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Great theme, good luck with sales! ;)


Thanks appreciate the kind words.

Great work! Good luck :)


Thanks :-) appreciate it!

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)


Thank you :-)

Great theme, very elegant, I’ll recommend it to my client.


Thank you for the recommendation, very much appreciated!

Hi, is it possible to use different templates on any page? like one, 2 or 3 columns?


Yes not sure if your talking about portfolio/gallery or just columns shortcodes but there both in there for unlimited use.

Hi Nice Theme,

Quick question, can I turn the responsive off? If i can is there a Standard basic Mobile View?



So if it is turned off the responsive, their is no Mobile theme or default WP mobile view?


Another question, can i have modules only visible on desktop and not on phone view if the template is respnsive?


1) No, Sorry.

2) Yes, But you’d have to go into the css and make your commands within the responsive size’s. I wouldn’t mind referencing to the css file.

Hi, I was installing this theme for my client. I used Wordpress 3.5.1 with custom table prefix option “wpxxx_” (instead of “wp_”). And then it was impossible to “Import Demo Settings” of the theme. I turned on the WP debugger and could see that Demo options are trying to insert values into “wp_options” table instead of “wpxxx_options”. I hope you will fix that and test other theme functionality in relation to custom DB table prefix.


Oh I see your error. You changed the name of the wordpress default prefix name so it didn’t work for you. In which case you’ll need to install and setup the setting’s manually. Given you changed the default wordpress prefix name.

The script I’m using only submits the options to “wp_options” not to any specific database name. Rather wordpress itself controls grabbing the database name itself.

But there is still a way to import.

You’ll need to go here. visionaire/scripts/admin/options.php

Change this “wp_options” to your unique wordpress options table name.


I understand your suggested solution, but would it not be more compatible if in the new versions of your theme you would use ”$wpdb->options” instead of “wp_options” as a DB table name in that options.php script?


I was just about to submit an update and decided to go ahead and add this one in. Thanks for the great tip :-). Update should be released within 24 hours.

Custom sidebar dont work!


This has been fixed in the new 1.0.1 version. Should be released within 24 hours. Thank you for reporting & the purchase.


=] Thanks

Update 1.0.1 (2/6/2013)

  • Custom Sidebar’s fixed
  • Dark widget styling touch up’s
  • Updated options.php for more efficient option’s importing

Hi again, it seems your default styling is incomplete. Italic and Bold fonts are displayed as any other text.

Moreover, <ul /> and <ol /> items are displayed bigger and more sharp than any other text (normally it should be vice versa). Not to mention, that your theme does not make a difference between OL or UL

Here is a screenshot: http://i.imm.io/VqVk.jpeg

Are you planning to add proper styling, or it is left to the theme users to dig into Custom CSS configuration?? And if you plan to implement proper styling – when do you think it will be ready?

Thank you.

You can paste this into your style.css http://snipt.org/zQfc6

Theme will be updated of course.

b {font-weight:bold !important;} Bold text in Wordpress 3.x is made with <strong />, not <b /> ...
Ok, So instead of b{ font-weight:bold !important; } You use. b,strong{ font-weight:bold !important; }

Hi, I’m having trouble on this theme with the menu. I have created several pages in the theme and they are automatically appearing across my menu. I went to the Menu settings under ‘Appearance’ and none of the pages I had created were under a menu. I created the Main Menu option and selected it as the ‘Main Menu’. I added one page to it ‘Home’ but this has not fixed the problem. Please advise what I need to do to fix this? Thanks


I’ll recommend wordpress 3.0 menu’s for you. You can manage your menu’s to look the way you want.


Hi Skyali,

Great Work !

I’m having trouble with the translation.

I’m trying to change the “+Read More”... Nothing changes even if I change the Misc/translation/Read More form content :(

Can you help me ?

Many thanks


In the homepage yes; Some other translations doesn’t word also like the ‘search results’


Update for the quick translation tags has been added to the (1.0.2) version. Should be available within 24 hours.

If your going to do a full translation I’d recommend using the poedit method. The quick translation tags aren’t ment for full translation.


Thank’s, I’ll get the update then.

Is it possible jcarrousel portfolio order by RAND?!



Yes, [portfolio orderby="rand"][/portfolio]


Yeah!!! Thanks!!!!

Update 1.0.2 (2/7/2013)
  • Updated css for default HTML Tags
  • Fixed quick translation tags (not showing on some pages)
  • Small documentation update
  • Updated .po .mo files

I am thinking about purchasing BUT my customer requires including a slider on many of the internal pages….is your theme compatible with this?

many thanks!

Great, thanks.


Happy to help ;-)

trbrack Purchased

Nice theme – Any control over bg tile images and color? Perhaps I’m missing where I can edit it.

Yes, Here’s the page for some screenshots. http://londonthemes.com/themes/visionaire/?page_id=3927

hi, and can use multiple languages: English Russian Italian with the plugin qTranslate



You should be able to. I doubt the plugin works any different then any other translation plugins. I tested wpml it worked successfully.


thanks, thanks for the response so it works correctly even in the slide?


The sliders use your own dynamic content. IOW, What you input is what show’s.

Hello again, We cannot find where to edit footer “© 2012 Visionaire. All Rights Reserved.” text? I think it is “skypanel_visionaire_right_footer_content” option. But it seems it does not appear in the Theme Options forms. In the General – Footer Options – there is only “Enable” button. Thank you


That’s located here.

Visionaire Options >> Miscellaneous >> Translation >> Right Footer Content

MrZirkus Purchased

Hi! If I use Revolution Style Full as Home Slider Style on a page set as Homepage (Template) I get the message: “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias fullwidth not found. Maybe you mean: ‘Test’”. If I try to use shortcode to implement the Revolution slider it wont use full width. What am I doing wrong?


Have you set your alias for the full width slider? You can do so in the backend. Appearance >> Visionaire Options >> Slider >> Revolution Slider. You can set your alias for all of the sliders here.