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is there a multi menu system like drop-down menu ?

I’m so sorry no drop down menu for this as it’s intended to be a one page template ;)

Hi there! Very nice template!

A question: I’d like to add in the main menu the “contact”. The other voices have section1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. I tried to make another with section6 but it doesn’t works.

How to add the contact voice, with smooth scroll effect, to reach the contact?

I saw this post: if You could please tell us the code I could add the tag: Hi John…very sorry but the contact at the footer part can’t be linked like others section unless you change the footer tag into section tag in template index.php file

Thaaaaaanks! Bye!

actually I solved by myself… It’s much more easy then the post I saw and past here above…. it’s just to be sent to #footer… that’s it! byeeeeee

Hi thanks for purchasing Visia…..and glad it solved ;)


I have to modify hte contact form “get in touch” but I cannot find where it is in the backend. May You tell me?

Thank You! Bye!

Ops, I’m sorry: I didn’t checked the module parameters. Yes is possibile to do it from there. Thanks. But in the same time I thought: since I’ll make a multilanguage site… How is possibile to make different language with the parameter “get in touch”? What I saw in other templates is to add the option to customize using the field “note” on the right column inside the module parameters! Maybe it could be a cool idea for solve it! :)

With this JText::_ below

<?php echo JText::_('Get in Touch'); ?>

means all text inside ’’ mark can be translated to another language by providing definition in the respective module language file i.e in /language/xx-XX/xx-XX.mod_maillist.ini you may add definition like this

Get in Touch=”Your Get in Touch in xx language”

Thank You very much!


I like your template and I’d like to use it. For me it’s very important to know how the template is build. Can I make easy customizations, add module positions, compatibility with famous extensions, are there classes to build responsive content, can I use custom CSS files, do you use less files…etc.

I hope you can provide as much information as you can.

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards

Hi thanks for your interest.

Reg. customizations some css skills would be needed, like adding module positions would need editing to template xml file and add some lines in template files would require some php and Joomla api’s. I’m so sorry but I’m not testing compatibility with famous extensions so I would say yes it’ll need some works if you want to use any 3rd party extension. Yes you can add custom css files and no this template not using less files.

Kind Regards Erwin

Hallo! I’d like to change the botton called “subscribe” in the newsletter subscribe module: may You tell me where I could find it?

thank You! :)

Hi…you could find it on this file /modules/mod_maillist/tmpl/default.php at about line 135

<input type="submit" value="Subscribe now" name="subscribe" class="submit" id="subscribe">

edit the value parameter there.


Is there a way to change the color of the text in the ticker slider?

can you send me your live url though my contact form so I can take a look?

The site isn’t live yet. We’re trying to work out all the bugs before it goes live.

it looks like you’ve edit it wrongly, cause if you’ve only changed or added was color property, that issue won’t be happen.

Hi Erwin, I cannot see where to change the background of visia-contact form. > too dark, can’t see the fields.

Also, where can i translate the ttle GET IN TOUCH ? thank you

Hi Erwin, How can i link a Contact (from menu bar) to visia contact form ? thank you

Hi there!

May You tell me how to add the Youtube videobackground?

We tried to insert

[youtube vid=8kOoCL29M10][/youtube]

on HTML5 Video Player but it doesn’t work…



waiting for your reply about Youtube videos, we’ve just changed the video background as before to try wirth Youtube. But we cannot understand why now the video background is as full background and not just for the hero position.

Strange: we didn’t change other parameters. What could it be?


Howdy, I’ve solved this point. Still remain to solve how to add a Youtube video bg without to download the video and to save it (as descrived in the topic here above). May You tell me how to add the Youtube url or the video id?

Thanks! Byeeee

If you’re talking about HTML5Video module then It’s been described in the documentation that is a module for local video not for external video like Youtube or Vimeo.

Yes I was talking about that module. Then how we should add a Youtube or Vimeo video? Another module? May You describe how to solve it?

Thank You Byeeeee

Hoi Erwin,

we still have issue with the background. If I enable the video module You can see the video as background for all the template and I cannot understand why.

I’ve just made an user for You to access. I’d like to write You the link as private with link, user and password.

Where should I write You? Thanks! Bye

I’ve just sent You an email by support. thanks for any reply! Bye

Sorry for the this late reply…replied by email Bye…

Hi I have few question before i buy this great theme. I saw on the demo site. have a Multipages so means I can create the website one page by one page(instead of one page design)? and i want to add in eshop for my website, ok to work with the template? Last question is: i want a portfolio page with drop-down menu, can it be done? Thanks!

Hi Joanne glad you like it.

Basically it’s only one page template but multipages means other pages like article pages are possible and that’s it. A 3rd party component like eshop is NOT supported I’m afraid. Also drop-down menu is not supported too :(

Bonjour, J’ai acheté votre pack. Super et merci pour votre travail ! J’ai cependant une question : les catégories dans le module visiafolio. Je n’arrive pas à ajouter une catégorie et surtout, qu’elle soit visible sur mon site internet. Pouvez-vous m’aider svp ? >

Merci ! Mylène

Mmm I’m sorry but I don’t know if such module available out there. Cheers

Merci en tout cas de votre rapidité de réponse. Je vais tacher de trouver une solution. Bien à vous, L’attitude90

You’re welcome mate :)

Hi, Just uploaded the quickstart 3.4.1 and unable to add new users, can you check this your end assume a Joomla issue?

Mmm…that’s weird. I just test it on my dev server and I can add a new user from USer Manager.

Is it worth letting you have admin details to take a look?

Please send a admin login details through contact form of mine.

Hi, im having a few problems with this template.

1- i need to add a dropdown menu. when i create one, it appears behind the main menu, not as a dropdown.

2- how can i add modules to my homepage? for example, i want to add text as a new row with a different background, but for some reason, i cant, because the module seems to fusion with another modules in the same position.

3- Why the logo takes always the same size? i want my logo to be bigger than the one that was before.

4- how can i create my own icons in the service part?



Can you re-post this question using your purchased account?


Hello, I don’t seem to have the quickstart for download nor a Joomla template. Can you please tell me where to get it?


If you’ve made a purchase and already download the package then you will find it under /installation-files/ folder after you extract it.


Thank you, I did make the wrong purchase. Now everything is fine.

Hello, thanks for your nice Template. I am facing a problem as the animated images on about ou team do not scroll up to the bottom of the next section. Any idea? (here is the work in progress site:

The image is not aligned to the bottom of the next section start

please check on the respective custom html module, there’s an empty paragraph tag below that image tag. Remove it.

Hello, the Top Background Hero image does not resize correctly under Chrome for IOS. Problem occurs on your demo site too.

Hello, the Top Background Hero image does not resize correctly under Chrome for IOS. Problem occurs on your demo site too.

thanks for noticing it. I’ll take a closer look

Hello, still no clue for this bug under Chrome for iOS?

Hi, I have purchased one licence. Could you tell me how to rename the template ?