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AppleChi Purchased

Hi I love the theme so far. I am wondering if there is a way that I can change the triangle loading image to something that fits my brand. Thank you!

Hi, There is a “loading.gif” image inside the “images” folder in the theme root. Replacing this image with something which more suits your design, should do the trick.


AppleChi Purchased

Thanks. That works perfectly. Also, I would like to increased the paragraph font size a little bit. Do you have any advices that where I can make it happen? Thank you!

Paste this into the Custom CSS field found at Appearance>Theme Options>General (tab):

body{ font-size:15px;}

Change the 15px to whatever size you require.

Before I buy is the slider part of the theme or is it an added plugin like Layerslider WP?

Hi, Its part of the theme and does not have an extensive range of features like premium sliders do.

Hi guys,

Great theme thanks. I have bought it a while ago and now the contact form is acting weird. When you fill in the details and press SEND it gives all possible failure messages and shows the whole php text. The url is Can you please help?

Thanks in advance.



Hi again,

I have purchased the theme januari 2015, so my support was expired, I have just extended the support with 6 months :-) Purchase code is ed18a0ed-195b-4e49-a0a1-a5e6c5f25074. Would this be enough to take a look at my issue?

Thanks in advance,



Hello Koen,

it seems like you are using the HTML version and not the WordPress one? We are the authors of the WordPress version, HTML one can be found here:

Ok, sorry guys. Thanks for the link

Hello, 1. Please suggest me how to rearrange the All project tag as per you forum I have used the custom js but this is not working.

2. I am able to add the more client images but I want little different to show the images suppose I have added 8 images , first time it will show 4 images. whenever the user click on the arrow the next images will come how to do this something like scroll . Please suggest me.


1. Where did you see the custom js for this? Also where have you placed it exactly?

2. Unfortunately a paged portfolio is not supported in the Visia theme.


databell Purchased

Having an issue here on this page ( where the Staff list/directory is not appearing full width. So even though it’s three columns, the first two columns appear on one row and the third member drops down to an unwanted second row. This was fine as one row of three until the last WP 4.5 update. How to fix?

Hi, I’ve checked the link you posted and on both Firefox and chrome, I’m seeing 3 columns all in a line. Can you check back and see if the issue still exists? Clear you cache etc. and send a screenshot of what you are seeing.

I fixed it after my initial inquiry. So should be OK. However, I had to make changes in the child theme I had to change the width to make all three fit on one row. This is what I did

.container.who-we-are .grid-2 { width: 29.15151515152%; }

How do I try the demo with my content, as I am evaluating options to see whether this will fit my need. Do you have a money back program as if the theme comes out to not suit my needs?

Hi, Its not possible to try a demo with your own content unfortunately. There is no refund options for such things either, only for bugs which we can’t fix or for situations where the theme does not work as described. Please see Envato’s terms and conditions relating to refunds for more info on the topic.