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HELP ! Again.

1 Update Cufon with most recent .js script to make text (headlines) appear in IE9 + 2 NEED A FIX or Update your template for newer browsers / jquery or just replace the slider with one that works with updated browsers and more importantly – updated WordPress -

Comon! Please offer some support here! Paid for this and now it stopped working…

Domain : www.bangsforhair.com

Slider across the top.

I hardcoded the naci-overlay.png with an image just to make something appear and not just white empty boxes.

The images are no longer being pulled from the posts / categories.

I am certain, as I followed the steps again, and again, reinstalled and started from scratch. The images are there, they just no longer appear in the slider.

Checked with NAVI (the slider you used) – many updates since your version!


Mike mrmikebong@gmail.com

Hi there,

I am getting an error where the sidebar is displayed under the news when reading a story on its own page. On the news page it is fine, just not when reading each post.

I have sent you an email, please help as soon as possible.



How do you put the image into the slider?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Templateup!

Just a quick couple of things.

1.Which part of the css do I change to reduce the padding between the logo and top of the main container? 2.What do I change to increase the width of the whole page? 3. Is it possible to reduce the height of the Image slider? If so what code do I change please?

Many thanks


The images are not displaying in the slider. Research has shown this is to do with function.php. This means the add featured image is not displaying and therefore I can’t add images to the slider. However, if I revert back to the original theme the add featured image returns. What is the fix for this? I am working against a very tight deal dine and would really appreciate a quick response.

The site is http://bluecoredev.clients.apphaus.co.uk/

Please help



I still have a problem with the function.php.

This error is now displayed on the news category -

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_pagenavi() in /home/a-bluecore/public_html/bluecoredev.clients.apphaus.co.uk/public/wp-content/themes/vision/category.php on line 229.

You offer technical support but its been 15 days and I’ve heard nothing!

This is a great theme but parts are broken and I need help fixing it please.

Many thanks


I am having trouble with this theme. We have been using it since 2011. The slider no longer slides when you visit the website, it just shows the photos in a row. Also, whenever we try to go into the theme options on Wordpress we can’t make any changes, it freezes the browser etc.

Any suggestions?