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Hey great theme,

Just a few things, when using quick buy adding an item to basket then going to continue shopping you are taken to a broken page this happens on your theme demo to.

I have disabled this and brought an Ajax cart so not to much of a problem.

I have emailed you guys and received one email back nothing since your custom js file is conflicting in product view can you please take a look into this.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.

Many Thanks

Hi do you have RTL for this theme ? waiting your reply

Hello good afternoon. Why the dropdown cart is not working?


Currently we are able to see dropdown cart working. Can you please elaborate more on this exactly what you want?


I am not a technical person. I am planning to sale my research reports and monthly ebooks [ PDF] online. I am looking for a website which can fulfill the following and much more if possible.

1: Excellent Categories, Sub categories for example: Galaxy, Earth, Region, Country, Province, City, Street. Of course it will not be that much deeper but still just to give you an idea.

2: Visitors can read the product description and also related products underneath.

3: Header layouts, Landing pages layouts

4: An excellent blog template, and multiple layouts if possible.

5: Customer Singup and account management

6: Ticket system if possible.

7: Visitors can buy one item or can subscribe to view multiple items per month.

8: Shopping cart and wishlist,

Any thing which can add more value. Like walk me throug etc…

Can you please suggest me which of your theme can fulfill these requirements at maximum?