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Thank you!

Nice design! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

with this look unique

Thanks :)

Nice Theme, GLWS

Good job congr. :)

Physical is spelled wrong on the contact page out of the box. Easily edited, serves it’s purpose as an intro design to a website. I would add the full set of font awesome to the fonts list as well as the css folder


Thanks for picking that up, and the suggestion

Does this collect the email addresses in a file on the server like some others or does it send them to a customised address


The subscribe input is not coded.

Sweet theme, does it have mailchimp compatibility?

Hi, no it does not

Nice work! GLWS

i love the style ! Very nice theme :)

Thank you :)


The buttons are not very responsive on iphone, operation is bizard.
Also, can you add a contact form?

In advance thank you for your reply.


The buttons work fine on my iphone – 2 tabs next to each other, in 2 rows, that was how I wanted it to work.

I’m sorry, I will not be adding a contact form

Press 2 times on a button for it to work, is this normal? I think not, yet this is what happens on my iphone.

Show email address in clear, this does not bother you, and spam then??

Personally, I do not want to be spam.

wordpress version?

Hi there, no I don’t do wordpress

Hello Toast,

Where should I write our e-mail that will pick up the subscribers? Thank you

Hi Erik

The subscribe form is not coded. If you send me an email via my profile page I will be able to send you the coded file. I never planned on coding it but I will if that helps you. Just allow some time for me to get that update done. Thanks

The subscribers doesn’t work?

This is a very nice template and I’m sure you would get a lot more sales if you updated it with some more features like a contact form, full screen video background and a dark version…

I really hope you update this soon.

Keep up the good work :-)

EDIT: I just read the comments above.

I just sent you a message via your profile page.

Email sent!

Thank you & good luck with the sales & keep up the good work!!

I love your website :), I follow your portfolio ;D

Thank you very much :)

Hi !

First of all, congrats for this theme, I fell in love with it ;) For people who are still hesitate, don’t worry the code is really clear and it’s easy to personalize the template even for a noob like me !

Seriously, I have a question about icons in the “services” part : can we change them and put others icons ?

Thanks and hope sales will be great

Hi, thank you for the kind comment :)

Yes you can change the icon, please see this page –

As an example, if you want to change the heart icon on the services section to a star:

Change it from this:
<i class="fa fa-heart" />
To this:
<i class="fa fa-star-o" />

Great ! Thanks a lot

Very pretty theme, but not truly responsive. The layout is responsive, but the elements are not.

A colleague purchased the theme. I tweaked it for their use, and was rather disappointed. It does look fine as long as you keep to short words (the word ‘communications’ in their name is less than half visible without changing a fair amount of code.

If you are talking about the logo, add class=”img-responsive” to it, you didn’t have to change a fair amount of code, if I’m understanding you correctly

Great theme, but as of 2014-04-27 the email form does not work (at least not on my installation). I replaced the email form with a link to my mailchimp list instead.