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i have written via System to times now – but did not received any files from you. (German Umlaute in Font äöü ÖÄÜ) Whats up?

“note”: never buy a Theme from templateup again…

Thanks for that annoying support.

The slider on my home page http://www.connexion-energies.com/ it’s out.

have you followed the help files? either create pages, or posts, your choice. and assign either the pages or posts as your slides from the theme options page.

Hi there,

i am trying to show one post from one category in block one, and another in block two (i.e. latest from category1 in block1 and latest from category2 in block2) can you help?

I really like this theme but lack the knowledge to customize it. Would you be interested in building my site with this theme. What would the cost be.

Hi i don’t actually do customizations but there is a post on here which has many authors who do customize themes, maybe you can find a good one http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/so-you-know-how-to-customize-a-template-and-want-to-make-some-money/24795

Hi. I’ve tried emailing to no avail. How do i remove the trailing slashes that keep popping up? I’m assuming this can be removed with the php function stripslashes, but that’s about as far as my knowledge of php goes. How do I fix this issue? Please let me and everyone else having this issue the solution. Thanks

hey, sorry this issue has been fixed, it is available for download now, sorry about that.


First of all, I really like your template. I was looking for a clean, attractive template and found this perfect one for me.

Now, I am almost done on my website except changing the width of the sidebar. I changed the width of

.sidebar-wrap .sidebar-top .sidebar-bottom

in stylesheet.css, and it does change the sidebar width, but the top and bottom background image (sidebar-top.gif and sidebar-bottom.gif) are not fitting exactly. Can you please let me know where else I need to change to correctly change the size of the sidebar?


Hello again. Thanks for the reply! I went back to the code, and actually, I did change the places you have already mentioned in the stylesheet.

The problem is that, the top and the bottom of the sidebar does not repeat the background image. As a result, there is no nice fade out looks to the top/bottom of the sidebar.

Here is the website with the problem. http://www.narimation.com/twitter/about/

Here is the source in my stylesheet

.sidebar-wrap { width: 220px; margin-right: 1px; float: right; clear: right; background: url(“images/sidebar-bg.gif”) repeat-y; } .sidebar-top { width: 186px; padding: 17px 17px 17px 17px; background: transparent url(“images/sidebar-top.gif”) no-repeat top; } .sidebar-bottom { width: 221px; height: 100%; background: transparent url(“images/sidebar-bottom.gif”); } .widget { padding-bottom: 15px; } .widget form { padding-top: 15px; } .widget form input#s{ width: 180px; margin-right: 5px; }

Thanks again!

Hey, I think the background image is just out of sight, if you try no-repeat left top; in the sidebar-top background it should work

Hey! I’ve changed as you suggested and it seems like it has been fixed ;) Thanks again for this nice template!

I really hope I get a reply back sometime soon… It’s almost 3 weeks since I last posted.

Hi sorry, I must have missed it, If I ever don’t reply within 3 days just let me know. I’ll reply to your other message.


Been using the theme for about 8 months and really like it. All of a sudden today this error appeared where the twitter feed should be:

Warning: file_get_contents(http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=from:SpaAfrica&rpp=1) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP /1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable in /home2/spaassoc/public_html/wp-content/themes/vision/footer.php on line 14 SpaAfrica: ...

The site is http://www.spaassociationofafrica.com

Haven’t done anything in the footer. Hosting from bluehost.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

hey, yeah I also got this, atm it is only happening some times but it will need to be changed, I think there have been changes to twitters API , I will get a fix to provide another way to get the twitter feed, if I don’t respond within a few days give me a yell to remind me.

Hello, brother! I´m speaking from Brazil and we are creating a site for a client based on the theme VISION from the WORDPRESS . The problem is that the client doesn´t know how to manipulate good photos to mantain the first criation quality. Question: how can we fix the 5 photos of the theme´s first page, so that they don´t appear on the blog too? Is that possible? Please say that it´s possible, and how can we do that :) I await your reply and already thanks. Sorgi, Moema – Creative Director – Inventiva Advertising

hey, so you don’t want the photos on the blog? simply go into theme options and under “blog options” check the box “do not display thumbnail on post” :) they will still display on the homepage just not on the blog

Thanks a lot, man, for your fast reply, but we don´t want these images change ever from the first page, did you understand that? (unless we decide to do it) We would like that the client himself update the blog, but we don´t like that this action change the site´s first page slideshow. And we think that those images are the first images of the blog, are we right? So, the question is how can we fix the slideshow “forever”, even if the client update the blog? Thanks again in advance. Sorgi, Moema – Creative Director – Inventiva Advertising

Ah I see, We can do this easily by adjusting the showcase file, all we need are the ids of the posts/pages that your client wants. If you email me with the ids I can send you the changed files.

Hi there,

Although I have purchased this and it IS compatiable with the new wordpress, will you continue to update it in the future?


hey, yes with every major update I update all my themes, or if it breaks the theme with a new version of wp it will be updated.

Ok, we will do it. We´re still building the brand and the website for the customer, but as soon as she approves the layout, we´ll send you what you need. And we´ll wait for your help. Thanks for all. Sorgi, Moema – Creative Director – Inventiva Advertising

Hi there,

I have followed the steps correctly for a page or catagory/featured post for images to display in the scrolling top section of the website and the image does not post into the new post or the scrolling image bar at the top.

The image path is correct also, does the images need to be a specific size or anything? The only way for my image to go into the ‘post’ is to place ‘insert into post’ but doing that is not how your preview looks.

I know how to use wordpress, paths are all correct, settings exactly as you’ve put but no luck and I am doing this on the news ‘blog’ page.

Any help would be appreciates – thanks.

Hey nah no specific size, you’re doing it correct, try what I wrote in other post

Ok, the URL paths are apparently not working even though they are set correctly for the picture. http://macsassociateslimited.co.uk/category/news/ for example has no image but the image placeholder but the link to the image on the FTP is correct for the file location.

Any help?

Hey, are you using custom fields? hmm yes I see the url is correct, first try making it /wp-content instead of wp-content. If that doesn’t work go into ftp and find /wp-content/themes/vision/scripts/ and change the permissions on that folder and then individually on timthumb.php inside that folder to 755 or higher. To change permissions see http://www.stadtaus.com/en/tutorials/chmod-ftp-file-permissions.php

Hello, I bought the issue and realized that after installing the font that you used the theme has no accent, how do I change to a source with stress, or even solve this problemaq in some line of code, thanks.

answered in other post :)

The theme has no contact page? if not, you recommend me some plugin? my plugin pagi navi is not working right, when it moves to page 2 it shows the following message: Error 404 – Not Found The page is looking You Were Either Has Been moveed or deleted. what’s going on?

Hey, for contact form i recommend contact form 7 plugin. The reason it’s showing a 404 error is because the amount of posts per page you have set for the category is different to the wordpress settings>reading>posts per page, if you change either one to match it will work. To change the posts per page for each category go to posts>categories and click on the category you would like to edit, in there you will find an input field down the bottom for you to change. For the font please email me and I will send you the accented font files

Hello, please pass me the source (typography) marked on my email contato@andersongulisz.com.br do not forget to tell me which file should I change who these sources, thanks.

Hello friend, I need urgent source with accents, please try to send me today, my email is contato@andersongulisz.com.br

Hello, another thing I’d like to know, how do I insert images slidershow the main page and click on any image to go to a specific page, for example the contact page. Thank you.