick and correct with your answers and support.

Best regards, Holger

You’re welcome and thank you for a purchase!

If you will be responsible for building website for your friend, you can ask her/him about the purchase license code, and you can contact me directly, in case of needed support.

Thank you once again.

Have a nice day, Regards, Tomasz

Hi Tomasz

What version of Joomla is the Quickstart running on? I need another purchase of this.

That’s 4 now!

Cheers. Joe

Hello Joe!

it’s 3.2.3, but you can upgrade Joomla! to 3.4.1 with the “one click update”, straight after installation. Thank Joe for your support!

Kind Regards, Tomasz

Excellent, worked perfectly. Looking forward to your next template, whenever that is?! ;)

That’s great! Thank you for a info :) Hopefully next month ;)

Have a great day! Regards, Tomasz